Marketing research includes all of the following except
creating data.
Political consultants have been using marketing research for decades to help their candidates understand
who makes up the voting public and how to reach them
Paul subscribes to an Internet service that alerts him whenever other firms in his industry are quoted in the media. Paul is using this type of marketing research primarily to
monitor his competitors
Every month, Dr. Combahee takes her staff to lunch and asks them to share patients’ comments and concerns. Dr. Combahee uses the lunches as an informal marketing research effort intended primarily to
help her understand the needs of her customers
Through analysis of sales data, Price-Cutters retail store found that customers who bought peanut butter also tended to buy bananas. Price-Cutters was engaged in
data mining
Walmart is known for its efficient logistical systems. Every time consumers buy something, that purchase is recorded and sent to company headquarters, where it is used to generate reorders to vendors. In addition, customers’ billions of purchases are analyzed to uncover patterns of consumers’ purchasing behavior. This is an example of
data mining.
If a firm has demographic and purchasing information about its customers, the firm can use data mining techniques to
build separate marketing programs for different demographic segments.
From charitable giving to medical records to Internet tracking, consumers are more anxious than ever about
preservation of their right to privacy.
When conducting a survey about choosing vacation destinations, Hillary will need to __________ in order to get reluctant respondents to provide honest information
assure consumers that their individual responses will be kept confidential
The marketing research process follows five steps, and researchers
may not always go through them in the exact sequence if the situation changes or new information is discovered.
The first question a marketing researcher should ask before embarking on a research study is,
Will the research be useful?
Assuming that a marketing research study will answer important questions and reduce uncertainty associated with the proposed project, a major question that needs to be addressed before starting the study is:
Is top management committed to the study?
Just as marketers create value by meeting the needs and wants of consumers, marketing researchers create value if
the results will be used in making management decisions
Benefit-cost analysis in marketing research weighs
the benefits of answering questions against the cost of the research.
Wanda and Jim are working on a research project to anticipate customer attitudes toward a proposed new-product line for their company. They have worked with the marketing manager to determine the answers that are needed, and have created a detailed design of the project. Their next logical step will be to
begin to collect data
Academic researchers often jump at the opportunity to conduct a research study, curious to learn more and address unanswered questions for the sake of general knowledge. Businesspeople tend to be more cautious before embarking on a marketing research study, recognizing that research is often
expensive and time-consuming
Marketing research begins with
defining objectives and research needs.
The manager of a company selling baby products asks you to conduct research into the question, Is life expectancy getting longer in Kuwait? The problem with this research objective is that
it is irrelevant to the baby products company.
The manager of a company selling cellular phones in rural U.S. markets asks you to conduct survey research into the question, What percentage of people in Kansas live in communities of less than 10,000 people? The problem with this research objective is that
it is already known and available from the U.S. Census Bureau.
After defining objectives and research needs, the next step in the marketing research process involves
research design
During the research design step of the marketing research process, researchers identify the type of data needed and
the type of research necessary to collect the data.
Victor’s custom auctioneering service provides online auction selling assistance. Victor plans to conduct marketing research to determine which auction site is best for his customers. His next step is to
identify the type of data he needs
Company sales invoices, census data, and trade association statistics are examples of
secondary data
Commercial research firms like Nielsen and J. D. Power and Associates are sources of
syndicated data
Jaleel is the marketing manager for moderately well-known rock band. He wants to know more about industry trends including sales by different musical styles, online downloads, and concert attendance. Jaleel will most likely use __________ to gather this type of data.
syndicated data
Once a marketing researcher is ready to move beyond preliminary insights to specific, informed questions, the researcher is ready to conduct
quantitative research
A marketing research project often begins with a review of the relevant __________ data.
Joe is reviewing secondary data his company collected about seasonal variations in consumer spending because he is thinking about developing a new product line. The advantages of using these data include
they can be quickly accessed at a relatively low cost.
Omar is responsible for marketing and marketing research for a midsized manufacturer of assemblies for the housing market. His boss has asked him to cut back expenses, especially in marketing research: “Why can’t you just use information off the Internet? There’s plenty out there.” What is Omar’s best response to try to get his boss to change his mind?
“Those are secondary data, and they may not be as timely, accurate, and relevant as what we need. Our decisions may not be as good, and we’ll run a huge risk.”
Marvin is looking for data to help him with a new marketing research study assigned to him. When reviewing existing secondary data from a past research study, Marvin should pay careful attention to
how the secondary data were collected.
After reviewing the existing data on seasonal spending by his company’s customers, Marvin decided he needed new information collected to address his research questions. Marvin will need __________ data to address the questions in his marketing research study.
A major advantage of primary data collection is
it can be tailored to meet the specific research needs.
A major disadvantage of primary data collection is
it takes more time to collect than secondary data and is more costly.
Caroline needs to find information about income and age distribution in Orange County, California. The best source of secondary research of use to Caroline is likely to be
U.S. Census data.
When the marketing research problem is not clearly defined, a researcher will likely engage in __________ research.
Recently, the number of students enrolled in the marketing program dropped while enrollment in the psychology program increased. The chair of the marketing department will probably use __________ as a first step to gain a better understanding of why enrollments are changing.
qualitative research
Quantitative research offers a means to confirm ideas through
surveys or experiments.
Bianca’s discount home furnishings store is in a strip mall. She wants to know what other businesses in the strip mall her customers visit when they come to her store. To collect information for this objective, Bianca will most likely use
Which of the following is true about quantitative research?
It confirms insights and provides a basis for taking a course of action.
The purpose of __________ is that it confirms insights and provides a basis for taking a course of action.
quantitative research
When consumers are __________, observation becomes particularly useful in understanding consumers’ preferences.
unable to articulate their experiences
When consumers are unable to articulate their experiences, __________ becomes particularly useful in understanding consumers’ preferences.
Using __________, researchers ask questions, listen to and record responses, and ask additional questions based on initial responses.
in-depth interviews
Social media monitoring, in-depth interviews, and focus groups are all __________ research methods.
Zan wants to collect considerable information about the current opinions of his 10 most important customers. Zan will probably use the __________ research method.
in-depth interview
Which of the following research methods would be best in helping a marketer understand how people feel about a product or service on an individual, detailed level?
in-depth interviews
When the detailed opinions of a few industry experts or experienced consumers are needed, __________ is(are) often the best qualitative research method.
in-depth interviews
Randall wants to do an online survey of college professors about the factors that influence their textbook selection. He would like to use a structured survey but is not sure what responses to include for each question. Randall could use __________ to help him develop his survey.
in-depth interviews
Frederica manages an upscale women’s clothing store. She wants more information about her customers’ general feelings about upcoming fall fashions. Frederica will most likely use __________ to gather this type of data.
focus group interviews
A(n) __________ is a small group of people brought together for an intensive discussion of a topic
focus group
In a focus group, researchers usually videotape the session in order to
assess both verbal and nonverbal responses.
Tyree is concerned about a competitor’s new line of outdoor barbeque grills that provide most of the same features as his products. Tyree might consider using __________ to gather qualitative information from consumers about the competitor’s offerings.
focus groups
Martin has hired a marketing research company to bring together a small group of soft drink consumers and get feedback on the three new advertising slogans his firm is considering. The marketing research firm might conduct a(n) __________ to provide the information Martin has requested.
focus group
In the infamous Coke-New Coke taste test, 54 percent of consumers, using a blind taste test, preferred the New Coke formula to the existing formulation. This is an example of a(n) __________ marketing research method.
Malcolm is the campaign manager for a congressional candidate. He wants to know how voters across his district feel about recent sexual harassment scandals involving politicians. Malcolm will most likely use __________ to gather this type of data.
When conducting a research study attempting to understand what features were most important to automobile consumers, Gary’s Research Company used a questionnaire containing __________ questions, with a predetermined set of response options.
Quincy had no idea how consumers would respond to a survey about attitudes toward a program opening up space travel to private citizens. He could use __________ to allow respondents to answer in their own words.
a survey with open-ended questions
The owner of A. C. Flora Ford Dealership wanted to know why consumers chose his company to purchase a car. He was fairly sure that most customers had one of three reasons—service, reputation, or location—but wanted to know which was revealed as the most frequent reason for purchasing. A. C. Flora will probably use a survey with __________ questions to address his research problem
Which of the following is not one of the guidelines for developing a marketing research questionnaire?
Sensitive questions should be asked first.
In questionnaire design, a question such as “When was the first time you went to a dentist?”
is a question that respondents cannot easily or accurately answer.
In questionnaire design, a question such as “Marketing is the best part of the business program, isn’t it?”
leads respondents to a particular response.
In questionnaire design, a question such as “Do you like Wendy’s hamburgers and fries?”
asks two questions at once.
In questionnaire design, a question such as “Do anti-lock braking systems reduce car accidents?”
is a question that respondents cannot easily or accurately answer.
Charles wants to survey recent customers about the quality of service they received at his small auto service dealership. He has customers’ mailing and e-mail addresses. Charles will likely use an online survey primarily because it offers
fast responses at a lower cost.
__________ research is a type of quantitative research that manipulates variables to help determine cause and effect.
Each time you go to the grocery store and have your purchases scanned while using a loyalty or bonus reward card, you are contributing to a database that can help marketers determine all of the following except
other stores where you buy similar products
Supermarkets collect information about individual customers through their use of loyalty cards, and then analyze the data to look for patterns in purchases. This is an example of
data mining
When a research team has gathered data for specific research needs, this is known as
primary data.
Which of the following statements best describes secondary data?
Secondary data are pieces of information that have been collected prior to the start of the focal research project.
Which of the following types of research would be considered quantitative research?
experimental research
Which of the following is a systematic means of collecting information from people using a questionnaire?
If a marketing researcher has to collect data under severe time constraints, which of the following types of data sources would probably be available soonest?
syndicated data
Which of the following statements is not one of the guidelines provided by the American Marketing Association for conducting marketing research?
Personal information about research participants should not be shared, except with a designated member of senior management.
The number of participants who discontinue their use of a service divided by the average number of total participants is called
Which of the following data sources would not be considered external secondary data?
a survey
Which of the following types of data would be the best choice for Wendy’s fast-food restaurants if the headquarters office wants to know how many hamburgers versus chicken sandwiches it has sold in past years?
internal secondary data
A restaurant chain is working on improving the quality of its food and service. To track its progress it recruits customers who agree to respond to customer satisfaction surveys once every three months over the next two years. What kind of data is the restaurant chain collecting?
panel data
Which of the following is an unstructured question?
“What are the most important characteristics for choosing a brand of shampoo?”
Which of the following provides the information needed to confirm insights and help managers pursue appropriate courses of action?
quantitative research
If a fast-food restaurant collected photographs of its regular customers so that it could use facial detection software to identify visitors captured by security cameras, this would be an example of using
biometric data
What is neuromarketing?
The use of EEG scanners to measure consumers’ brain waves.
McDonald’s introduced a Favorites Under 400 Calorie Menu as part of an attempt to reverse the perception that McDonald’s sells only unhealthy food. Suppose that McDonald’s, as a follow-up, collects and analyzes social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites, hoping to understand whether or not consumer perceptions are improving. This would be an example of
sentiment mining
How might a book publisher use blogs in its marketing research efforts?
as a source of reviews of its latest releases
What type of interview contains a small group of participants and a trained moderator that guides the conversation?
focus group
In what country have regulators demanded that Facebook stop collecting biometric data on its users?
Digital billboards embedded with ________ software can identify passersby and then display ads targeted to them, based on their age, gender, and attention level.
facial recognition
Mary’s Bakery is trying to determine what price to charge for its cookies, so Mary places a low price on them and raises it each week, keeping track of how many she sells. Then she determines what her cost was for the cookies and determines which price was the most profitable. What form of research was Mary conducting?
an experiment
Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and Zoomerang are examples of
online survey software
Which of the following is an example of an unstructured question?
“Why did you buy this product?”
A typical focus group has ________ members.
Nadia stood outside the mall and asked people which stores they visited and if they bought anything. If they said yes, she asked them what they bought and how they came to the decision to buy that item. What form of research was Nadia most likely conducting?
in-depth interviews
Firms that are engaged in sentiment mining are analyzing data collected from
social media sites
The term _______ refers to the enormous amount of information that firms now have access to but cannot handle using conventional data management and data mining software
big data
Mattel wanted to determine if a new toy would appeal to preschoolers, so it put six 4-year-olds in a room with several toys and waited to see which ones they played with. What form of research is this?
If a cable television company had 100 million subscribers at the end of the year, and 2 million of its subscribers left its service, it would have a churn rate of
Before deciding on a new promotional campaign, Jeffrey’s Muffins looked at its customers’ buying patterns over a 15-year period as determined by their use of a loyalty card. What method did Jeffrey’s use to make sense of the data that were available?
data mining
J. D. Power and Associates, the National Purchase Diary Panel, and Nielsen are examples of companies that provide
syndicated data
Both major political parties have developed proprietary databases that contain vast information about voters, broken down by demographic and geographic information. This kind of information is
secondary data
________ can be defined as raw numbers or other factual information that, on their own, have limited value
One of the disadvantages of secondary research is ______, while one of the disadvantages of primary research is often ________.
potential bias; cost
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