Music History 2

Beethoven’s only opera

Appassionata, Waldstien, Moonlight, Pathetique
Sonatas By Beethoven

The text of the Ode to Joy, set as the finale of Beethoven’s Symphony No 9, is by

Hydn’s Employer
Esterhousy Family

Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
Mozarts most famous serenade

Ludwig von Kochel
organized and cataloged Mozart’s musical compositions.

Farwell and London Symphonies
Symphonies of Haydn

String Quartet in C#, op. 131
Unusual. Has 7 movements

Baron Gottfried von Swieten
Introduced Mozart to the music of Bach

Requiem Mass
Mozart died while writing his

Abduction from the Seraglio
Mozarts opera with Turkish Elements

Antonio Salieri
Italian born composer, contemporary of Mozart

Oxford Symphony, No. 92
Haydn presented this for his honorary doctorate

Heiligenstadt Testament
almost suicidal letter from Beethoven to his brother admitting that time in the country had not improved his hearing and that he was going deaf

Symphony No. 9 by Beethoven
Choral Symphony (having vocal soloist and a chorus)

# 40 and Jupiter (#41) Symphonies
Mozarts Last two symphonies

Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral” by Beethoven
Composer: Ludwig Van Beethoven

The Marriage Figaro, Cosi fan tutti, and Don Giovanni
Operas by Mozart

Franz Xavier Sussmayr
Completed Mozarts Requiem

Emperor concerto
considered one of the most difficult piano pieces

Oratorios by Haydn
These works were influenced by Handel (they are Creations and the Seasons)

Diabelli Variation
33 piano variations by Beethoven

Johan Nepomuk Maelzel
Inventor of the metronome

Lord Nelson Mass
Haydn’s Mass

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