A method in which menu items are paritally cooked, rapidly chilled, held in cold storage and then reheated just prior to service is called:
A system
Collection of interrelated parts
Food is transported in bulk to a location separate from production where plates or trays are assembled is called
Decentralized service
Heaving the same or similar outputs occur from using different input is termed
Procurement, production, safety/sanitation/maintenance, and distrubtion are ___ in the foodservice system model.
Functional subsystems
The most important factor to consider in menu planning is
Customer satisfaction
Truth in menu laws would prohibit
Having the menu read “Roquefort Blue Cheese dressing” and purchasing Kraft blue cheese dressing to serve
Single use menu

Cycle menu

Static menu

Food items planned for single day usage
Food is repeated on a patterned basis
Same item everyday
An onsite foodservice operation is one which the sale of food is primary activity and a profit is desired
Sustainable design include buildings that efficiently use energy, water, and materials while reducing the buildings impact on human health and the environment
Synergy is the ability of an open system to continuously respond and adapt to its enviroment
Edible portion is impacted by which of the following
Handling losses
Cooking losses
As purchased portions
Ingredient rooms used in large service operations increase food costs
Produce raw food to sell
Transfers products from processor to supplier
Transform raw food items into packaged products
Independent representative who works with manufacturers, processors, or producers to sell a market product to wholesalers, supplier, or food service operations
Purchase from numerous sources, stores products, then sells and delivers to supplier.
The sweet spot is point the of best value at lowest cost
Underproduction of food can increase costs at foodservice operation
Which is the first functional subsystem of the transformational element of the foodservice system?
Which is the process of discovering and eliminating unnecessary costs without interfering with the effectiveness of the product or service?
Value analysis
Which method of quantity adjustment consists of determining percentage of the weight for each ingredient in a recipe?
Percentage method
__has expense but does not generate profits to cover those expenses.
Cost center
Which is a distribution system which maintains good temperature retention of both hot and cold items and does not require reassembly of tray components.
Split tray rethermalization
Corporate culture is defined as
Shared philosophies, values, assumptions, and norms
According to the Expectancy Theory, a high level of motivation requires
High expectancy and high valence
In the two-factor theory, the hygience(or maintenance) factors
Are often related to the dissatisfaction of the job
Motivation could be described as
An inner force that activates or moves a person
Technical skill
Is the most important at the start of one’s management career
The highest level of needs on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is termed
The term efficiency means
Achieving outcomes with minimal inputs
Which is the process of influencing the activities of employees toward goal achievement?
Which of the following are considered DECISIONAL roles of managers by Mintzberg
Disturbance handler and negotiator
Which of the following would be characteristic of a Theory X manager’s beliefs about the average employee?
Has an inherent dislike for work and will avoid it if possible
A foodservice operation with a food cost of 40% has food costs that are equal to 40% of
Asking an applicant to describe how they would handle a situation with an employee who is consistently late for work is an example of using which type of interviewing?
Calculation of the current ratio would involve which two pieces of data?
Current assets and current liabilities
Cash, marketable securities, and accounts receivable are all categorized as___ on a balance sheet.
current assets
Having an effective marketing concept usually places a primary emphasis on
Serving the customer
Market share
Is the percentage of industry sales for a product
The 4 P’s of marketing are
Product, price, place, and promotion
The financial statement that shows financial position at a point in time is
Balance sheet
Marketing effectiveness refers to minimizing the resources that must be spent to achieve the desired product exchange
Marketing mix is the combination of product and price that creates values for the customer.
The formula for break even point is 1-(variable cost/sales)
The fundamental accounting equation is: assets=liabilities+owner’s equity.

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