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Objectives that can be appropriate for Internet Marketing include:
Building loyal customer relationships
Web 2.0 characterised by:
Services and co-creation
Businesses have adopted the internet for marketing for the following:
Attract new customers and customer retention
One of the ways in which the Internet is changing business is:
Increasing the need for speed and agility
A phrase that describes value chains is:
A seamless end-to-end integration throughout channel of distribution.
Zara is successful in the highly competitive fashion industry is because
It is able to get what fashion consumers want into store quickly
The benefits of business integration include:
Use existing bar code technology to track products
A business model is
how a company makes money and how a non-profit achieves its revenue goals
Disintermediation is
Eliminate the middle man
The ____ manages and distributes data on the Internet
Rss feeds are
A method of syndicating content
The key function of the affiliate model is to
Provide financial incentives to partners
Objective of direct-response marketing program can include:
generating a sales lead
Among the use of CLV data to Harrah’s is
To drive programs that increase customer values and to provide a powerful way to segment markets
True statement about testing in the Internet environment are:
Testing provides information that is not ordinarily available to marketers in the mass media environment
Data mining is
Data mining can uncover previously unsuspected patterns in the data
An important use of customer lifetime value is
To determine the allocation of marketing resources to marketing programs
The ‘best customer model’ called RFM
helps marketers determine what kinds of new customers to acquire
Developing and using a customer database allowed Harrah’s to:
Develop a model of how much a customer might expect to spend
NikeID is an example of
Product customisation
Among the factors that have created:
Smart phones and the Internet
Online display advertising
It is effective in acquiring customer and making sales
____ is the concept that describes the degree of positive or negative feelings about a brand
Brand Image
Effective brand building requires
Combining interactivity and information-driven direct response marketing
Effective brand building is
Balancing offline and online media and ensuring the best possible customer experience.
The concept of a vook is
embed high quality video in a textual content
A true statement about marketers use of video
Marketers need to make the video available on whatever device the consumer desires.
Elements of video marketing strategy include
Once way to develop consumer-relevant content is to
Telling engaging stories about product use and benefits
Optimising videos for visibility require
Use relevant keywords whenever possible
Consumers are most likely to share videos that are posted on
Small business can utilize video advertising by
Creating their own video channel
Acquisition of online customers
Acquisition of customer can make use of both online and offline techniques
Internet acquisition tools include
Affiliate programs and online display ads
Best practice for developing rich media ads include
Understand who your target audience is and how its members use the web
Ad serving is necessary for most sites because
Matching the availability of ad space on sites to advertiser needs is complicated and the software required is complex and expensive
Predictive models can be used to
Target unidentified users based on behaviours
An optimised press release
Contains rich media and links to website
____ are designed to sign up other websites to sell products
Portal deals
Viral maketing
It can bring a great deal of attention when it works
The term used to describe the expressed willingness of consumers to receive further promotional material from the marketers.
The minimal acceptable standard for permission marketing is
Steps in developing an email campaign
measuring the results of a campaign
The golden Rs of email marketing is include
Which internet marketing tool would be suited for viral marketing
The following are elements for a successful email promotional email
A call to action and viral marketing options
Good tip for successful email marketing is
Make use of the subject line to increase response rate
Why direct email marketing is superior to direct mail?
Faster, higher response rate, cheaper
Best practice of email marketing is
Relevant messages
The number of people who took action on the email divided by number if emails is called the
click-through rate
The basic marketing strategies are
customer value growth and customer conversion
Essential step in the lead generation and management process include:
Follow up to convert the lead generation
Communicating channels for generating sales leads include:
Trade shows in the real world and online advertising
Inbound marketing include
Content marketing
____ is the term used to describe the process of creating customer demand beginning with awareness and continuing through customer development
Lead generation
Cost of lead generation programs
Lead generations by inbound marketing are generally less expensive
Qualifying a sale lead means
asking a standard set of questions to determine needs and budget
Which is the part of lead distribution
Passing on sales-ready leads to the sales force
The EDGAR online case history showed that
a lead scoring system can increase the number of leads correctly classified
Among the arguments for the importance of customer retention are
Its costs at least seven times as much to acquire a new customer as it does to retain an existing one
The CRM process
is driven by customer information
The components of customer lifetime value include
Growth amount spent with the enterprise
Tecos club card program relies on its success upon
Data mining and segmentation
What functions do cookies perform in targeting and personalisation process
Store data that enables the site to deliver relevant content
Among the reasons for the failure of CRM programs are
A lack of buy-in and leadership from top management
____ are a technology that broadens ability to connect with consumers
Mobile branded apps
Seamless customer experience is
Equally satisfying experience at all customer touch points
CRM success
Capturing and using customer data
Marketing evolving to become more ____ vs. ____ focused
Retention, profitability
When setting objectives for a website, marketers must be concerned about
The role of the site in overall marketing strategy
The nature of website objectives will depend on
Tasks visitors expect to perform on the site
Typical website objective include
Making sales and generating sales leads
Identifying and describing the target audience for a website
is one of marketing responsibilities in website development process
The site navigational structure
Takes into account how easy it is to move around the site
Among the website design elements that help create satisfactory customer experience are
Multiple navigation aids like breadcrumbs and different colours for followed links
Improvements to a website may include
Frequent incremental improvements and major revision and relaunch as warranted
Deploying and tuning the site
A component in the program of a multi maketer
The Staples website provides a good example of
is essentially a technical task
Website maintenance costs
Maintenance costs may be several times the size of initial development costs
Internet users frequently use search engines to
Get specific content they want
A search engine determines rank on its results pages by
Secret algorithms
____ is a set of techniques designed to make websites page rank highly on search engine page
Among the techniques that can downgrade a page rank’s on the search engine are
Flash pages and links from sites with questionable or irrelevant content
On method of measuring a paid research campaign is
Google Analytics
A flash page is not a good idea because
inhibits crawlers’s ability to index the site
Which is not a natural search factor
Ad placement
Online search marketing and advertising revenue is
Where do organic or natural search ranks appear on the search results page
To the left underneath the paid search terms
Search engines results produced by a search engines algorithm when indexing unpaid submissions is called
Organic search
Existing social networks are
used by both consumers and business people
Social media marketing campaigns are
need to be developed with a specific target market in mind
We can only call it social media marketing if
it leads to achieving business and marketing goals
All marketers should
actively consider the use of social media in their marketing programs
B2B marketers like SMM because
It helps generate high-quality sales leads
Marketing effectiveness and ease use of social platform tends to be
negatively related to one another
Small businesses find SMM
Helps generate exposure and generate sales
Inside businesses, SMM techniques can be used to
Improve engagement of employees
Top manager can more easily be persuaded of the value of social media marketing if
ROI on its expenditures can be established
Financial importance of customer service include
Businesses around the world lose millions of dollars in business each year as the result of poor customer service
____ was among the techniques Harrah’s Casinos used to improve service
Cash bonuses based on casino satisfaction scores
Market segments that are more willing to spend more if customer service is good include:
Affluent customers
Portakabin promises customers that it will
Deliver every product within 10 days
Consumers want compared to what they usually get in terms of customer service
There is a wide gap between what customer wants and what they get
Consumers expect to access firm for customer service and support issues
Contacting a telephone call center and the business by email
____ represents the final stage in the evolution of customer service practices within an enterprise
Anticipating and delivering service and support before the customer recognises they need it
____ is the most expensive of the customer services techniques
A telephone call handled by a line service rep
Consumers prefer self service when
it works properly and meets their needs
____ is not an acceptable part of a process for delivering exceptional customer service
Locating and assigning blame for the problem
Benefits of online provision of service in applications such as government agencies include
The need to invest time and resources in providing good customer care
Steps in developing a strategic customer care program include
A segmentation analysis of the customer base
____ is one web-based technology for delivering customer service
Access via mobile devices
Providing customer service in social media
Social platforms must be monitored consistency to identify problems and providing customer service in social media requires a considerable amount of employee time
____ is result of analysis and segmentation by customer value
Differentiated customer service
One tool that can be used in building anticipatory customer service program is
Customer scenarios
Providing excellent experience for customer requires
Engaged employees
Among the benefits that exceptional customer service confers on enterprise that can deliver it are
Sustainable competitive advantage

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