Personal Career Development Plan Essay Example
Personal Career Development Plan Essay Example

Personal Career Development Plan Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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In the current society, success for college students is not entirely dependent on just obtaining a degree but also through the college experience.

As a college student, I have had numerous goals concerning my career in real estate and therefore my career development started while I was just a child (Käser et al, 2016). However, the four years of study that are ahead of me are very crucial in my personal career development because it marks the out the career destination. In regard to this background information, I have prepared a four-year personal career development plan which shall be the starting point to my career journey as I look forward to work with one of the real estate companies such as JLL, CBRE or even Mirvac companies soon after my graduation. First, my career development plan will be goal o


riented because I believe setting SMART goals is the most essential aspect of any kind planning (Käser et al, 2016).

Short-term and long-term goals Just to distinguish between the two goals, my short term goal is to complete my studies and gain experience in property valuation. My long tern goal is to start my own property valuation firm. The long-term goals shall follow graduation in my bachelor’s degree in real estate; get into internships throughout the course for experience development (Beriswillet al, 2016). I also aim at getting my first job and work as a subordinate staff.

I also aim at going for a master’s degree. This will increase my chances of being promoted and become more competitive in the job market. As soon as I shall get into the management staff of either of the dream companies

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shall be working in, I will progressively start personally initiatives and projects and finally detached myself from the company. I shall have gained the relevant skills through experience and studies to establish my own property valuation firm. However, the short term goals revolve around academic development where much knowledge is expected to be gained.

I have therefore broken down the short-term goal into operational goals in reference to the different intervals of my academic progress. Adhering to the strategic timeline of the goals I will be able to obtain a competitive edge while standing amongst my peers in the competitive job market. The short-term goals are structured as follows: First year This is time for imagining and grasping the general overview of the university and the placement of my course:

  • I will meet my academic advisor who shall assist me to explore the real estate and other related disciplines
  • I will choose and pursue the one that shall interest me
  • I will also research and study on time management skills as well as resources
  • I will talk to the faculty and become actively in class.

Second year This is known to be a year of investigating and confirmation. Among the operational goals the following are included:

  • Confirming my major in the Bachelor of Science in real estate
  • I will also attend various real estate and other related programs such as writing resumes and interviews
  • I will also meet and converse with real estate specialist so that I could have an idea of internships and various summer job opportunities
  • I will also interview and weigh different professions in the faculty of real estate to

seek and find the docket of property valuation which is a more specified course

  • Finally I will consider adding a minor like a certificate into my academic plan.
  • Third year This is a year of interaction:

    • I will participate in internships and maintain a solid GPA
    • I will attend all the career programs that are organized and sponsored by CSC and other departments
    • I will develop a list that shall contain all the professional references and also participate in the mock interviews
    • · I shall finally begin the graduate school applications and confirm that everything concerning academics is running as planned.

    Fourth year This is a year of implementation and visualization:

    • I will visit my advisor to confirm my graduation status
    • Will also join the various states professional organizations
    • I will also research companies and organizations that may offer employment opportunities
    • I will also acquire additional experience through internships and experiments

    Personal SWOT Analysis

    According to how my career development plan is structured, there is every chance of succeeding. However, I can’t escape from the fact that there are some minor problems that are likely to weigh my career progress down due to some personal weaknesses (Janssen, Kreijns, Bastiaens, Stijnen & Vermeulen, 2013). In order to have a clear and realistic career path, I considered it wise to assess my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that are likely to affect the my development.

    All these have been analyzed in a SWOT analysis presented as follows. Strengths:

    • I have full passion in property valuation and real estate as my career
    • My father has worked as an executive manager in JLL Real

    Estate Company and therefore he could offer a supporting hand into getting a job opportunity

  • My grades for the first semester of my first academic year are already promising success
  • I have been longing to work with JLL since my childhood
  • Weaknesses:

    • Lack of experience in designing career development plans
    • Inadequate professional guidance since I have to strive hard so access the academic advisor
    • Lack of a clear and distinct focus in my career
    • Competition in the job market is very stiff


    • The industry of real estate is a growing one with remarkable trends being seen
    • There are also emerging demands for experts in the real estate industry
    • The advancement of technology is likely to boost the industrial
    • There are also some upcoming projects initiated by the real estate companies.


    • The emerging job market requirement require a masters degree which means that the being just a graduate is not enough
    • Discouragements from friends and some family members
    • The evolvement of technology which makes whatever I know to get outdated

    Assessment and Evaluation

    Career development needs to be assessed so that one can reflect on the learning goals and programs. There are various assessment methods that I shall use to evaluate how far I shall be at various intervals of the career development from my goals. First, I shall use reflective reports or essays to measure the overall progress.

    I shall also utilize the learning logs and portfolios which shall include action plans (Janssen, Kreijns, Bastiaens, Stijnen & Vermeulen, 2013). I shall also use the interviews and application qualifications as tools for measuring my progress. Finally I shall

    consider making presentations and projects in exhibitions that shall greatly assist in measuring the career development. Since career development is a long journey, I am planning to incorporate both the content and quality analysis of my outcome at different levels of the development.

    Some of the tools such as academic grades will be reflecting on my progress as whether it is a fail or a pass (Janssen, Kreijns, Bastiaens, Stijnen & Vermeulen, 2013).

    Job Search Strategy

    Finding a professional job is usually challenging especially nowadays when the job marketing is so competitive. The trend is rather getting tough and would be worse after the completion of my studies. For this reason, I have designed a strategy made up of nine steps that I shall rely on in finding a job (Eren, 2012).

    First, I shall specify my personal details such as my name, contact and curriculum vitae. The application will also specify the company, its link and the website. The goal for my application will be to apply at least two jobs in every week (Edwin, 2015). Among the companies that I shall be targeting, JLL, CBRE and Mirvac will be the focus point. These three targets are the ones that intrigue me and usually sound appealing especially from other professionals who have worked there.

    The three companies are also in line with the career development plan because much of their dealings are specialized in property valuations. Lastly, the companies have shown some signs of expansion to be international business and therefore the chances of remaining at the top are still valid (Edwin, 2015). My target companies are however not limited to the three mention. I shall consider

    exploring through the social media and more specifically the LinkedIn profile website. This will help my first initial job searching because social media is the easiest way to connect to people with interesting career opportunities.

    I also plan to exploit the internet sites which I believe have a lot of resources on career opportunities. In addition, I shall look for online career seekers who usually give guidelines on the best ways of finding a suitable easily (Edwin, 2015). My main goal for seeking a job is to support the local city youth empowerment organization. The property valuation skills that I shall learn from the academic work shall be very helpful in creating and building very strong neighborhood relations which are currently unstable.

    This will impact the social environment of my locality and become the initial step to towards the fulfillment of my career. During my utmost level in my career development, I aim at having my own firm of property valuation and all that I have wished in line in the career development sector would have been accomplished (Hain, 2013). In conclusion, my career development started at childhood with wishes and anticipation for a career in the field of real estate. However, penning down the career development plan is the first step of actualizing all the anticipation and therefore becoming an essential step. My development plan is majorly grouped into short and long term goals which are equally important in achieving my career.

    The plan has organized my thoughts right from where I am to the future. Lastly my short term goal is to complete my studies and gain experience in property valuation. My long tern goal is

    to start my own property valuation firm.


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