Medical Terminology Midterm

Question Answer
What does S in SOAP stand for? Subjective, patients personal observation and family history
What does O stand for in SOAP? Objective, laboratory findings and imaging studies preformed.
What does A in SOAP stand for? Assessment, diagnose, identify a problem, or a list of possibilities.
What does P in SOAP stand for? Plan, course of action, treatment with medicine or a procedure.
Dorsal The back
Bilateral Both sides
Unilateral One side
Supine lying on back
Prone lying down on belly
Ipsilateral some side
Contralateral opposite side
Sagittal divides the body in slices right to left
coronal divides body in slices from front to back
Transverse divides the body from top to bottom
BID twice daily
TID three times daily
QID four times daily
QD daily
QHS night
AC before meals
PC after meals
prn as needed
What languages is medical terminology made up of? Greek and Latin
When do you use a combining vowel? to join a root to any suffix beginning with a consonant
What are three words that make up fat? adip lip and steat

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