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The television show is about C. J. And his family moving into the house with his aunt and uncle. His aunt and uncle have very different ideas about raising kids. The social theme of this show is the life of a working family that has many trials and tribulations, but through all the heart breaks and crawls they still love each other and work together as one. The movie can make you laugh and touch your heart at the same time. As viewing the show I observed Curtis Payne getting up every day going to work. Curtis Payne is the hive of the fire department tin Atlanta, Georgia.

Ella Payne fixes breakfast for Curtis before he goes to work. Her grown son Calvin, her nephew C. J. And his two kids starts feeding their face. Ella Payne maintains the house by cooking, cleaning, and shopping. C. J. Is a passionate husband and father of his children. C. J. And his family first come to stay with his aunt and uncle because his wife was on drugs and she set the house on fire and they became homeless. Curtis was running around the sofa shaking his head and waving his hands back and forth. Ella was standing there waking her hands, and pointing her fingers at Curtis.

My interpretation of these movements was that Curtis did not want C. J. And his family to move in their house with them. He started having temper tantrum when he was waving his hands back and forth. Ella looks Like she was saying the family can come and stay. She shook her scene is when C. J. And Ella are talking on the sofa and C. ] begins to cry and Ella gives him a hug. My interpretation is that C. J. Is telling Ella what happen with his wife and he does not know what made her set the house on fire. Ella starts to tell C. J. Hat everything is going to be alright and to not worry about nothing they are always welcome to stay here. The kids are coming home from school and Curtis is watching television. The kids are waving and running up to Curtis trying to give him a hug and he rejects. He moved off the sofa, puts his hands up to his ears and starts shouting. Uncle Curtis goes into another room while the kids are still standing next to Uncle Curtis chair looking sad. My interpretation is that Uncle Curtis is mad about the kids being there. He does not want to be bother with no one and he wants to know why they are there.

The kids are sad looking because they are wondering why Uncle Curtis does not want to hug them. One more scene is when C. J. Was sitting at the dinner table and Curtis walks up and sees C. J. With head down on the table. Curtis sits down and starts talking to C. J. Curtis put his hands on C. J. Head and reach his hands up to the air. C. J. Raises his head up and they gave each other a hug and a hand shake. My interpretation is that Curtis finally accepts the fact that C. J is really hurt and down. Curtis starts to pray for him and C. Sees that his Uncle finally cares. The family is dealing with real issues, dealing with drug addictions and family trying to overcome that. Curtis is trying to get over the fact that they will extra people in the house. He did not like, but he finally accepts the fact that the family is at a crisis right now and they need help. Society might see the importance of a family and how important the unit and structure is. Society can see that the show is a good example for what a family should be. This show functions on a life on how e love and care for each other.

Sometimes family can make us laugh, make us sad, but they touches our heart at the same time. The uncle and aunt opens up with affection for the family that needs help. I believe Curtis was a caring person, but he did not want to feel like a sucker. We people in the family who speaks his or her mind no matter how silly or insensitive they sounds. Everyone can relate to someone like that because we all have someone like that in the family with the same disposition. This show make you realize that family can always pull through with love and endurance.

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