Salesforce Service Cloud: Entitlement Management

Entitlement Management
Provides the ability to instantly know what type of support a customer is entitled to when they contact support.
Service Cloud User feature licensing
is required for Salesforce entitlements.
Entitlement Questions from the agents’ perspective
Does the account have entitlement for support?
Does the contact have entitlement for support?
Is there a service contract in place?
Does the asset have a contract?
What is the Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
Entitlement-Based Support Process once the Entitlement has been created:
1. Customer contacts support.
2. Agent searches for details on the account, contact, asset, service contract.
3. The agent verifies the entitlement – is it active?
4. A case is created from the entitlement.
Entitlement Records
Helps the agent determine if a customer is entitled to support.
Entitlement Records can be created from:
1. Entitlements tab
2. Related List
-An admin can add the Entitlements Related Lists to various layouts (accounts, contacts, services contracts, assets).
-A support user can create a case from the Entitlements Related List.
Entitlements do not automatically apply to cases created from:
You have to use Apex, not clicks….
for Entitlements to be automatically applied to cases.
Apex is object-oriented and looks like Java
It is used to customize logic and behavior.
Visualforce is a tag-based language
that looks like HTML or CSS. It’s used to customize the look and feel of the page.

Think of this as a View or what the user sees:

Apex and Visualforce
can be used together
Not every contact should be able to create a case.
Named contacts are allowed to log cases on behalf of their company or household.
Entitlement Contacts
These are listed as a Related List of the entitlement or a Related List of entitlements in the contact record.
Service Contracts
Agreements for support (warranties, subscription service, SLA (service level agreement). These can be created from the Service Contracts tab or Related Lists with Accounts and Contacts.
Contract Line Items
Products that specific service contracts (warranty for a specific laptop).
Contract Line Items are only available if…
the organization uses Products.
Entitlement Models
1. Entitlements Only
2. Entitlements + Service Contract
3. Entitlements + Service Contract + Line Items

The only service offered for all three of those models is “View entitlement details in the app”

Entitlements Only
1. Bundle support in product warranties.
2. View entitlement details in the app.

Example: Support reps need to verify contacts are eligible for support before opening a case.

Entitlements + Service Contract
1. View entitlement details in the app.
2. Manage a renewal process.
3. Sell support separately.
4. Provide long-term support.

Example: Support reps need to verify a support contract is in place since it is managed separately.

Entitlements + Service Contract + Line Items
1. View entitlement details in the app.
2. Manage a renewal process.
3. Sell support separately.
4. Provide long-term support.
5. Manage service contract details.
6. Track support product line items.

Example: Support reps verify that the product a customer is calling about is eligible for support.

How to set up Entitlements
1. Display Entitlements and Service Contracts Related Lists throughout application.
2. Add Entitlement fields to Case page layouts.
3. Customize Entitlement fields and page layouts.
4. Add Entitlement management tabs to the Service app.
5. Customize Service Contract fields and page layouts.
6. Display Contract Line Items Related List on Service Contracts.
Entitlement processes are a collection of milestones that form a response timeline.
Not all entitlements require entitlement processes.
Step-by-Step Entitlement Processes
1. Create Milestones (First Response within 60 minutes and Resolution Time of resolve case within 480 minutes).
2. Create Entitlement Processes (Platinum Support).
3. Add Milestones (Add First Response and Resolution Time to Platinum Support).
4. Add Milestone Actions (Warning Action to email the case owner and Customer Support Director 10 minutes before the First Response is due).
Milestone Actions
Time-dependent workflow actions (email, task, update a field, send an outbound message) that occur at every milestone.
Recurring Milestone
Allows milestones to repeat within an entitlement process whenever the milestone criteria match the case criteria.
There are 3 different types of Milestone Actions
1. Success Action
2. Warning Action
3. Violation Action
Business Hours
Determines when your business can handle support requests.
Default of 24×7 business hour setup.
Other options can be defined, such as 24×5.
Milestones and escalations adhere….
to the business hour type defined in the case.
Holidays and business hours
Holidays can be used to define exceptions to the business hours (examples: Christmas Day, Thanksgiving or Diwali).
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