Night Study Guide sections 3 & 4

Section 3 pp. 33-43

1.What are the prisoners made to do as they entered the barracks? (p. 32)
strip naked

2.Who are the Kapos?
Jewish prisoners with authority

3.What happens to the prisoners the next morning? (p. 34)
run naked to barracks, beaten, heads shaved

4.What change does Elie state has taken place within him? (p. 34)
He’s lost his faith

5.Why was it lucky that Elie’s shoes were covered with mud? (p. 35)
All new shoes were taken and mud made his look old.

6. Where does the SS officer say that they are? What does he say their choice is? (p. 36)
Now they are at Auschwitz, and choice is to work or go to crematory.

7. What does the Kapos do to Elie’s father? (p. 36-37)
beats him for asking about bathroom

8. What is Elie’s first impression of Auschwitz? (p. 38)
better than Birkenau

9. What is the compulsory formality at all of the concentration camps? (p. 38)

10. What sort of identification was used on the prisoners? (p. 39)
tattooed number on arm

11. What were the prisoners’ rations at each meal? (p. 40)
coffee, soup, stale bread

12. Why does Elie lie to Stein about his family? (p. 41)
He doesn’t want Stein to give up

13. Why was the prisoner in charge of Elie’s block removed from this position? (p. 41)
too kind

14. Where are Elie and his father taken after leaving Auschwitz? (p. 43)

Section 4 pp. 44 – 62

1.What were the objectives of the medical examinations?
to decide on selection

2.Why were the Jewish musicians not allowed to play music by Beethoven?
Beethoven was German

3.Describe one of Idek’s bouts of madness.
beat someone for no reason

4.How did Elie initially avoid losing his gold crown?
saying he was sick

5. Whom did Elie meet years later on the Paris Metro?
the French girl

6. What happened when Elie refused to give his crown to Franek?
Franek beat his father

7. Describe the scene with the soup cauldrons.
during an air raid, a prisoner tries to steal soup from the cauldron and is shot

8. During one of the preliminary “ceremonies” for a hanging, what did Juliek whisper to Elie? What does this suggest?

9. During one hanging, Elie and the other prisoners cried. What made this hanging different from others?
it’s a child, and he dies slowly

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