study guide for "Of Mice and Men"

wants to lend George and Lennie money to buy their place; he finds is the one that finds Curley’s wife’s body
Shoots Candy’s dog
Likes to read books
Curley’s Wife
dreams about being a Hollywood star
wants to raise rabbits; breaks Curley’s hand
likes to fight
gives Lennie a puppy; he understands what George is going through
Of Mice and Men takes place during:
the Great Depression – 1930s
Of Mice and Men is based on the poem “To a Mouse” by:
Robert Burns
What point of view is Of Mice and Men told?
third-person objective
How many days does the story Of Mice and Men take place?
4 days
How does Candy describe Curley’s wife?
as a tart
Lennie’s last name is Small, this is an example of;
This is an example of “then gradually time awakened again and moved sluggishly on”:
Of Mice and Men was published when?
when Candy if upset about whether he should or shouldn’t have his dog killed, then says he should have done it – this is an example of:
internal conflict
what animals are killed in Of Mice and Men?
a mouse, an old dog, and a puppy
What is Curley’s wife’s name
she is never named
What simile is used by George to describe Lennie?
strong as a bull
who is the only man to understand the relationship between Lennie and George
What does Curley’s wife call Lennie, Crooks, and Candy
the weak ones
What does Crooks enjoy doing?
What does Lennie do in Weed to make him and George leave
touched a girls dress
How does the title “Of Mice and Men” imply about the story
that George and Lennie’s plan will fail
What does the killing of Candy’s dog forshadow
the killing of Lennie
examples of foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men
George tells Lennie to hide if there is trouble; lennie kills the mouse; George scolds Lennie for getting fired from every job
Slim is respected because:
he is a skilled skinner and a natural leader
Why can’t Curley get fired from the ranch
he is the boss’s son
What does Curley’s wife let Lennie touch
her hair
How are Candy and his dog similar to George and Lennie
1. Candy takes care of the old dog; George takes care of Lennie
2. Candy’s dog is shot in the head by Carlson it was too old and unable to take care of itself – Candy regrets not being the one to shot his dog; George shoots Lennie in the head because he could no longer take care of him
why is it important that the first and last chapter take place in the same location
it gives the reader the sense that what George did was right
Symbols in Of Mice and Men that suggest loneliness or isolation
reading, town of soledad, solitaire
“Riding the Rails” (PBS special) pros and cons of riding the rails
Pros – able to go out and find work and make money for your family in other towns/cities; freedom away from problems at home

Cons – dangerous, you can get killed by jumping on the rail/fall off; might not be able to get back on to come home; might run into trouble with the law and be arrested

Who is the lowest man on the ranch hierarchy