SOCL 2055 Final

Which of the following factors did not contribute to the elderly relying on kin for support in the earlier history of our country?
social welfare programs

Bengston (2001) believes in strong intergenerational ties and cities as his argument that
parents take in daughters and grandchildren after divorce
grandparents have strong bonds with their children and grandchildren
adult children have their parent available to them well into midlife
(al of the above)

today in the US there are more than ___ centenarians, people who live to be more than 100 years old.

Which of the following factors makes it easier for grandparents today, compared to earlier generations, to have an emotionally satisfying relationship with their grandchildren?
fewer grandchildren and more resources to give them

As the 20th century ended, the most common living arrangement among elderly women in the US became
living alone

Skipped generation households are created because of the following reasons
child abuse by parent
incarceration of parent
drug abuse or illness
(all of the above)

The primary factor determining the amount and degree of contact among families is
geographical distance

Most of the elderly who have five or more limitations to their activities of daily living (personal care, bathing, and dressing for example) live in nursing homes

According to their own responses to different surveys, what do most of the elderly in Western nations prefer in their relationships with their children and grandchildren?
“intimacy at a distance”

The average monthly Social Security benefit has doubled in value since 1960, even taking into account inflation.

57% of all rapes and sexual assaults reported in 2007 were committed by a friend of someone known to the victim

The vast majority of parents in the US do not spank or slap their children.

If you are abused as a child then you are more likely to become an abuser as an adult.

Only ___ percent of men have reported experiencing a violent act by an intimate partner, while ___ percent of women have reported experiencing a violent act by an intimate partner.

The feminist movement in the US had as its fundamental goal on the issue of domestic violence
to remove the social supports for male violence in our culture

Evidence of the fact that domestic violence is not solely a contemporary social problem is suggested by the passing of the first law against wife beating in the Western world by citizens of
the Massachusetts Bay Colony

A 2006 study found that less than half of all child abuse cases referred to professionals were for
physical or sexual abuse

The literature currently available suggests an association for women between forced sex as a child and subsequent
riskier sexual activity

Domestic violence is mainly a US problem that is not seen in great numbers in other societies

A 2004 study found that the elderly were most likely to be abused by
their children

All of the following include official reasons for divorce in the era of divorce tolerance except
emotional dissatisfaction

historically, in most cases of divorce, mothers retain legal and physical custody of their children

The typical waiting period for a divorce in the US is ___, which is ___ than most other Western countries.
one year or less; lower

The “sleeper effect” refers to children of divorced parents who have trouble sleeping at night

Black women in the US have a higher likelihood of separations from their husbands and are ___ to turn these separations into divorce than other women.

On the basis of what we know of the currently available research reports, children who live in a single parent family are more likely to
drop out of high school
be out of work
have a child as a teenager
(all of the above)

The arrangement whereby divorced parents coordinate their activities and cooperate with each other in raising children is commonly referred to as

Fathers now head 16% of single parent families

In the US changes in family law have __ rather than __ changes in behavior and values
followed; preceded

Some studies indicate that there is a “divorce gene” that predisposes some people to divorce

Therapists suggest that the transitional period in forming a new family system for many step families is approximately
2-4 years

Remarriage is less likely to end in divorce than are first marriages

In the US, the establishment of a relationship with kin involves
giving or recieving help
seeing each other regularly
(all of the above)

Of those who remarry after divorce, women are __ likely to remarry than men, on the basis of current statistics.
slightly less

The stepparent most likely to integrate into the step family would be one called the
intimate outsider

2/3 of divorced women who remarry will cohabit first

One of the critical factors in determining if a child considers a step parent a “real parent” is
the age of the child when the step parent joined the family

The position a step parent attains in a family depends on
the efforts he or she puts into developing a close relationship with the children

remarriage can have unexpected benefits including
creating a new extended family

Children are more likely to accept two mother figures in their lives than they are two father figures

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