Quiz 4

In the US, we have an imbalance of specialty and primary care. explain this phenomenon
inner city to suburbs, development of medical technology, higher reimbursement for specialized care. More people are becoming specialists than generalists. Specialists earn a higher income, have a higher prestige, and have more predictable hours. Advanced technology is a big factor in why there are so many more specialists.
Most MD’s are specialists and most DO’s are generalists
You have decided to go to medical school to become a PCP. what are some major medical care distinctions between primary care physician and specialist physician
A Primary Care Physician provides first contact and/or portal to the Health Care System, while focus…PCPs give multiple health exams, immunizations and treat less severe problems. Specialist physicians deal with particular and specific diseases
the health care subdivision of the US economy continues to grow because
immigration continues to rise leading to a growth in population and baby boomers hit retirement age in the year 2011 and beyond
a doctor of osteopathic medicine believes in
preventative and holistic medicine
the allied health professional
is a need created by the growth of technology and specialization in medicine; receive specialized training; can receive a certificate, associates, bachelor’s or master’s degree in a science related health care course
a health service administrator’s job is to
organize the operational, clinical, and financial outcomes of the entire healthcare system
a specialist must
do additional years of advance residency training and practice in specialty; gain certification in an area of medical specialization
studies have shown that NPP services can
improve access to primary care; spend more time with patients than physicians do
NPP practice in many areas in which physicians practice; however NPPs do not have a medical degree
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