Of mice and men test

Flashcard maker : Elizabeth Bates
what to include in essays of mice and men
you should use steinbecks name throughout, don’t write about characters as if they were real and that the events actually happened, write in past tense use PEE, simple and chronological structure, third person narrative, colloquial language, symbolism and foreshadowing
what you should write about in the intro and conclusion
what should you include in every essay
the american dream, the great depression, racism and prejudice, migration to the west steinbecks personal experiences
what are the themes of mice and men
lonleness, friendship, fragility of dreams, relationships, prejudice/racism
what relationship should always be relevant
George and lennies
what characters feelings should also be relevant
their desire for friendship curley’s wife crooks and candy
who are the two main characters of the novella
george and lennie
how is lennie’s name ironic
he is called lennie small when he is a gigantic figure with enormous strength
what problem does lennie have
he is simple but he is physically co ordinated and capable of doing repetitive manual jobs with skill
what pleases lennie throughout the novel
petting things (mice, puppies and rabbits)
also pleased when george tellings him about their american dream
who is lennie emotionally dependant on
george who organises his life and reassures him of their future
how is lennie controlled
by firm but calm instructions
what does lennie unintentionally do when he panics
uses his strength – girl in weed, when curley attacks him and he retaliates (no unintentionally) and when stroking curley’s wifes hair and accidentally killing her
which characters accept lennie due to his deficiencies and his ability to listen
crooks curley’s wife and candy (as he remembers so little of what he’s heard unless its by george)
as does george comfort lennie
by telling him their american dream for when lennies like a child or before bed, as he is told it more he remembers some words and joins in
how does lennie kill curley’s wife
breaks her neck by shaking her too hard
what could have happened to lennie if george hadn’t shot him
he could have been put in a mental hospital, prison or home for the criminally insane, Georges actions were the kindest and most merciful actions
in the final chapter what do we learn
that in a confused way lennie understands he had a mental issue and he tries to cope with it
what is george called by slim
a smart little guy
what can lennie be to george
a burden frequently gets him in trouble and on the run
what did george once confess to slim
that he abused lennie’s trust and made him jump in the river and nearly making him drown
at the end of the novella what does george confront
a great moral dilemma he does the right thing though and kills lennie as a last act of friendship
what character is unlike all the other characters and why
slim as he is not just a hired labour man but a craftsmen – for most of the novel he is a detached man who observes georges and lennie’s relationship
how does slim learn a lot about lennie
by talking to george in the bunkhouse
what is the boss suspicious of
george talking for lennie
what does whit do in the novel
appears once showing everyone an article from a previous worker on the ranch and his desperation for friendship
what is candy reduced to
cleaning the bunkhouse after losing his hand in an accident
what does he offer to give george
his compensation money from his hand allowing their dream to become more realistic if he could join them, but doesn’t wanna do it just with candy after lennie has killed curley’s wife
why is candy excluded from the social life on the ranch
as he older than everyone else and his disability and demeaning job – his lack of status appears when he has no say in wether his dog is shot
why is candy so angry towards the dead body of curley’s wife
as she destroyed his dream
who is crooks
a disabled negro who is the stable buck
what is crooks proud of
being californaian born and raised there
why is crooks excluded from the bunkhouse
as he’s black and disabled – even at christmas
how does crooks protect himself
by keeping his feelings to himself
what does he offer to curley and who destroys it
to work on their dream for free but curley’s wife destroys it by reminding him he’s a negro and had no hope of sharing the dream so he quickly states it was a joke
who is the most pathetic character
curley’s wife
what does curley’s wife not understand
her limitations – the way she dresses and treats everyone
what was her dream
to become a movie star
what naiveté is shown by curley’s wife
the fact she still feels her mum stole a letter from hollywood which was obviously never written – he immaturity is shown by marrying curley
why does she flirt with all the ranch men? how do they feel about this
as she is desperate for companionship she doesn’t get at home and they are all fearful of curley’s actions
why does curley pick fights with everyone
as he is conscious of his own feelings so he picks fights and boasts and is aggressive towards everyone
why does everyone laugh at him though
his wifes behaviour
which man fits george description of ranch workers and what does george say
the loneliest guys in the world
how is carlson portrayed
outwardly friends but really he’s selfish – finds the smell of candy’s dog offensive so shoots it despite candy’s feelings
what does carlson say at the end
“what the hell … is eating them two guys” shows lack of compassion
what does the novellas title come from
Robert Burns’ poem
what does burns show in this poem
that the plans of men are no more secure than those of a mouse and this is the point of steinbecks title
what happens to Georges and Lennies dream throughout the novel
it become more vivid but dies at the end destroyed by lennies behaviour
why is crooks so cynical
he knows the american dream never comes through and always fails yet he even tries to be a part of george and lennie’s
what proves crooks right at the end of the novella
everyones dreams die
what form is the novella written in
third person with no singular viewpoint
how is it clear most of the people on the ranch are lonely
their actions such as curley’s aggressiveness
what does slim enjoy
respect and friendliness
what does crook notice
lennie doesn’t remember anything – ironic how the ‘retarded’ black notices that
how is the narrative framed
by the beautiful setting of the first and last chapters – short text with huge message
why does steinbeck use slang in dialogue
colloquialism and to create an authentic voice
what is foreshadowing and symbolic of lennie dying
candy’s dog – both lennie and dog helpless merciful and both shot in skull
what are some quotes that describe slim
‘godlike’ ‘moved with majesty’ ‘understanding beyond thought’ ‘there was gravity in his manner…all talk stopped when he spoke’ ‘his hands larges and lean were as delicate in their action as those of a temple dancer’
what are some quotes to describe george
‘small quick dark of face with restless eyes and sharp strong features’ ‘get ‘Im lennie’ ‘what the hell kind of bed you giving us anyways. we don’t want no pants rabbits’
what are some quotes to describe lennie
‘a huge man, shapeless of face’ ‘the way a bear drags his arms. His arms … hung loosely’ ‘paws’ ‘i didn’t want no trouble’ ‘come on george. Tell me. Please george like you done before’ ‘can put up more grain alone than most pairs can’ ‘I done a real bad thing’
what are some quotes to describe candy
‘tall stoop shouldered old man’ ‘a drag footed sheep dog grey of muzzle and with pale blind old eyes’ ‘you god damn tramp’
what are some quotes to describe curley
‘hates big guys. He’s all a time picking scraps with big guys. Kind of like he’s mad at em because he aint big’ ‘curley says he’s keeping that hand soft for his wife’ ‘I don’t like curley he aint a nice fella’
what are some quotes to describe curley’s wife
‘you know what i can do if you open your trap’ ‘he says he was gonna put me in the movies’ ‘she was pretty and simple and her face was sweet and young’ ‘she had full, rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made up, her fingernails were red, Her hair hung in little rolled clusters like sausages’
what are some quotes to describe crooks
‘nice fella too. Got a crooked back where a horse kicked him’ ‘ the boss gives him hell when he’s mad’ ‘he reads a lot got a lot of books in his room’ ‘Crooks was a proud aloof man’ ‘I aint wanted in the bunkhouse cause I’m black’ ‘crooks had himself reduced to nothing’ ‘you guys just kidding yourselfs’ ‘nobody goes to heaven and nobody gets no land’
what happens in part one
george and lennie have walked a long way and stop at the salamis river , off to work at a nearby ranch, clear lennie is simple, we learn they left cos lennie touched a girls dress, george tells a story he’s obviously told manyier times, george makes lennie promise to met him by the pool if anything goes wrong
what happens in part two
george and lennie start work at the farm, meet other ranch hands, lennie is attracted to curley’s wife making george worried, george makes lennie promise to meet him by the pool if there trouble, meet eli who’s in charge and a godly figure around the ranch
what happens in part three
george tells slim what happened at weed, slim gives lennie a puppy, carlson kills candy’s old dog (foreshadowing) candy overhears the dream and pitches in, curley and lennie fight, slim makes curley say his hand was injured in an accident t
what happens in section four
while all the others are at the brothel lennie visits crooks, candy comes as well, interrupted by curley’s wife who abuses crooks, lennie accidently kills the pup slim gave hiim
what happens in part five
lennie tries to burry the puppy, curley’s wife comes in and they talk, he strokes her hair, she panics feeling his strength when she starts to scream he breaks her neck not knowing her own strength, obvious lennie killed her when everyone finds her, a hunt is started to kill lennie
what happens in section six
george realises nicest thing to do is to kill him prison wouldn’t work and couldn’t stand curley lyncheing him, george goes to the pool, he finds lennie there and starts to talk about their farm and shoots lennie in the head before the others arrive, slim comforts george telling him he had no choice
how was this ending made inevitable
lennie’s killing of mice, lennie and girl in weed, killing of candy’s dog, killing of the puppy, empashis on lennie’s vast strength and georges repeated nagging about how she is trouble