Midterms – Flashcard

passive hub
An inexpensive device that connects multiple nodes on the same network and sends the same signal to all nodes to which it is connected is a(n) ____.
False warnings about computer viruses are called virus ____.
A(n)____ attack involves sending a continuous stream of server requests that ultimately overload a server’s capacity to respond.
Infrared (IR)
A short-range transmission medium that uses light waves is ____.
Due dates count; excuses don’t.
Select the correct answer from the following concerning the due dates for quizzes and assignments.
A hardware device or software that connects two or more divergent networks and translates packets, if necessary, so that they can be read by the destination network is a ____.
operating system
A client/server network uses a network ____ to manage its resources.
physical topology
The layout in which a network’s computers, printers, and other devices are arranged is its ____.
32 bits to 128 bits
The current IP standard lengthens IP addresses from ____.
____ often exploit well-known security vulnerabilities in popular software to spread destructive programs such as viruses.
local caching
Resolving a domain name to an IP address begins with a(n) ____ server.
no party to a transaction can deny its participation
When an e-business protects its online transactions from the risk of nonrepudiation, the e-business is ensuring that ____.
all of the above
A network security audit generally involves reviewing ____.
The time, date and location for the midterm and final are made known to students at the beginning of the semester and are not negotiable.
The following statement is true regarding the the main campus visits for testing and presenting.
certification authority
Public and private encryption keys are issued to an individual or organization by a ____.
____ networks allow voice, data, and video to be delivered simultaneously using a combination of computers, telephones, and television.
As shown in the accompanying figure, ____ cable is the transmission media used by most LANs today.
Class A through Class E
A classful routing system classifies networks as ____ to maximize the number of available IP addresses for each network.
The acronym ____ describes voice transmissions over an IP network.
Virus protection ____ must be updated continually with information on recently discovered viruses.
____ involves real-time transmission of video and audio between two locations.
Shared Registration System
Private companies that register domain names are part of the ____.
digital certificate
A(n) ____ electronically authenticates an organization’s or individual’s identity.
A private network that uses a large, public network to transmit its encrypted and encapsulated data is called a(n) ____ private network.
A network that supports users in a small geographical area, such as a single office, is called a ____.
A news-oriented Web site enjoys the advantage of ____ because updates to news stories and breaking headlines can be posted to the site quickly.
long waiting times to check out online
Which of the following is not a contributor to the increase in online shopping?
____ FTP sites allow users to log on with an “anonymous” user name.
SmartFTP is an example of an FTP ____.
meal plans and shopping lists
Some commercial diet- and fitness-oriented Web sites offer members ____.
A ____ FTP site is a site anyone can log on to and download or upload files without having to enter a unique username and password.
Audio or video transmitted continuously from a Web server is called ____ media.
media player
To enjoy listening to audio or watching video transmitted over the Internet, your computer must have a sound card, speakers, and access to a ____.
Using the Internet and the Web for personal use at work is sometimes called ____ .
FTP Client
A program with a graphical user interface of menus and toolbars used to upload or download files to and from an FTP site is a(n) ____.
A common term for making a file smaller in size is ____ the file.
A television network’s Web site that is devoted to sports news is ____.
____ is software that can be downloaded and used without charge when used in the ways permitted by the software’s author.
Due dates count; excuses don’t.
The Web contains a number of online research resources such as online ____.
all of the above
Which of the following is an example of a use of peer-to-peer file sharing?
The term ____ is used to explain a virtual, online location in which e-business is conducted.
A ____ file-sharing network allows users to transfer files between their personal computers.
bill payment service
MSN Bill Pay is an example of a(n) ____.
The Boston Globe
Newspapers such as ____ also publish Web sites that contain headlines and news stories similar to that in their print versions.
Which of the following sites can empower a shopper wanting to buy a new or used car?
____ is an example of a Web site that provides investors with information on current market conditions.
____ FTP sites require a user to log on with a unique username and password.
A business that conducts transactions solely at a physical location is a ____ business.
U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
The ____ Web site provides useful information on steps to take to protect yourself and correct your credit records if you are a victim of identity theft.
E-mail ____ software helps organizations send e-mail and track success by recording the number of times an e-mail was read, how many times the recipients clicked a link in the e-mail, and so forth.
____ is/are a facility that allows two or more people to exchange text or multimedia messages in real time.
____ is an example of a social networking site focused on career networking.
A(n) ____ folder is a folder that contains incoming messages.
Deleted Items
Deleted incoming e-mail messages may be retrieved from the Windows Live Mail ____ folder until the folder is emptied manually.
Newsville is an example of a Web-based ____ host.
You can change the layout of the Message list and control which messages are displayed in the list using the commands on the ____ tab.
Eons, Bebo, and hi5 are all examples of social ____ Web sites.
All of the following are IM programs EXCEPT ____.
A contact ____ is a list of contacts to which you can refer collectively by a single name and to whom you can easily address a single e-mail.
Web-Based email service
Yahoo! Mail is an example of a ____.
The special software used to facilitate e-mail exchanges between mailing list subscribers is called ____.
A(n) ____ server, like that shown in the accompanying figure, routes e-mail across the Internet to its destination.
The products of online ____ technology companies allow businesses to collect and analyze opinions about products or services.
A subscriber is automatically accepted for a(n) ____ list as soon as his or her subscription e-mail message is received.
A ____ is a Web site whose page content can be edited, supplemented, or deleted by authorized users with access to the Internet.
____ is an example of a social bookmarking site.
The Windows Live Mail ____ folder contains copies of composed messages not yet sent.
Which of the following is a tool used to create a blog?
any of the above
A user opt-ins to an e-mail marketing list by providing his or her e-mail address during a(n) ____, usually from the company or organization’s Web site.
In the accompanying figure, the host name component of the e-mail address is ____.
A(n) ____ server provides mail management functions on the server rather than in the e-mail client.
A standard feature of any e-mail client is the ____ feature, which allows you to respond to an incoming message.
social bookmarking
____ sites allow you to tag your favorite Web pages by keyword and share your tags with others.
The smiley face, or similar symbols used in e-mail or other online communications to express feelings are called ____.
Which of the following search engines presents visual search results?
the Internal Revenue Service Web site
Which of the following search tool alternatives would be a helpful starting place when looking for income tax information?
all of the above
Which of the following online sources often provide current news headlines?
a minus sign
To exclude specific words from a search query, type NOT or use ____ before the excluded word.
social media aggregators
Search engines, such as Technorati, Digg, and Newsvine, are sometimes called ____.
A ____ is a specific word that describes the information you seek.
Search box
Internet Explorer offers search capabilities through its ____.
Invisible Web
The ____ contains resources untapped by the typical Web user, such as electronic books, product catalogs, and government records accessible by specialized search engines within the resource.
____ are useful search tools that present links to Web sites organized into easy-to-understand categories.
Fact Monster
____ is a search tool designed for children.
QuickPick menu
You can select a different search engine by clicking an icon on the ____.
A search ____, or question, defines the information you seek.
Meta tag keywords
____ are descriptive keywords coded into a Web page’s HTML that are readable by a Web crawler.
After you enter a search query, you can press the ____ key or click the Search button to open the search results page in the current tab.
formulate the search query
After you select the most appropriate search tool to use, the next step is to ____.
A ____ is a Web page item that appears in a search results list.
Which of the following metasearch engines uses visual search results and animated links?
The more ____ used in a query, the more focused the search results will be.
stop words
Examples of ____ include what, where, is, the, of, in, and how.
all of the above
The advanced search form of some search tools allows you to search ____.
depth of coverage
To examine a Web page’s scope and quality, first determine whether the ____ and the level of detail is appropriate.
The first step in determining the quality of the content on a Web page or at a Web site is to examine the page’s or site’s ____.
As shown in the accompanying figure, many search engines also present ____ listings on a search results page.
The browser feature, which can be customized by adding shortcuts, is the ____ bar.
A ____ is a small, potentially damaging computer program that can infect a computer without its user’s knowledge.
A ____ on a home computer connected to the Internet might be set to block certain outgoing communications from a specific software application or operating system utility.
A Web user can usually find ____ at a general-interest portal site.
The Web site for an e-business includes a home page with links to ____.
A doorway to a wide range of Web-based content and services is called a ____.
none of the above
A number that contains four numeric groups separated by periods is the computer’s ____.
____ are used to control Web sites that can track your content on the Internet.
Add Web Slices or Feeds
You can click the ____ button on the Command bar to subscribe to frequently changing Web-based content.
____ are add-ons to Internet Explorer that allow you to access Web content or take some action based on selected Web page text.
alt + ENTER
You can press the ____ key(s) after you type a URL to open a Web page in a new tab.
____ sites to the taskbar enables you to create an icon on the taskbar that you can click to open a site in Internet Explorer.
home page
The primary page at a Web site is called its ____.
Clicking the ____ button returns to the page you viewed immediately before the current page.
Which of the following domain names entered from the browser’s Address box will load the Shelly Cashman Series Student Resources Web Site home page?
static IP address
A ____ seldom changes.
Information ____ refers to the right of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of personal information.
RSS Feeds
You can subscribe to ____ to keep up with news headlines and other dynamic Web content.
search tool
Many commercial Web sites provide a ____ visitors can use to find specific information at the site.
IP address
A unique number that identifies each computer on the Internet is its ____.
The ____ list contains a list of links for Web sites and pages visited in the past few weeks.
An example of a portal that provides a wide range of topics is ____.
A ____ is a computer application that makes requests to use the resources on another computer.
Web slices
The ____ feature allows you to quickly preview frequently updated Web page content, such as weather reports or sports scores.
IP addresses
A domain name is a text alias for one or more ____.
The first computer network was ____.
the Web
A subset of the Internet that supports documents that combine pictures, sound, and animation with text is ____.
digital subscriber line
A(n) ____ uses sophisticated technology to condense digital data and then send it at high speeds over standard telephone wires.
A ____ is an online diary.
Wi-Fi card
To connect to a wireless access point in a hotspot, a notebook computer must have a(n) ____ (or other wireless connectivity technology), installed.
A(n) ____ is a security system that uses hardware or software to protect a computer from intruders.
All of the above
____ is an important consideration when choosing an ISP.
A standard or set of rules that computer network devices follow when transmitting and receiving data is called a ____.
____ is a protocol that allows users to log on to and access a remote computer.
A global network of computers connected together to share information and other resources is the ____.
Gopher, developed at the University of Minnesota
The early hierarchical directory-based system used to make available information across the Internet is ____.
instant message
Brief messages exchanged between two or more users is a(n) ____.
An example of a ____ activity is when a collector purchases a collectible item from another individual through an online auction Web site.
The document system that allows users to click on a word to jump to another location is called ____.
A ____ is a computer that has a direct connection to the Internet.
A network computer used to store files is called a ____.
Web authoring software
Adobe Dreamweaver is an example of ____.
____ switching involves separating data from a sending computer into small units and then sending the small units to the destination computer where they are reassembled.
A ____ is a software program used to view Web pages.
An example of a ____ activity is when a customer goes online to check airfare and purchase tickets at an airline’s Web site.
A ____ is a specific geographic location in which a wireless access point provides public Internet access.
Libraries, schools, business, and other organizations typically connect their computers into a(n) ____ area network.
The communication standard or protocol that allows Internet users to download or upload files is ____.
Tim Berners-Lee
The computer programmer that developed the first browser, Web addressing system, and standard or rules for transmitting hyperlinked pages is ____.
To use a dial-up Internet connection, a computer must have a(n) ____, similar to the accompanying figure, to convert the computer’s digital signals to a form that can be sent over telephone lines.
1960s and 1970s
Electronic business activities actually originated in the ____.
Shopping cart
____ software tracks items for purchase and handles the checkout process at an online store.
payment gateway
A(n) ____ verifies, authorizes, and processes secure credit card transactions.
One famous real-world example of the power of the network effect to spur the growth of an individual e-business is ____.
A unique e-business success factor that explains the growing value of the Internet and the overall growth of e-business is the ____ effect.
An e-business that sells products and services directly to individual consumers is following the ____ e-business model.
payment gateway service
For a monthly fee, a(n) ____ connects an online store with card processors, card issuers, and its merchant account.
The ____ e-business generates revenue by earning booking fees and commissions on accepted offers.
electronic funds transfer (EFT)
The system that allows money to be transferred between banks electronically is the ____.
trading partners
Participants in an EDI exchange are called ____.
A ____ e-business lets a buyer name his or her own price for a product or service.
The process that redefines a market by eliminating traditional intermediaries is called ____.
____ software, sometimes called e-commerce software, is used to build and maintain the Web pages and underlying databases for an online store.
In a ____ hosting arrangement, multiple e-businesses use a single Web server owned by a hosting company.
Orbitz Worldwide
____ is involved in e-business reintermediation.
A(n) ____ is a private network that uses Internet technologies to connect a business with its suppliers and business partners.
Hosted storefront software
____ is built around easy-to-use templates.
AdminiTrack and Salesforce.com are examples of ____.
Williams-Sonoma, The Container Store, and JCPenney are all examples of a ____ business.
all of the above
An e-business following the B2C e-business model can generate revenues by ____.
____ is a manual process that allows a viewer to manage Web page content by selecting viewing preferences or by updating and maintaining an online personal profile.
____ technologies are fostering a revolution in the way businesses interact with their suppliers.
A company that operates online uses an e-business ____ that defines how the e-business generates revenues.

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