Section 6 study

Which concept was rejected in the 20th century ?
Futurism, dataism

WHat concepts were salvador dali and joan miro associated with
Surealism and Cubism

Vaudeville ?
A light comedic variety show

Irving Berlin’s first hit song ?
Alexander Ragtime Band

What music rejects the framework of key?

Which 20th century composer moved to USA and taught composition at the university of California,Los Angeles ?

Alban Berg and Anton Webern were students of

Know the works composed by Schoenberg
Survivor, Five Pieces for Orchestra, Variations for Orchestra

Schoenberg created a new style in which vocal melodies were spoken rather than sung with exact pitched and rhythms (like rap)

Klangfarbenmelodie refers to ?
Tone Color Melody

One composer in Paris who explored post-impressionist trends was ?
Lili Boulanger

Lili Boulanger lived in which music center?

The twelve tone method is what ?
arrangement of tones in a particular order

in the twelve tone method, the arrangement of the twelve tones is called a

In the twelve-tone method, which is an inversion?
The movement of the notes in an opposite direction

What popular American musical style has its roots in african american music ?

Which region of the USA was the birthplace of a unique style of blues primarily sung by males ?
Mississippi Delta

During which decade did the harlem renaissance exist

Which types of works did George Gershwin compose?
Cultivated Jazz

The first great American Composer of the twentieth century was ?

Which tunes are in Ive’s country band march?
London Bridge, Old Kentucky Hall, Arkansa traveler, Yankee Doodle, Cry of Freedom

Aaron Copland studied composition with
Naudia Boulanger

Copland’s Appalachian spring depicts what ?
Pioneer celebration in spring around a newly built farm house in pensylvania hills.

The Mariachi tradition originated in what country ?

How did the twentieth century nationalism differ from it’s nineteenth-century counterpart ?
Composers approached traditional music with a scintific spirit, prizing the ancient tunes precisely because they departed from the conventional mold.

The comparative study of musics in the music world is called ?

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