Org Behavior

the process of arousing and sustaining goal-directed behavior is called
which of the following statements is most accurate regarding the current state of motivation theories
there are several approaches to motivation, and one or another may be useful in specific organizational contexts, with specific individuals or groups, at different times
the basic motivational assumption within Taylor’s scientific management is the same as within Adam Smith’s political economics notions which is
people are motivated by self-interest and economic gain
modern management practices such as employee management recognition programs, flexible benefit packages, and stock ownership plans emphasize:
external incentives
assume you own and operate a small printing and specialty advertising business that employs 25 persons. With increased health care costs and related insurance premiums you are contemplating the cancellation of health and hospitalization insurance for your employees. Your decision may cause your employees to become greatly concerned about:
safety and security needs
Assume you have accepted a job offer and will shortly begin working in your first professional position. The firm provides a very competitive salary and benefit package. Your attention is now directed to learning and advancement opportunities. According to Alderfer and McGregor, these are
growth and theory y concerns
McGregor believed that Theory X assumptions were appropriate for
individuals motivated by lower order needs
All of the following are need for achievement concerns except:
supervisory control
Management Sciences for Health CEO Jonathon Quick displayed a high need for socialized versus personalized power. He would probably:
be an effective leader
According to Herzberg, a major difference between motivator and hygiene factors includes:
motivators deal with job characteristics that are intrinsic to the job and hygiene factors deal with characteristics of the work environment or factors extrinsic to the job
which of the following has been identified as both a hygiene and motivational factor in research done on herzberg’s two-factor theory?
according to herzberg, which factors are related to job dissatisfaction
hygiene factors
Eustress most accurately reflects
the positive side of stress which is healthy and normal
equity theory is a/an
process approach to motivation
as a member of a study group, you feel that others are making minimal contributions. in this situation you are LEAST likely to:
increase your participation and contribution
under equity theory, people are motivated when:
they find themselves in a situation they see as unfair
according to expectancy theory of motivation, individuals will make choices based on:
anticipated outcomes of those choices or decisions
the close linkage of ___ to performance under expectancy theory is crucial for enhancing motivation
In the case of repeated failure under expectancy theory, an employee may:
reduce effort
the belief that performance is connected to rewards is known as
under expectancy theory, a person’s motivation increases along with the belief that effort leads to performance and:
that performance leads to rewards and the reward is valued
under the expectancy theory of motivation, the employee can most easily adjust:
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