Part 2: Essentials of Criminal Justice Ch. 5

hierarchical manner
most police agencies are organized in this manner

time-in-rank system
this is the way in which most police agencies determine promotion:

the time in rank system discourages this:

Police Chief
who is the person who has control over the police department

the UCR data suggests that the average police officer makes less than 1 felony arrests every BLANK months

deter crime; peacekeeping; quick response; apprehend criminals; aid/serve community
major purpose of police patrol

traffic related matters
the greatest number of Americans have had contact with patrol officers for what reasons?

the majority of police patrols are devoted to this:

directed patrolling
the principle finding of the Kansas City Study

Proactive Policing
what is a department policy that emphasis stopping crime before it happens

they are highly successful
what is the prevailing wisdom on preventative patrols?

directed patrol
the Kansas city gun experiment is an example of:

proactive/directed patrol, make arrests, rapid response
what are the methods for improving patrol

the vice squad
morality crimes are a specialty of this:

downturn in violent crime
what was a result of the Kansas city gun experiments

Sting Operations
organized groups of detectives who deceive criminals into committing crimes

law enforcer to community organizer
what model exemplifies community policing?

police are maintainers of order and safety
what is the fundamental assumption of the broken window model?

to bring police & the public together
what is the focus of community policing?

reducing disorder & impacting the crime rate
what is the effectiveness of community policing linked to?

residents felt safer
what have evaluations of NY and NJ foot patrols shown?

directive patrolling
the concept of hot spot crime is associated with what model of policing?

internal affairs
name of police support unit that investigates police activity

defining community, roles, changing attitudes, values, training, recruitment
what are the admin problems of community policing?

time in rank
what are requirements for most promotions

designated police patrol ares are called

term for the order main’t function of police

Kansas City Gun Experiment
the aggressive patrol program that was directed at carrying of guns in high risk crime areas

Proactive policing
aggressive law enforcement style that emphasizes attacking crimes head on

groups of police officers who enforce morality based laws

Sting Operation
operation designed to encourage/observe criminal behavior to make an arrest

community policing
the trend of changing police role to problem solver

police/detectives have improved because of advances in this:

policing strategy that require police to ID particular long term community issues

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