Pre-Test 2

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Which of the following types of scheduling allows for the most efficient use of staff, material, and facilities?
Open appointments
Modified wave
What piece of mail should be placed on top when sorting the physician’s mail?
First-class mail
Envelope marked Personal
Bills and statements
Equipment catalogs
Envelope marked Personal
Open punctuation is characterized by:
Enclosure notation
Absence of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary close
Modified block style
Use of a colon after the salutation
Block style
Absince of punctuation after the salutation and a comma after the complimentry close
The federal insurance program that provides for the medically indigent is:
Blue Shield
The process of transferring an amount from the day sheet to the ledger is:
A numeric filing system requires th use of:
Lateral files
An alphabetical cross-reference
A tickler file
Subject headings
An alphabetical cross-reference
The file folder label for Jennie Holmes-Mathis should be:
Jennie, Holmes-Mathis
Mathis, Jennie Holmes
Holmes, Jennie-Mathis
Holmes-Mathis, Jennie
Mathis, Jennie (nee Holmes)
Holmes-Mathis, Jennie
Third-party participation in an affice indicates the relationships among the:
Physician, patient, and medical assistant
Physician, medical assistant, and insurance company
Physician, patient, and insurance company
Physicaian, hospital, and insurance company
Physician, patient, and hopital
Physician, patient, and insurance company
A claim may be refected by an insrance company because of the omission of:
Complete diagnosis
Policy number
Patient birth date
Itemization of charges
All of the above
All of the above
How much postage is required for a first-class letter that weighs 3oz if the first ounce costs $0.34 and each additional ounce is $0.25?
When the word Confidential is to be typed on the envelope, it should be placed:
In the lower right corner
Below the zip code
In the lower left corner
Below the return address
Both C and D
Below the return address
The most formal of complimentary closings is:
Very truly yours
Warm wishes
Sincerely yours
As always
Very truly yours
When makin an appointment, which of the following is not needed?
Patient’s name
Telephone number
Reason for visit
Insurance information
Insurance information
This type of call allows more than one person in more than one place to talk simultaneously.
Conference call
Three-party billing
Appointment call
Collect call
Conference call
This procedure protects against the loss of data.
Backing up
Backing up
A tickler file is:
A Guide for processing insurance claims
A list of procedures for equipment maintenance
A type of color-coding
A pysician referral service
Future events arranged in chronologic order
Future events arranged in chronologic order
All of the following require a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code except:
Which of the following characteristice of a receptionist might make an impression on a patient?
All of the above
All of the above
A direction to consider additional codes is:
See also
See condition
See category
See also
A V-code:
Refers to specific health conditions
Refers to specific body systems
Refers to factors that influence health status
Refers to neoplasms
Refers to injuries
Refers to factors that influence health status
Mail that is opened accidentally should be:
Hand delivered immediately
Put at the bottom of the stack
Left as is
Resealed with tape and noted as opened in error
Placed in another envelpe
Resealed whith tape and noted as opened in error
Which of the following are Evaluation and Management (E&M) descriptors?
Physical examination
School physical
Well-baby check-up
Preoperative physical
All of the above
All of the above
Which is an example of a third-party payor?
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
Prefrred Provider Organization (PPO)
Patient’s spouse
Patient’s parent
In the problem-oriented medical record (POMR) system, the initial database includes:
A list of past medical problems
A complete physical examination
A numbered list of present problems
The patient’s progress
A list of socia problems
A numbered list of resent problems
A trial balance is a comparison of:
-Cash on hand and cash received
-Daily charges and payments
-Balance sheet and income sheet
-Ledger card totals and account-receivable balance
-Owners’ equity and liabilities
Ledger card totals and account-receivable balance
When adding information to the medical record, new notes are added:
-In alphabetical order
-In subject order
-Newest to the front
-Newest to the back
-To a newly created file
Newest to the front
Which of the following calls require immediate transfer to the physician?
-A young child with a high fever
-A patient with a possible medical allergy
-Another physician
-An adult with a low-grade ferver
-A patient with questions about a mammogram
Another physician
Appointments should be scheduled:
-For 15 minutes each with 15-minute open slots in between
-Every 15 minutes
-Either all in the morning or all in the afternoon
-In consecutive order without large gaps
-So that patients with similar problems are seen on the same day
In consicutive order without large gaps
Which is not part of basic information obtained at the patient’s first visit?
-Insurance information
-Name, address, and telephone number
-Name of person who referred the patient
-Business address and business telephone number
Standard-size pater and evelope for business correspondence is:
-8 1/2×11; no. 10 envelope
-7 1/4×10-1/2; no. 73/4 envelope
-5 1/2×8 1/2; 3 1/2×6 envelope
-6 1/4×9 1/4; no. 6 3/4 envelope
-11 x 14; no. 10 envelope
8 1/2×11; no. 10 envelope
Patien’s ledger cards should be kept:
-With the patient’s chart
-In a general ledger
-In a separate ledger file
-In a job ledger
-With insurance forms
In a separate ledger file
The bank statement is reconciled with:
-The checkbook
-The day sheet
-Accounts receivable
-The payment record
-Both A and D
The checkbook
The record of the proceedings of the meeting is the:
-Roberts Rules of Order
Which of the following protects data from loss?
-Booting up the system
-Initializing dists
-Backing up
-Virus check
Backing up
The scheduling system based on scheduling similar appointments or procedures together is called:
-Modified wave
-Open scheduling
Appropriate information to include in a patient information brochure would be:
-Information about the scope of the practice
-Physician’s fees
-Billing information
-Employee’s names and telephone numbers
-Coding information
Information about the scope of the practice
A new employee must complete which of the following:
-501 form
-W-4 form
-W-3 form
-W-2 form
-FICA form
W-4 form
Which of the following abbreviations is not correct?
Patient information that is released without patient’s authorization might result in legal charge of:
-Invasion of privacy
Invasion of privacy
A correctly addressed envelope includes:
-Omission of all punctuation
-Periods after abbreviation
-Periods after initials
-Comma between city and state
-Comma between stree name and numbers
Omission of all punctuation
Which of the following circumstances would waive the need for a written release of medical records?
-Requested from other practices
-A subpoena
-Attorney request
-Hospital request
-Insurance company request
A subpoena
In double-entry bookkeeping, the original entry is put ont the:
-Patient ledger card
-Daily log
-General ledger
-Account ledger
-Appointment book
Daily log
The correct way to indicate an enclosure notation is:
A superbill provides which of the following:
-Insurance claim
-Fee schedule
-Deposit slip
-Abnormal test results
Insurance claim
Which of the following is the purpose of records management?
-All of the above
All of the above
Which coding system is not associated with medical procedures?
-Health Care Financing Administration Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS)
-Relative value scale (RVS)
-Resource-based RVS (RBRVS)
Which is not an indexing rule?
-Unit 1 is the surname
-A hyphen is disregarded
-Initials come before complete names
-Apostrophes are disregarded
-Names are divided into units
Initials come before complete names
ICD-9-CM codes that refer to factors that may influence the patient’s health status are:
-HIV codes
-Volume I codes
-Vollume II codes
The smallest piece of information that the computer can process is a (n):
The index of files on a disk is the:
The appointment system of the offices should tate into account the needs of the:
-A and B only
-B and C only
B and C only
Dear Mrs. May: is an example of:
-Open punctuation
-Mixed punctuation
-Block punctuation
-Semiblock punctuation
-Modified block
Mixed punctuation
A master list of equipment inventory includes all f the folloing except the:
-Date of purchase
-Operating manuals
-Estimated life of the piece
Operating manuals
Which of the following hospital records may be released b the authorization of the attending surgeon only?
-Nurse’s notes
-Operative notes
-Laboratory reports
-Radiology reports
-Billing information
Operative notes
An illness that existed before an insurance policy is written is known as a(n):
-Special risk
-Preexisting condition
-Waiting period
-Prior authorization required
Preexisting condition
A patient has not been seen in the office for 2 years. The patient’s record woud be found in the:
-Active files
-Open files
-Inactive files
-Closed files
Inactive files
An important consideration when deciding how to position the computer monitor at the reception desk is:
-Patient confidentiality
-Staff access
-Postition of the printer
-Availability of patient records
Patient confidentiality
Which information is not essential for the surgery scheduler when requestig a surgery date?
-Type of procedure
-Name of the assisting physician
-Name of patient
-Age of patient
-Telephone number of the patient
Name of the assisting physician
Which group of patients should be escorted to the exammination room and given instructions on what they are to do?
-New patients
-Established patients
-Older adults
-All of the above
All of the above
The notation c: Julia Jones, MD means:
-A copy is made for Dr. Jones
-A copy of the letter is sent to Dr. Jones
-The receiver had been advised that a copy has been sent to Dr Jones
-Dr. Jones will answer the letter
-The copy was sent to Dr. Jones by certified mail
A copy of the letter is sent to Dr. Jones
A history and physical usually contains all of the following except:
-Results of laboratory tests
-Reason for the visit
-Vital signs
-Review of body systems
-General appearance of patient
Results of laboratory tests
Under a managed care plan, the physician agrees to:
-Set fees within certain ranges provided by the plan
-Accept predetermined fees
-Charge fees based on community average
-Base fees on the national average
-Limit the number of patients seen
Accept predetermined fees
Which type of insurance organization uses the fee-for-services concept?
-Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
-Managed care
-Independent practice association
-Preferred Provider Oraganization (PPO)
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)
Which factor is not included when determining the level of service of E codes?
-Cost of services
-Level of decision making required of the physician
-Health history of patient
-Type of examination
-Type of laboratory tests
Cost of services
When money is placed in an account, which of the following documents is prepared?
-Debit slip
-Credit slip
-Deposit slip
Deposit slip
The most common color-coding system color codes the:
-Patient’s Social Security number
-Patient’s date of birth
-Patient’s given name
-Patient’s surname
-Patient’s account number
Patient’s surname
Who is the legal owner of the information in a patient’s medical record?
-The physician
-The patient
-The insurance company
-The patient and physician
-The physician and the insurance company
The patient
When preparing the appointment matrix, the first action is to indicate:
-Hospital calls
-Times available
-Times not available
-Facilities available
-Staff available
Times not available
Scheduling patients with the same medical complaints on the same day is:
-Wave scheduling
-Modified wave scheduling
-Open hours
-Group scheduling
Group scheduling
A mafor advantage of using a computer for word processing is:
-Extensive editing capability
-Speed of procesing
-Column layout
-Storge capacity
Extensive editing capability
Which is not true of certified mail?
-Insurance coverage is available
-Receipt of delivery can be obtained for a fee
-Only first-class mail can be certified
-Record of delivery is kept by the post office
-Restricted delivery can be obtained for a fee
Insurance coverage is availabel
Which of the following must be sent by first-class mail?
-Printed materials
-Personal letters and postcards
-Equipment catalogues
Personal letters and postcards
A Medicare claim for deceased beneficiary may be paid directly to the physician if:
-The physician accepts assignment
-The spouse assigns benefits the the physician
-Social Security verifies Medicare coverage
-Charges are paid by the intermediary
-The estate is billed
The estate is billed
All checks received as paymetn for charges should be endorsed:
-At the end of the day
-When they are deposited
-After they ar posted
In an alphabetic file, which is filed first?
-A.R. Stephenson
-John Stephenson
-George Stephens
-Ann Stephenson-Bailey
-Andrew Stephen
Andrew Stephen
Which is correct for an inside address?
-Dr. David Roberts
-Dr. David Roberts, M.D.
-Mr. David Roberts, M.D.
-Roberts, David, M.D.
-David Roberts, M.D.
David Roberts, M.D.
Which is not true about a postage meter?
-It prints its own postage
-Some can seal the envelope
-It locks when the postage is used up
-The mailer leases the machine and purchases the postage
-A license must be obtained from the post office
A license must be obtained form the post office
The two-letter abbreviation for Nebraska is:
Which letter style requires the complimentary closing and typed signature be placed in line with the left margin of the body of the letter?
-Block style
-Semiblock style
-Full block style
-Indented style
-Semi-indented style
Full block style
Which of the following is nt included in a memorandum?
-Complimentary close
-Writer’s name
-Reference initials
Complimentary close
The second page of a two-page letter contains which of the following in the heading?
-Name and date
-Name and page number
-Name, page number, and date
-Name, page number, date, and subject
-Name, writer’s name, subject, and date
Name, page number, and date
The complimentary close of a letter is typed how mant lines below the last line of the body?
Which of the following is demographic information included in a medical record?
-Present illness
-Date of birth
-Laboratory reports
-X-ray findings
-Complete physical examination
Date of birth
A fee profile is derived from:
-Insurance payments
-Patient’s payments
-Government payments
-Physician charges
-Insurance charges
Physician charges
Which of the folloing requires an ICD-9-Cm code?
-Pap smear
-Irritable bowel syndrome
Irritable bowel syndrome
When it is 4:00pm in New York City, what time is it in Seattle Wa?
Ideally, a telephone should be answered before the:
-First ring
-Third ring
-Fourth ring
-Fifth ring
-Other line picks up the call
Third ring
An E code in the ICD-9-CM coding system:
-Refers to external causes
-Refers to hypertension
-Refers to neoplasms
-Refers to suicide attempt
-Refers to disease
Refers to external causes
The universal claim form developed by Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) is:
-Form 1904
-Form 1040
Patients who are always late or who habitually cancel appointments should be scheduled:
-First in the morning
-Right before lunch
-At the end of the day
-On Fridays
At the end of the day
An error was made in charting the patient’s record. The method used to correct the error is to:
-Erase the error and write in the correction
-Reenter the notaiton on the next line
-Draw a single ling through the error, write the word error, make the correction, and date and initial the entry
-Cross out the error, and make the correction in the margin
-Cross out the entry, and correct it
Draw a single line through the error, write the word error, make the correction, and date and initial the entry
SOAP is an acronym for:
-Child protection services
-A medical assistant society
-Source-oriented medical records
-Problem-oriented progress notes
-Traditional medical records
Problem-oriented progress notes
A Patient refuses to follow medical advice and the physician decies to terminat the relationship. The letter to the patient should state all of the following except:
-A referral to another physician
-An offer to make records available
-That the physician withdraws from the case
-A future date after which the physician is not available
-That the patient still needs medical care
A referral to another physician

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