Part 1 US HISTORY Crossword Puzzle

Flashcard maker : Josephine Mack
Columbium Exchange
Exchange of goods between Europe and the Americas
The job that Lewis and Clark had in the newly acquired territories
Monroe Doctrine
Warned Europeans powers not interfere with problems in the Western Hemisphere
Boston Tea Party
Colonists disguised as \”Indians\” dumped tea in Boston Harbor
Believed in ending slavery
Business Partners
Relationship between the French and Native Americas
Monroe Doctrine
Response to European nations interest in colonies
Intolerable Acts
This resulted in the formation of the First Continental Congress
This made it possible for people to settle and store surplus food
Citizens rule through elected representatives
Nations increase their wealth by retaining as much gold and silver as possible
The meaning of Renaissance
Appalachian Mountains
These were used to mark the Proclamation Line of 1763
Cash crop
Sold primarily to raise money
they were the \”first civilizations\” in North America
He led a violent slave revolt
Louisiana Purchase
As a result of this the United States doubles in size
Agricultural laborers
Enslaved Africans were used mostly to satisfy the need for
Thomas Paine
He wrote the common sense
Declare war
One power the article of confederation gave to the national government
Middle passage
Refers to salve trade from Africa to the Americas
Checks and balances
System that separates the powers among the branches of government
Supported the ideas found in common sense
Andrew Jackson
JQA ran against him in the 1824 presidential election
Triangular trade
Not only were goods but people were exchanged in this
Bill of Rights
Were added to the Constitution
Thomas Jefferson
Jeffersonian republicanism is named after him
The theory that states has the right NOT to adopt all federal legislation
American system
In one way it brought the nation together by protecting American business with high tariff
Native Americans population were greatly reduced by this

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