No Promises in the Wind Ch. 1-5

In what decade does the story take place?

In what city does the Grondowski family live?

Howie is important in Josh’s life because both boys share a love for…

Who are the railroad bulls?
men who club off free riders from the trains

What did Howie toss in the boxcar right before he died?
his banjo

Josh had to do this when he and Joey were starving.
dig through garbage cans

What did a group of boys do to Joey and Josh once they left the farmhouse?
took the bag of potatoes the farmer and his wife gave the boys and beat them up

Who helps the boys get to Louisiana?

Why are they traveling to Louisiana?
To get a job at a carnival; Bessie (a waitress) told Lonnie and the boys that her cousin may be able to give them a job.

Who owns the carnival?
Pete Harris

What is the biggest attraction at the carnival?
Emily, as “Bongo” the clown

Where is Lonnie Bromer from?
Omaha, Nebraska

Why does Lonnie decide to help the boys?
His son, Davy, died and he feels responsible. He wants to try and help out others because he feels obligated due to his guilt over his son’s death.

Who helps Josh and Joey get settled in at the carnival?
Edward C (for courage) Kensington

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