Roads and crossroads on Bainbridge Island

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Aaron Ave Grand or High School
Abies Rd Koura Rd
Ada's Will Ln HWY 305
Adria Ln Ridge Ln (Bucklin Hill)
Affirmed Ln Triple Crown Dr
Agate Beach Ln Ada's Will Ln (HWY 305)
Agate Pass Rd Dolphin Dr
Agate Point Rd Dolphin Dr
Agate St Agate Pass Rd (Dolphin Dr)
Agatewood Rd HWY 305
Al Dorsey Lane Lovell Ave NW
Albertson Rd Hyla Ave
Alder Ave Wing Point Way
Alexander Ave High School Rd
Alford Pl Lovell Ave NW
Allen's Cove Ln Euclid Ave – West
Alma Pl Seabold Rd
Alpena Pl Barkentine Rd
Ananda Pl NW High School Rd
Anna Vera Ln Skogen Ln
Annie Rose Ln Lovell Ave NW
Arrow Point Dr Miller Rd
Arrow Point Loop Arrow Point Dr
Arthur Pl Commodore Ln
Astor Ct Meadowmeer Cir
Avalon Ln Blakely Ave
Azalea Ave Wing Point Way
Baker Hill Rd – East Blakely Ave or Lynwood Center Rd
Baker Hill Rd – West Lynwood Center Rd
Barkentine Rd Rockaway Bluff Rd
Barthrop Ct Meadowmeer Cir
Battlepoint Dr Miller Rd or Frey
Battlepoint Pk Arrow Point Dr or Battlepoint Dr
Bay Rd Woodbank Dr (
Bayhill Rd Miller Rd
Bayview Blvd Herren (Olympic Terrace)
Beach Dr Arrow Point Loop
Beach St Battlepoint Dr
Beachcrest Dr North Madison
Beans Bight Upper Farms Rd
Beaver Bend Eaglecliff Rd
Beck Rd West Blakely
Belfair Dr Fort Ward Hill Rd
Belle Hill Ln Bucsit Ln
Berganio Ln Fletcher Bay Rd
Bergman Rd Miller Rd
Berry Patch Ln Morgan Rd
Beverly Ln Mandus Olson
Bill Point Bluff Bill Point Hill (off View, off Dr)
Bill Point Circle Bill Point Dr
Bill Point Crest Bill Point Dr
Bill Point Ct Bill Point Dr
Bill Point Dr Old Creosote Rd (Eagle Harbor Dr)
Bill Point Hill Bill Point View
Bill Point View Bill Point Dr
Birkland Rd Blakely Ave
Bjune Dr Madison Ave South or Winslow Way East
Blackster Ln Kallgren Rd
Blakely Ave Bucklin Hill Rd
Blakely Ct E Blakely Heights Dr (Baker Hill)
Blakely Ct W Blakely Heights Dr (Baker Hill)
Blakely Heights Ct Blakely Heights Dr (Baker Hill)
Blakely Heights Dr Baker Hill Rd
Blakely Hill Rd Old Mill Rd or Taylor Ave
Bligh Ct Springridge Rd, north of Fletcher Bay
Bloedel Reserve Dolphin Dr
Blue Heron Ave Wallace Way NE
Blue Heron Ln 2 unconnected sections – Brigham or Olympic Terrace – look up address
Blue Pond Pl Koura Rd
Blue Sky Ln Marshall Rd (Vincent or Island Center Rd)
Blue Wave Pl Capstan Dr
Bluefin Ct Capstan Dr
Bluff St Beck Rd (West Blakely)
Bolero Ln Fort Ward Hill Rd
Boulder Ln Rockaway Bluff Rd
Brackenwood Ln Sunrise Dr
Bradford Ln Williams Ln (Koura – West of Miller)
Briar Rose Ln Woodsman Rd (Old Mill Rd)
Bridgestone Ct Stonebridge Ct (Knight Rd, off Sunrise Dr)
Brien Dr Bjune Dr
Brigham Rd Olympic Terrace
Bromley Ln Weaver Rd – south of Wyatt Way
Brookcliff Ln Ferncliff Ave
Broom St County Park Rd (West Port Madison)
Broomgerrie Rd Grand Ave
Brownell ln Toe Jam Hill Rd
Bucklin Hill Rd Eagle Harbor Dr or Lynwood Center Rd or Fletcher Bay Rd
Buckskin Ln Palamino Dr (Baker Hill)
Bucsit Ln Wardwell Rd
Burlingame Ct Yaquina Ave
Business Park Ln Sportsman Club Rd
Byron Dr Ferncliff Ave
Cala Woods Ln Battlepoint Dr
Cambridge Crest Phelps Rd
Camelia Loop Ihland Way NE (Madison Ave N)
Campbell St Pleasant Beach Dr
Capstan Dr High School Rd
Carene Ln Manual Rd
Carmella Ln Finch Rd
Carole Pl Lovgreen Rd
Cascade St Sunrise Dr
Casey St Ferncliff Ave
Cave Ave Winslow Way E
Cedar St Yaquina Ave
Cemetary Rd Old Mill Rd
Cessna Ln Crystal Springs Dr
Chadwick Ct Meadowmeer Cir
Charisma Ln Yankee Girl Ln
Charles Pl Lovgreen Rd
Chatam Cove Weaver Rd
Chatham Pl Meadowmeer Cir
Chatri Pl Sunamee Pl (Phelps Rd)
Cherry Ave Wing Point Way
Cherry Orchard Ln New Brooklyn Rd
Chesapeake Pl Spray Falls St (Misty Vale off Sunrise Dr)
Christopher Pl Koura Rd
Citation Ct Triple Crown Dr
Clayton St Nakata St
Commodore Ln High School Rd
Connemarra Ln Phelps Rd
Coppertop Loop Sportsman Club Rd
Coral Pl Capstan Dr
Cornerstone Ln Ridge Ln (Bucklin Hill)
Cosgrove St Wyatt Way
Country Club Rd Blakely Ave
Country View Ln Darden Ln (Toe Jam Hill Rd)
County Park Rd West Port Madison
Cove Landing Ln Hansen Rd
Coyote Farm Ln Mandus Olson (New Brooklyn)
Creosote Pl Rockaway Beach
Crown Dr E. Day Road
Crystal Ln Crystal Springs Dr
Crystal Springs Hill Ln Crystal Springs Dr
Crystal Springs Dr Point White and Baker Hill Rd
Daniel Ct North Madison
Dapple Ct Palamino Dr (Baker Hill)
Darden Ln Toe Jam Hill Rd
Day Lily Ln Stonecress Ln (High School Rd)
Day Rd HWY 305
Deercliff Rd Ferncliff Ave
Deerpath Ln Baker Hill Rd
Deveney Ave Evergreen Ave (Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Diamond Pl Emerald Way
Dingley Rd Cherry Ave
Dock St Manzanita Rd
Dolphin Dr Agatewood
Don Palmer Ave Vincent Rd (Fletcher Bay)
Donald Pl Eagle Pl (Hawley, off Ferncliff)
Douglas Dr Hilltop Dr (Parkview, off Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Driscoll Ln Springridge Rd, north of Fletcher Bay
Duncan Ln Falk Rd (Valley Rd and Manitou Beach Dr)
Eagle Harbor Dr Wyatt Way
Eagle Harbor Ln (aka Harbor Ln) Eagle Harbor Dr
Eagle Pl Winslow Way E
Eaglecliff Rd Ferncliff Ave
Eagles Nest Madison Ave N
Eakin Dr Wyatt Way
Eastwind Ct Windsong Loop (North Madison)
Edgecombe Pl Manitou Beach Dr
Edna Pl Commodore Ln
El Cimo Buckskin Ln
Eleanor Pl Byron Dr
Elizabeth Pl Commodore Ln
Ellingsen Rd Phelps Rd
Emerald Way Lynwood Center Rd
Endicott St Washington Ave
Eric Ave North Madison
Ericksen Ave Winslow Way E
Esperione Ln Ridge Ln (Bucklin Hill)
Euclid Ave Phelps Rd
Evergreen Ave Fort Ward Hill Rd
Ewing St Ward Ave (Eagle Harbor Dr)
Fairfield Pl Teem Loop (Sumanee Pl, off Phelps Rd)
Fairmont Ln Koura Rd
Fairview Ave Wing Point Way
Falk Rd Manitou Beach Dr
Farmview Ln Torvanger Rd
Fawn Pl Deercliff Rd
Fenton Rd Grand Ave
Fern Creek Ln Phelps Rd
Ferncliff Ave High School Rd and Winslow Way E and Lofgren
Fieldstone Ln Koura Rd
Finch Pl Winslow Way W
Finch Rd High School Rd
Fir Acres Dr Grow Ave
Fletcher Bay Rd New Brooklyn Rd
Fletcher Blvd Bay Rd and Springridge Rd
Fletchers Landing Hansen Rd
Forest Glade Ln Battlepoint Dr
Forest Ln Koura Rd
Fort St Tani Creek Rd
Fort Ward Hill Rd County Club Rd
Foster Rd Fletcher Bay Rd
Fox Cove Ln Battlepoint Dr
Frey Ave Arrow Point Dr and Battle Point Drive
Gangmarken Way Tara Ln (Point White Dr)
Garibaldi Loop Ferncliff Ave
Genevieve Pl Koura Rd
Gertie Johnson Rd Logg Rd
Gideon ln Grow Ave
Gilmore Way Cave Ave
Glenn Hollow Pl Lovell Ave SW
Gordon Dr County Park Rd (West Port Madison)
Government Way Wyatt Way
Gowen Pl Wyatt Way
Grand Ave Ferncliff Ave
Gray Ln Bayhill – West of Miller
Green Spot Ln Ferncliff Ave
Gregg Farm Ln Fletcher Bay Rd (just North of HS Rd)
Grizdale Ln New Brooklyn Rd
Grotle Rd County Park Rd (West Port Madison)
Grow Ave Winslow Way and Wyatt Way and High School Rd
Grow Pl Grow Ave
Haley Loop Rd Ridge Ln (Bucklin Hill)
Hall Brothers Loop Winslow Way W
Halls Hill Rd Blakely Ave
Hanks Ln Kojima Ave (Vincent, off Fletcher Bay Rd)
Hansen Rd Springridge Rd
Harbor Square Loop Winslow Way E
Harbor Way Eagle Harbor Dr
Harborcrest Dr Eagle Harbor Dr
Harborview Dr Olympic Dr SE (by ferries)
Hart Ln Koura Rd
Harvey Rd Seabold Rd
Hawley Way Ferncliff Ave
Helmsman Ct Capstan Dr
Hemlock Ave Yaquina Ave
Henderson Rd Hidden Cove Rd and Seabold Rd
Henshaw Way Madison Ave N – where City Hall and BPA are
Herron St Olympic Terrace
Hidden Cove Ln Hidden Cove Rd – West of HWY 305, west of Henderson
Hidden Cove Rd HWY 305 and Phelps Rd
Hidden Heights Rd Hidden Cove Rd – East of HWY 305
Hildebrand High School Rd
Hilltop Dr Parkview Dr (Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Holly Farm Ln New Brooklyn Rd
Homestead Ln Wyatt Way E and Knechtel Way
Honeysuckle Ln Olympic Terrace
Horizon View Pl Lovell Avenue NW
Hudson Ct Grizdale Ln
Hyak Pl Kaleetan Pl (Cave Ave off Winslow Way E)
Hyla Ave Valley Rd
Idel Weis Ct North Madison
Ihland Pl Ihland Way NE (Madison Ave N)
Ihland Way NE Madison Ave
Ihland Way NW Lovell Ave NW and Grow Ave NW
Intrepid Ct Bolero Ln (Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Irene Pl Eagle Pl (Hawley, off Ferncliff)
Irving Ln Byron Dr
Island Ave Baker Hill Rd
Island Center Rd Fletcher Bay Rd and Vincent/Marshall intersection
Isaac Ave Ferncliff Ave
Jacolet Ln Madison Ave N
Jade Ln Lynwood Center Rd
Jambo Ln HWY 305 – same turn off 305 as Ada's Will Ln
Janelle Pl Lovell Ave NW
Jay St Manzanita Rd
Jeanette Pl Commodore Ln
Jennie Ave Foster Rd
John Nelson Dr Vineyard Ln (off 305)
John St Torvanger Rd
Jordon Dr Fieldstone Ln
Just-a-Meer Ln HWY 305
Justin Ct Miller Rd
Kaleetan Pl Cave Ave
Kallgren Rd Valley Rd and Winther Rd
Katherine Pl Eric Ave (N. Madison Ave)
Katy Ln Meadowmeer Rd (Meadowmeer Cir)
Kenneth Pl Eric Ave (N. Madison Ave)
Kenwood Ave Crown Dr (Day Road E)
Killdeer Ln Koura Rd
Kimiko Ln Madison Ave
Kings Pl Commodore Ln
Kinnear Rd Agate Point Rd (Dolphin Dr)
Kirk Ave Frey Ave and Venice Loop Rd
Kitsap St Fort Ward Hill Rd
Klickitat Pl Ferncliff Ave
Knechtel Way Madison Ave N and Ericksen Ave
Knight Rd Sunrise Dr
Kojima Ave Vincent Rd (Fletcher Bay)
Komedal Rd Hidden Cove Rd and Seabold Rd
Kono Rd Tani Creek Rd
Koura Farm Dr Fieldstone Ln
Koura Rd HWY 305 and Miller Rd
Lafayette Ave Euclid Ave – East
Lariat Loop Rd Baker Hill Rd West
Larix Pl Abies Rd (Koura)
Latimer Ave Morgan Ave (Battlepoint Dr)
Latyson Ln Point White Dr
Laughing Salmon Trimble Ave (Grizdale, New Brooklyn)
Laurelwood Ln Frey Ave
Lavender Ln Buckskin Ln (Palomino Dr, Baker Hill West)
Ledgestone Loop Ridge Ln (Bucklin Hill)
Leslie Ln Fieldstone Ln (Koura Rd)
Lewis Pl Commodore Ln
Lightmoor Ct Sportsman Club Rd
Listening Ave Baker Hill West
Little Harbor Ln Manual Rd (HWY 305)
Lofgren Rd Moran Rd
Logg Rd Valley Rd
Lovell Ave NW High School Rd
Lovell Ave SW Winslow Way West
Lovgreen Rd Hwy 305 and N. Madison Ave
Lynwood Center Rd Bucklin Hill Rd
Lytle Rd Pleasant Beach Dr
Ma & Pa Ln Foster Rd
Mabrey Ln Blakely Ave
Madison Ave Hwy 305 and Winslow Way
Madison Cottages Madison Ave N
Madrona Dr Wing Pi
Madrona Way Madison Ave N
Madrone Ln Winslow Way E
Maiden Ln Beverly Ln (Mandus Olsen off Koura)
Main St Ewing St (Eagle Harbor Dr)
Mandus Olson Rd New Brooklyn Rd OR Koura Rd – look up address, they do not connect
Manitou Beach Dr Hwy 305 and Valley Rd
Manitou Park Blvd Manitou Beach Dr
Manitou Pl Beachcrest Dr
Manor Ln John St (Cascade and Torvanger, off Sunrise Dr)
Manual Rd Hwy 305
Manzanita Ln Petersen Hill Rd (Miller Rd)
Manzanita Rd Hidden Cove Rd West
Maple St Olympic Terrace (Koura Rd West)
Mariner Ave Agate Pass Rd (Dolphin Dr)
Marshall Rd Island Center Rd/Vincent Rd intersection
Mary Sam Ln North Madison Ave
Matsu Pl Bayhill – East of Miller
Mattson Ln Beck Rd (West Blakely)
Maxwell Ln Miller Rd
McDonald Ave Eagle Harbor Dr
McRedmond Ln Wardwell Rd
Meadowlark Ln Koura Rd
Meadowmeer Cir Koura Rd
Meadowmeer Ln Mandus Olson (Koura)
Meadowmeer Rd Meadowmeer Cir
Medway Ln Meadowmeer Rd (Meadowmeer Cir)
Meer Ct Meadowmeer Ln (Mandus Olson off Koura)
Meigs Rd Euclid Ave – West
Midships Ct Capstan Dr
Mill Heights Ln Barkentine Rd and Rockaway Bluff
Miller Rd New Brooklyn and Day Rd West
Millstone Pl Teem Loop (Sumanee Pl, off Phelps Rd)
Misty Vale Pl Sunrise Dr
Mitchell Ln Springridge Rd – South of Fletcher Bay
Moji Ln Lovell Ave OR Weaver – look up address, they do not connect
Monsaas Rd North Madison Ave
Monte Vista Dr Olympic Terrace (Koura Rd West)
Monte Vista Pl Monte Vista Dr (Olympic Terrace, off Koura Rd)
Moran Rd North Madison (at 305) and Lofgren Rd
Morgan Ave Battlepoint Dr
Morgan Rd Hwy 305
Morning Ln Sunrise Dr
Morrill Pl Hawley Way (Ferncliff Ave)
Mountain View Rd Manitou Beach Dr
Murden Cove Dr Manitou Beach Dr
My Way Tara Ln (Point White Dr)
Nakata Ave Wallace Way NW and Ihland Way
Nakata Pl Nakata Ave (Wallace Way and Ihland Way)
French Ln Sunrise Dr
War Admiral Ln Secretariat Ln (Triple Crown, off Wardwell)
Yama Ridge Ln Tani Creek Rd
New Brooklyn Rd Madison Ave and Sportsman Club and Miller
New Holland Ct Finch Rd
New London Ct Finch Rd
New Sweden Ave Eagle Harbor Dr
Nicholson Pl Wyatt Way West
Nisqually Way Bay Rd and Woodbank (Fletcher Bay)
North Madison Ave Hwy 305 and Day Rd E
North St Agate Point Rd (Dolphin Dr)
North Tolo Rd Battlepoint Dr
North Town Dr New Brooklyn
North Town Loop North Town Dr
Northwind Ct Windsong Loop (North Madison)
Ocean Dr Manitou Beach Dr
Oddfellows Rd Pleasant Beach Dr and Blakely Ave
Olallie Ln Skinner Rd (Battlepoint Dr)
Old Creosote Hill Rd Rockaway Beach and Taylor Ave
Old Mill Rd Blakely Ave
Old Woods Ln Bucklin Hill Rd
Olson Farm Ln Miller Rd
Olympic Dr NE Fort Ward Hill Rd
Olympic Dr SE Hwy 305 – Ferry Terminal access
Olympic Terrace Koura Rd West
Olympic View Blvd Frey Ave (Battlepoint Dr)
Olympus Beach Rd Beach St (Battlepoint Dr)
Opal Ridge Ln Lynwood Center Rd
Packard Ln Eagle Harbor Dr
Palomino Dr Baker Hill Rd West
Parade Grounds Evergreen Ave (Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Parfitt Way Madison Ave South
Park Ave Wing Point Way
Parkhill Pl Valley Rd
Parkview Dr Fort Ward Hill Rd
Patmos Ln NW High School Rd
Paulanna Ln Sands Ave – North of New Brooklyn
Pearl Ct Diamond Pl (Emerald Way off Lynwood Center Rd)
Peggy Ln Meadowmeer Rd (Meadowmeer Cir)
Penny Pl Bayhill Rd (Miller Rd)
Peterson Hill Rd Miller Rd
Pettit Pl Beachcrest Dr
Phelps Rd Day Rd East
Pierce Court NW Lovell Ave NW
Pine St New Sweden Ave (Eagle Harbor Dr)
Pine Way Taylor Ave (Eagle Harbor Dr)
Pinto Ct Baker Hill Rd West
Pinyon Ln Koura Rd
Pitcairn Pl Fletcher Bay Rd
Pleasant Beach Dr Lynwood Center Rd
Pleasant Ln Grand Ave
Pleasant Pl Lovgreen Rd (Hwy 305)
Point Monroe Dr Sunrise Dr and Lafayette Ave intersection
Point White Dr Lynwood Center Rd and Crystal Springs Dr
Pointview Dr Parkview Dr (Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Pollys Ln High School Rd – East of Hwy 305
Potlatch Ave Fletcher Bay Rd
Preston St Alder Ave (Cherry Ave, off Wing Point Way or Aaron)
Puget Bluff Ln Sunrise Dr
Quail Hill Rd Sands Ave
Quiet Valley Ln Ferncliff Ave
Racoon Ln North Madison Ave
Radio School Dr Robertson Ave (Kitsap St off Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Ralston Rd Komedal Rd (Hidden Cove West)
Ravenswood Ct Springridge Rd – South of Fletcher Bay
Reitan Rd Hwy 305
Renny ln Meadowmeer Rd (Meadowmeer Cir)
Rhodes End Sorrel Way (Baker Hill Rd West)
Ridge Ln Bucklin Hill Rd
Roberts Rd Sunrise Dr
Robertson Ave Kitsap St (Fort Ward Hill Rd)
Robinwood Dr Wing Point Way
Rockaway Beach Eagle Harbor Dr
Rockaway Bluff Ln Taylor Ave/Old Mill intersection and Halls Hill Rd
Rodal Ct Sunrise Dr
Rodeo Ln Buckskin Ln (Palomino Dr, Baker Hill West)
Roe Rd Day Rd West
Rolling Bay Walk Manitou Park Blvd
Ronald Ct Taylor Ave
Rosario Pl Weaver Rd
Rose Ave Eagle Harbor Dr
Rose Loop Rd Eagle Harbor Dr
Royal Ave Olympic View Blvd (Frey Ave off Battlepoint Dr)
Ruby Pl Diamond Pl (Emerald Way off Lynwood Center Rd)
Ruddy Duck Ln Ferncliff Ave
Running Springs Pl Hidden Cove Rd – East of HWY 305
Ruys Ln Sands Ave – North of New Brooklyn
Sadie Ln Madison Ave N
Sakai Village Loop Kimiko Ln (Madison Ave)
Salmon Run Ln Battlepoint Dr
Sandpiper Ln Blakely Ave – at intersection with Bucklin Hill Rd
Sands Ave High School and New Brooklyn
Sanwick Pl Agate Pass Rd (Dolphin Dr)
Sasquatch Ln Sunrise Dr
Sea Ray Ct Capstan Dr
Seabold Church Rd Hwy 305
Seabold Rd Hwy 305
Seaborn Rd Blakely Ave – at 3-T/Halls Hill/Blakely Hill
Secretariat Ln Triple Crown Dr
Selfors Ln Hidden Cove – East of 305
Shannon Dr Bjune Dr
Shanti Ln High School Rd
Shasta Ln Woodhaven Ln (Sunrise Dr)
Shepard Way Grow Ave
Sievertson Rd West Port Madison
Silven Ave Hidden Cove Rd OR Ralston – look up address, they do not connect
Silver Willow Ln Springridge Rd
Skinner Rd Battlepoint Dr
Skogen Ln West Port Madison
Smoland Ln County Park Rd (West Port Madison)
Solana Ln Springridge Rd
Sorrel Way Baker Hill Rd West
Soundview Dr Olympic Dr NE (Fort Ward Hill Rd)
South Beach Rd Toe Jam Hill Rd
Southern Cross Rd Halls Hill Rd
Southwind Ct Windsong Loop (North Madison)
Spargur Loop Rd N. Madison/Phelps and Hidden Cove East
Sportsman Club Rd Hwy 305/New Brooklyn/High School
Spray Falls St Misty Vale Pl (Sunrise Dr)
Springridge Rd Fletcher Bay Rd
Springwood Ave Yaquina Ave
Springwood Ln Springwood Ave (Yaquina Ave)
Stager Ct Grizdale Ln (New Brooklyn)
Stetson Pl Wood Ave (Winslow Way E)
Stonebridge Ln Knight Rd (Sunrise Dr)
Stonecress Ln High School Rd
Stranne Rd Hidden Cove – West of 305
Strawberry Hill Park High School Rd
Strawberry Pl Weaver Rd
Sullivan Rd Crystal Springs Dr – North of Baker Hill
Sumanee Pl Phelps Rd
Summer Hill Ln McRedmond Ln (Wardwell)
Summerberry Ln Kallgren Rd (Winthers Rd)
Summerfield Ln Darden Ln (Toe Jam Hill Rd)
Sundance ln El Cimo (Buckskin Ln, Palomino Dr)
Sunny Hill Cir Fort Ward Hill Rd
Sunrise Bluff Sunrise Dr
Sunrise Dr Valley Rd/Day Rd East
Sunrise Pl Sunrise Dr
Sunrose Ln Sunrise Dr
Sunset Ave Morgan Ave (Battlepoint Dr)
Sunset Loop Rd Bayhill Rd (Miller Rd)
Sunset Pl Hansen Rd – Access from Foster is quickest
Susan Pl Commodore Ln
Tangleberry Ln Baker Hill Rd West
Tani Creek Rd Blakely Ave

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