Scaling Networks Chapter 1 Test

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What are two benefits of extending access layer connectivity to users through a wireless medium? (Choose two.)
reduced costs*
increased flexibility
Which type of device should be used as a replacement for a fixed configuration?
a modular router
What are 2 functions of a router?
determines the best path to send packets, it conncects multiple IP networks
Which design feature will limit the size of a failure domain in an enterprise network?
the use of the building switch block approach
How can an enterprise network be designed to optimize bandwidth?
by organizing the network to control traffic patterns
As the network administrator you have been asked to implement EtherChannel on the corporate network. What does this configuration consist of?
grouping multiple physical ports to increase bandwidth between two switches
Which technology is required when switched networks are designed to include redundant links?
Spanning Tree Protocol
Which statement describes a characteristic of Cisco Catalyst 2960 switches?
New Cisco Catalyst 2960-C switches support PoE pass-through.*
Immediately after a router completes its boot sequence, the network administrator wants to check the routers configuration. From privileged EXEC mode, which of the following commands can the administrator use for this purpose? (Choose two.)
show startup-config, show running-config
A network administrator is planning redundant devices and cabling in a switched network to support high availability. Which benefit will implementing the Spanning Tree Protocol provide to this design?
Redundant paths can be available without causing logical Layer 2 loops.
Which two requirements must always be met to use in-band management to configure a network device? (Choose two.)
at least one network interface that is connected and operational, Telnet, SSH, or HTTP access to the device*
assignment of IP address to interface
access remote networks
routing protocols
In which situation would a network administrator install a Cisco Nexus Series or Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series switch to promote infrastructure scalability?
on a data center network to provide expansion and transport flexibility*
Which statement describes a characteristic of Cisco Meraki switches?
They are cloud-managed access switches that enable virtual stacking of switches.*
Why would a network administrator issue the show cdp neigbors command on a router?
to display device ID and other information about directly connected Cisco devices*
What is a characteristic of in-band device managemen
It is used to monitor and make configuration changes to a network device over a network connection.
Which two features of enterprise class equipment assists an enterprise network in maintaining 99.999 percent up-time? (Choose two.)
redundant power supplies
failover capabilities
What term is used to express the thickness or height of a switch
rack unit
what is the function of ASICs in a multi layer swiych
They streamline forwarding of IP packets in a multilayer switch by bypassing the CPU.
What network design would contain the scope of disruptions on a network should a failure occur?
the deployment of distribution layer switches in pairs and the division of access layer switch connections between them*
In the Cisco Enterprise Architecture, which two functional parts of the network are combined to form a collapsed core design? (Choose two.)
distribution layer*
core layer*
What is the function of PoE pass-through?
allows switches, phones, and wireless access points to receive power over existing Ethernet cables from an upstream switch*?
What are two ways to access a Cisco switch for out-of-band management? (Choose two.)
a connection that uses the AUX port*
a connection that uses the console port*

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