Modern World History – Chapter 2 Section 2

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Is a flag with three bands or blocks of different colors, esp. which is the current French national flag with equal upright bands of blue, white, and red
National Guard
Is the military reserve units controlled by each state of the United States, equipped by the federal government and subject to the call of either the federal or the state government. the day before the storming of the Bastille. Representatives from the bourgeois (Third Estate) secretly organized 48,000 soldiers to control the popular movement although these soldiers were told by their superiors to act only under the orders of the king. The National Guard was hastily adopted with the dual objective of defending the city of Paris from the military threats outside the city as well as from the dangers of revolution in the city.
Describe 2 main ideas or reforms contained in the Civil Constitution of the Clergy
stated this law confiscated the Church’s French land holdings or banned monastic vows; that had already been accomplished by earlier legislation
Tennis Court Oath
June 20, 1789 Oath taken by deputies of the Third Estate in the French Revolution. Believing that their newly formed National Assembly was to be disbanded, the deputies met at a nearby tennis court when they were locked out of their usual meeting hall at Versailles. They vowed never to separate until a written constitution was established for France. Their solidarity forced Louis XVI to order the clergy and the nobility to join with the Third Estate in the National Assembly
Describe 2 main ideas or reforms contained in Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
that all citizens were born equal and remained equal in the eyes of the law.
March on Versailles
Was in the morning of October 5, 1789, where a large group of French women came together in the central marketplace of Paris. What followed was the March to Versailles, one of the most violent episodes that occurred during the French Revolution. The March to Versailles was staged in an effort to obtain bread and force the high prices of bread down. Versailles was known as a royal paradise, reserved for the royal families and their entourages. Versailles was a symbol of the excessive luxuries available only to the king and his family. This naturally became the destination for the angry French women who merely wanted to feed themselves and their families and that’s where the woman started chanting \”Bread\”
People who flee their own country for political reasons.
Supporters of government by a monarch and in the French revelation they supported monarchy
Sans- Culottes
: Are working- class men and women who called for radical action in France during the French Revolution.
A member of the most radical club founded during the French Revolution, which overthrew the Girondists in 1793 and, led by Maximilien Robespierre (1758-94), instituted the Reign of Terror
Describe 2 main ideas or reforms contained in the Constitution of 1791
to make laws more fair for citizens and to make federal and state laws more equal.

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