Stigma Management

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possession of an undesired differentness from what is anticipated. often a type of trait
two categories of stigma
the discreditable and the discredited
the discreditable
easily concealable deviant traits. life is characterized by a constant focus on secret and information control.
the discredited
those who have revealed their deviance or who cannot hide it
example of the discreditable
homeless kids: adopting dress and demeanor of the non-homeless, using code words
passing as normal
conceal deviance to fit in with other
passing techniques
1. avoiding contact with stigma symbols
2. using dis-identifiers
3. lead a double life
avoiding contact with stigma symbols
(passing techniques)
objects or behaviors associated with deviance
using dis-identifiers
(passing techniques)
props, actions, or verbal expressions to distract/fool people
lead a double life
(passing techniques)
two different lifestyles where one group knows about the deviance and the other does not
an attempt to minimize the prominence of a spoiled identity; does not deny the stigma, but tried to lessen it.
example of covering
homeless children going to dinner at a friends house
difference between passing and covering
passing: *hiding* your deviance
covering: *minimizing* your deviance
stigma management if concealment fails
saving face
attempts to salvage an interactional performance that hasn’t gone as planned
normalization process can occur in two ways
1. deviance disavowal
2. deviance avowal
deviance disavowal
non-deviants ignore the deviance as if it doesn’t exist
deviance avowal
deviant person may acknowledge their deviance but present themselves in a positive light

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