Medical Terminology Chapter 9

The hard, fibrous, outer layer of the meninges
What is Dura Mater?
What does the T in TBI stand for?
Cerebral Angiography
What is the invasive procedure in which a radiopaque dye is injected into the blood vessels?
Paralysis or paresis on one side of the face
What is bell palsy characterized by?
What word has a suffix meaning covering?
What word becomes plural when an S is added?
Oculomotor Nerve
What is the cranial nerve that moves the eye?
Feeling or sensation
What does the root/combing form of of anesthesia?
Epidermal Hematoma
What is a collection of blood outside of the Dura Mater called?
Folic Acid
What should a pregnant mother take to prevent congenital neurologic abnormalities?
Multiple Sclerosis
What condition is a result from demylenization?
The disease is chronic, progressive, and irreversible
What beat describes a patient with Alzheimer disease?
What is

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the body’s natural pain reliever?
What does the root word of spondylosis
Arachnoid Mater
What word has an element meaning cobweb or spider?
A blood clot in the cerebral artery that originates elsewhere in the body and causes a stroke is called _____________
What Greek word refers to involuntary, irregular, spasms of limb and facial muscles?
Huntington disease
What is a hereditary condition which starts with mild personality changes and progresses to involuntary, jerky, irregular movements and muscle weakness with dementia?
What is the abbreviation of a selective mechanism that protects the brain from toxins and infects
What word means pertaining to within the subarachnoid or subdural space?
Sulcus; Sulci
What word is a groove on the surface of the cerebral hemisphere is a ________ and it’s plural is _________
Grand Mal Seizure
What is a synonym for a toxic-clinic seizure?
What disease are prions linked to?
Plexus; Plexuses
The word for a web-like network of joined nerves is a ____________ and it’s plural is ___________
What is a chronic brain disorder caused by paroxysmal excessive neuronal discharges?
Reye Syndrome
What is the encephalopathy and liver damage in children linked to aspirin use following an acute viral illness?
What term means pertaining to the brain and spinal cord is called a
What is a tumor covering the brain and spinal cord called?
What word means slow, writhing, involuntary movement?
What does the prefix in the word intervertebral means?
What is the root/combining form in the word astrocyte mean?
What are acetylcholine, serotonin, and dopamine examples of?
Blood vessels
What does the root/combining form in the word microangiopathy mean?
The IQ of an individual cannot be predicted by the size of the brain
What is true about the anatomy of the brain?
Lyme Disease
What is a disease transmitted by the bite of an infected deer tick?
What are abnormal sensations such as tingling, burning, and prickling called?
What is a diagnostic test that records the electrical activity in a muscle?
Above the Dura Mater
Where is the epidural space located?
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