Reading and Note Taking – Digital Citizenship

Which best describes subjects in works of fiction?
people and events that are not real
Which statement best summarizes the aim of this passage?

Read the passage from President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address in 1961.

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our own.

It is a call to support the greater good.
Linda is deciding whether to read The Hunger Games. Which will most likely persuade her decision?
book reviews by readers her age
Postreading strategies are used
after reading a text
What is a prereading strategy for fiction?
Scanning a text involves
looking for specific information.
Which title best suggests a coming-of-age story?
From Girl to Graduation
What is the best prediction she could make about this semester’s text?

Natalia’s class read Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet last semester and took a field trip to see it performed live in a community theater. Today, Natalia learned that her class will read another work by Shakespeare this semester.

It is a play
If Juna is monitoring her comprehension as she reads, then she is
asking herself what she understands.
Which strategy would most likely improve a student’s reading comprehension?
asking questions
The student most likely to succeed in school is
one who interacts with and understands what is read.
The final step in the reading comprehension strategy of asking questions is to determine
what message the author wants to communicate.
To gain a deeper understanding of a text, students should
interact with the text.
details help the reader visualize what is happening by bringing the text to life in the reader’s mind.
Sensory [Vocab]
Reading is important areas of life.
in many [Vocab]
How do overviews and summaries help when working with difficult texts?
They help readers prepare for and monitor their reading.
To briefly state the key points of a work, passage, event, or idea is to
Which strategy should Zahra use to determine how the text she is reading relates to what is happening in class?
defining the purpose for reading
Marlene is using context clues to better understand the book she is reading. After reading around unfamiliar words and checking for clues, she is ready to
reread the text and replace unfamiliar words with familiar words.
are context clues that expand on a word to help provide meaning.
Explanations [Vocab]
After using context clues to define a word, the best way to verify a guess is by
looking the word up in the dictionary.
Which statement uses a synonym as a context clue?
The labyrinth was a maze of doors.
Which of these are steps in using context clues? Check all that apply.
[Multiple Answers]
-read the text around the unfamiliar word
-check the text for context clues
-reread the text, substituting a familiar word
The first time-saving step to figure out the meaning of vexed is to

Read the excerpt from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

They grew vexed that Oz should treat them in so poor a fashion, after sending them to [suffer] hardships.

read around the word.
Which word best provides a context clue to the meaning of mead-hall?

Read this excerpt from Beowulf by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet.

Hrothgar, king of the Danes, or Scyldings, builds a great mead-hall, or palace, in which he hopes to feast his liegemen and to give them presents.

The reading element punctuation relates to the ability to
pause or stop while reading.
The reading element expression includes the ability to
emphasize important words.
What is the third step taken when checking a student’s reading rate?
counting the number of words read
The reading element accuracy includes the ability to
know and understand words.
To develop vocabulary, a student should increase his or her
familiarity with sight words.
To improve reading fluency, it is a good idea to listen to model readers because they
provide good examples for self-improvement.
Reading fluency is the ability to read smoothly, , and with understanding.
accurately [Vocab]
Which are methods used to improve reading fluency? Check all that apply.
[Multiple Answers]
-listening to a fluent reader
-developing vocabulary
-monitoring progress
-rereading a text
What is the second step taken when checking a student’s reading rate?
reading out loud with a timer set
With practice, a student can improve his or her reading rate by words per week.
0.7 [Vocab]
Anastasia found an unfamiliar word in her reading and looked it up in a glossary. What should she do to make sure she understands the word’s meaning in the text?
rephrase the text with the definition
Translation tools aim to improve comprehension of
different languages.
Sofia is reading a difficult text for class and worries that she won’t complete it by the given deadline. How can a text-to-speech tool best help her?
It can increase the pace of her reading.
tools enable readers to mark important vocabulary and text.
Highlighting [Vocab]
A glossary is best used to look up
unfamiliar words.
How can audio tools help readers with time management?
They allow readers to multitask.
For what reasons would someone use online reading tools? Check all that apply.
[Multiple Answers]
-to improve understanding of vocabulary
-to enhance retention of main ideas
-to increase academic success
Which clues would signal that information is important and should be included in a student’s notes? Check all that apply.
[Multiple Answers]
-text circled on the board by the teacher
-words or phrases repeated in the text
-text highlighted on the board by the teacher
Which statement best explains how the main idea relates to taking notes?
The main idea is always included in effective notes.
Effective note-taking is most important when a student is
watching, listening, or reading for class.
One benefit of taking notes in class is that the student
is actively engaged.
Which type of keyword is “Deforestation”?

Read the excerpt.

Rain forests clean the air by producing oxygen. They are also known to affect the water cycle and weather. The threat of deforestation, however, means that these important rain forests may disappear.

a title
Which keywords would students most likely want to include in their notes?

Read the passage from a text about the rain forests of South America.

The Importance of Rain Forests

Rain forests clean the air by producing oxygen. Some rainforest plants have healing properties and can be used as medicine. Rain forests are also known to affect the water cycle and weather. The threat of deforestation, however, means these important rain forests may disappear.

rain forests, deforestation, water cycle
Which note-taking method would be most useful for Nico?

It is important to Nico that his social studies notes include both details and summaries. He feels that being able to review both will help him study.

Hannah has decided to use the Cornell method to take notes from an audio lesson. Which offers the best reason for her choice?
Hannah knows there will be a quiz on the lesson’s main idea and key points, so she wants to take detailed notes.
What is an advantage of taking notes in a digital format?
Technology allows digital notes to be shared on the Internet.
When it comes to note-taking, what does the acronym SQRW stand for?
Survey, Question, Read, Write
A highlighter is an effective note-taking tool students use to
apply bright color over text to make it stand out.
Which note-taking method would work best in all three classes?

This semester, Arthur has to remember a lot of information for chemistry class. He needs to learn a long series of problem-solving steps in algebra. He also has quite a bit of text to read for English literature.

Flags give students a(n) clue to major points without taking notes on any information.
visual [Vocab]
Which online note-taking tool allows students to store information on an extensive back-up system?
online data storage sites
What is one benefit of using electronic sticky notes?
They can be used to jot down messages.
One advantage of using online note-taking tools is that they help students to
get organized.
The editing and formatting features of eNotes allow students to their notes to help them process the information.
organize [Vocab]
Using an electronic , students can store images and recordings in one location.
notebook [Vocab]
One way to describe the note-taking tool eNotes is to call it an
electronic notebook.
What is one benefit of using a web clipping tool?
It can be used to reuse text and images.
What is the best way to describe eNotes?
It is a tool students can use to take notes during an online lesson.
A time-saving strategy that helps define unfamiliar words involves using
familiar words for clues.
The reading element rate relates to the ability to
read at a comfortable speed.
For science class, Zahra wanted to take notes in a visual way. She also wanted to be able to break down large concepts into smaller components.

Which note-taking method would be Zahra’s best choice?

How would one would best use context clues to understand unfamiliar words?
by looking at surrounding words for meaning
Which online note-taking device allows students to clip a page from a website and reuse it later?
web clipping tools
What are some of the challenges of note-taking? Check all that apply.
[Multiple Answers]
-It can take up a great deal of time in class.
-It can be distracting in the middle of a lecture.
-It can cause the student to miss information.
Sophia has difficulty pronouncing words correctly and understanding what they mean. Which element of reading fluency does she struggle with?
Which best describes Lincoln’s aim in this part of his speech?

Read the passage from the Gettysburg Address, delivered by President Abraham Lincoln on May 19, 1863.

Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

to reflect
In which subject is it most important to connect lectures, textbook material, and lab exercises?
It is important to know whether a text is fiction or nonfiction in order to
determine which strategy to use.
Which statement uses the example type of context clue for the underlined word?
The arduous task involves shoving, lifting, and hurling bricks.
What are the benefits of online note-taking tools? Check all that apply.
[Multiple Answers]
-They are easy to use and understand.
-They let students share information.
-Students can store notes in a central location.
-Students can store notes in a central location.
With eNotes, students can store information using a digital .
notebook [Vocab]
When will a student most likely need to read a text aloud?
when preparing a speech
Why would Isabelle consider making a flow chart from a text?
to help visualize the reading
A nonfiction author’s purpose for writing a work helps determine if that work
[NOT] summarizes useful information.
Which best describes the topics covered by nonfiction works?
[NOT] historical people and events
What is the most likely benefit gained from using context clues?
[NOT] the ability to memorize more easily
Context clues help students
[NOT] keeping vocabulary at a manageable level.
Sophie is using context clues with her new reading assignments. What results should she expect to see? Check all that apply.
[NOT] [Multiple Answers]
-better memorization skills
-increased word recall
-more reading enjoyment
Which best describes what interactive note-taking tools allow readers to do?
[NOT] place their notes in the original text
What are the main types of reading tools? Check all that apply.
[NOT] [Multiple Answers]
-audio tools
-comprehension tools
-language tools
Which best describes what online reading tools aim to help readers do?
[NOT] read faster
What are the characteristics of ineffective notes? Check all that apply.
[NOT] [Multiple Answers]
-They are illegible and hard to read.
-They cannot be used as a reference.
-They contain symbols and abbreviations.
-They contain too little information.
The graphic organizer could be used to show a strategy for taking notes.

If entered into the graphic organizer, which would best explain how to determine what to include in notes?

1. Identify the main idea.
2. Watch and listen for clues.
3. Look for keywords.
To take effective notes, it is most important to
[NOT] avoid using abbreviations and symbols.
Why is it important to have good note-taking skills for core academic subjects? Check all that apply.
[NOT] [Multiple Answers]
-to retain more information
-to understand key concepts
-to review information for tests
Noah is reading a passage for English literature and it has him a little confused. What would he most likely use a sticky note for?
to mark the page to read again
to list key words and concepts
When taking science notes, students should
[NOT] highlight familiar words and concepts.
Which note-taking method quickly captures and organizes information?
[NOT] Cornell
One advantage of using eNotes to take notes is that students can
[NOT] back up files and store them.
Malcolm wants to copy images and articles on different animal species and use them to study for a science test. Which online note-taking tool would be the most helpful?
[NOT] electronic flash cards

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