Mod g unit 3

Back order
A term used for items ordered that cannot be shipped immediately usually because they are out of stock
Gross pay
The total amount earned any time by an employee before any deductions
A detailed list of items in stock or in position of an individual or business
In itemized bill for items who’s cause has not been prepaid
A written record of the proceeding of the meeting
Net pay
The actual amount of money paid directly to an employee after taxes and other deductions have been taken out
Per diem
A term used for employees who do not have a fixed schedule but are scheduled by the day according to our office needs
A guiding principle for the management of a medical office or business
List of steps to handle a certain situation or perform a certain task
Recorder point
A number on as supply inventory that indicates when a specific item should be recorded to be sure that the supply will not run out before the new order is received
Risk management
The process of assessing risk and putting policies and procedures in place to minimize it
A fixed amount of money paid on a regular basis that does not depend on the number of hours worked
Service contract
In agreement that provide service for a piece of equipment after the warranty expires
Sosa security tax FICA
A tax collected from employers to find the Social Security program which provides benefits to retired workers
A company from home supplies or equipment is purchase
A promise by the menu factor to repair or replace defective parts in an item during a specific time period
W-4 form
The form used to claim allowances for federal income tax reporting
Application software
Software designed to accomplish a specific task also called application program is software program
Back up
A duplicate copy of a program or data For references in case the original is damaged lost or destroyed
The smallest unit of computer storage Capacity
A unit of computer storage capacity usually eight bits
Computer system CPU central processing unit
All of the hardware and software components making up the computer
An electronic machine that has the ability to process the data according to our program in order to produce the desired result
Raw and organize facts about subject matter presented to computer for processing
Data processing
The changing of Rob facts or data into usable information following a three-part sequence and put processing output
A routine set of instructions accompanying in application program designed to assist the user in understanding how to operate the program
A method of composing sending receiving in story messages that are sent over the Internet
A system that protects a computer network from an authorized exes by users on it’s own network or in the other networks such as the Internet
A unit of computer storage capacity
Hard disk
A storage device consisting of one or more rigid nonflexible platters Coated with a magnetically sensitive material and encase in a permanently sealed airtight container
Printed output from a computer
The physical device is making up a computer system
Input device
Device for answering data into the computer
Noun. Data that have been entered into the computer
Verb. The transfer of data into the computer for processing
A unit of computer storage capacity
A global system of interconnected computer networks they use the Internet protocol TCP – IP to transmit it exchange data
Main computer memory
The part of the CPU that is responsible for temporarily storing information you need it is needed for processing by computer
The primary circuit board of the computer unit which allows I’ll get imputed components to communicate with one another
Medical practice management program
A program that provides instructions to the computer for performing medical practice management procedures
A unit of computer storage capacity
Micro computer
A small general-purpose computer that relies on a tiny micro processor chip to perform it’s processing functions
A group of computers that share data and resources
Operating system
A type of system software that performs tasks required by the computer to operate itself
Optical disk
A storage device consisting of us flat round portable days that stores that are using laser technology
Optical disc drive
A device installed in a drive-by on the main computer unit that uses a laser to read to go disc or write onto (burn) an optical disc
Noun. Information that has been generated by the computer
Verb. The transfer of process data back to the user
Output device
A device that transfers processed data to the user
Dot location is on a computer screen that can be lit up as needed to display images
printing speed
The number of pages per minute generated by a printer
The manipulation in reorganization of data according to the instructions in a program
A set of instructions organized in a logical step by step sequence which has the computer how to perform a specific function
RAM (Random access memory)
The main computer memory of a micro computer which is used to temporarily store items until you need it by the computer for processing
The number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device such as a computer screen
Sequential access memory
Computer memory in which all stored data must be thirds sequentially from beginning to and to locate desired information
A large computer that stores data and manages task for other computers on the network
A general term for the programs or instruction that to a computer what to do
Sound card
A circuitboard connected to the main board that converts computer audio output into electronic signals
Special keys
Keys that issue commenced to the computer to perform specific functions on the information displayed on the screen
Storage capacity
Maximum amount of information that device get home measure in bytes
Storage device
Advise there permanently stores information for later retrieval by the computer
System software
A group of programs that control or maintain that operations of a computer
A unit of computer storage
The individual using the computer
Video card
Second were connected to the main board that converts computer video output into electronic signals
Business operations may be performed at the front desk or separate area of medical office
Each examination room should have a sink in wall-mounted paper towel dispenser
Biohazard waste containers with a plastic line only need to be covered at night
The medical offices may have a display rack with informational brochures in the waiting room
Chipping or sleeping without filing may still cause workplace injuries
Good temperature for the office waiting room is 70°F to 72°F
Cleaning is done and I am the medical office by an outside cleaning company
Controlled substance should always be stored in an area with two locks into separate keys
Exit signs should be yellow with black lettering
A supply inventory is used to keep records for tax purposes
A program that consist of raw and organize facts about subject matter is entered into the computer for processing
In operating system and assist the computer in carrying out its task
The main board director step-by-step operation of all the processing functions
One gigabyte is equal to 1000 mb
The screen size of a typical desktop monitor is larger then the screen size of a laptop computer
Monitor should be placed so that the top of the monitor is about 4 inches below eye level
Grime can be removed from a computer keyboard using a can of compressed inert gas
When the computer is turned off all the information in RAM is lost
The reports system allows the user to customize a medical management program to meet the specific requirements of a medical office
Software designed to penetrate a computer or network without consent is known as computer virus
No smoking
Co-payment is due at the time of visit
Charges for return check
No eating or drinking
What are four common signs that might be found in a medical office waiting room
Tax reasons
In case of theft for damage
Making a decision about purchasing any equipment
Identify two reasons why it is important to maintaining accurate inventory of equipment
Item name
Size or description
Usual supplier
Cost of standard quantity
Recorder point
Name five types of information that should be included on a supply inventory list
Examination room should be restocked once or twice daily. General supplies in administrative areas are usually restocked weekly
What is the MAs responsibility for restocking administrative and clinical areas
Income taxes
Social security and Medicare taxes
State taxes
Identify three types of deductions that the employer must withhold from an employee paycheck
The MA may help develop schedule for office and make sure there is adequate physician coverage schedule or own staff is a race to support the physician
What is the MAs responsibility in relation to the physician and office schedule
Policy is a statement of a guiding principle. A procedure describes specific steps to perform an action or respond to a procedure
Differentiate between policy and procedure
In incident report should be filled out when it injury or unusual incident occurs that could result in legal liability
Describe when incident reports are completed and how they fit into the risk management plan of an organization
Damage due to firewater and storms
As it is that might happen from office equipment or problems with the building
Theft of office equipment or supplies
Personal injury to patient due to injury of falls
Gift for examples of damage or injury that should be covered by the medicals offices general property and or liability insurance
Coverage for a claims by patients of an intentional damage or injury that occurs during the course of diagnoses and treatment by healthcare professionals
What kind of protection is provided by professional liability insurance
Input processing output
What are the three phases including in the data processing sequence
So it can be understood by the computer
Why must data be converted into an electronic code before being processed by the computer
Produce letters and reports
What tasks are performed by the wordprocessing program included in a medical practice management program
Electronic ledger designed to perform mathematical calculations quickly
What is spreadsheet software
There are 102 bites in a kilobyte 1000 kB in a megabyte 1000 MB in a gigabyte and 1000 GB in a terabyte
How many bars are in a kilo by kilobytes in the megabytes megabytes in a gigabyte gigabyte in a terabyte
Monitor resolution is measured and what type of units
A glare filter only reduce his reflections where as a privacy filter also blacked out the image to anyone who is not right in front of the monitor
What is the difference between a glare filter and privacy filter
In audit trail is a lot that keeps track of data entry to detect irregularities
What is an audit trail
A national database can quickly match prescription to the patients entire medication history. This can identify patients to see more than one visitation for the same complaint
What is in the advantage of transmitting prescriptions electronically why is this important
Change a patients address
Change a patient’s insurance carrier and policy number
Into a demographic and insurance information for new patient
Look up a patient’s telephone number
Change a patient last name
Patient registration system
Reschedule any patients appointment
Make an appointment
Print out a patient reminder card
Print out an appointment log
Appointments system
Post a charge for an allergy injection
Post an insurance payment
Print out a patient receipt
Post a copayment may by a patient
Posting transactions system
Prepare bills for processing
Print billing statements
Patient billing system
Electronically submit insurance claims
Prepare insurance forms
Insurance billing system
Prepare and print out a practice analysis report
Reports system
Assign a user password
Insert a new insurance carrier
Answer another referring physician
Enter a new diagnosis code
File maintenance system

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