What article of Navy Regulations reguard to engaging a trade or business?
Article 1112

Conduct of naval personnel is explained in what article of the USN Regulations?
Article 1110

Article 1160 of Navy Regulations pertains to what type of property?

Who prescirbes the circumstances under which alcoholic liquors may be used onboard naval installations?
Commanding Officer

on the committee who was the individual who believed in having a strong navy?
John Adams

with reference to Article 1159 of Navy Regs, which publications specifically describes dangerous weapons?
Local Directives

Which Article of UCMJ covers the illegal use of drugs?

How many articles pertaining to Navy Rules and Regulations were approved by congress in November 1775?

Fraternization is explained in what article of the USN Regulations?

On 13 October 1775 continental congress voted to form a legislative committee to oversee naval matters. How many swift vessels were outfitted?

What is the principal regulatory documentof the Dept of the Navy?
United stated Navy Regulations

Sexual harrassment for naval personnel is explained in what article of the United States Navy Regulations?

Who is responsible for making sure there are no unauthorized people are on board before proceeding out to sea?
commanding officer

what officers do not have to necessarily be addresseed by their grade?
Dental officers

who exercises control over passage in and protracted visits to aircraft and ships of the navy?
Chief of naval operations

Which general regulation is not considered pertinent to the Master at Arms?
Security Manual

Which publication provides guidance in performing dutiesof an MA?

Who is authorized to sign request for the issue of alcohol onboard ships?
Department Head

Who is responsible for publishing the plan of the day?
Commanding Officer

Who authorizes the temporary removal of publicationsfrom a naval unit?
Cognizant officer

Desired qualities of officers and petty officers are described in what article of the Navy Regulations?

The power of a court-martial to try a service member is constrained to what article of the Constitution?

When if ever may enlisted personnel have civilian clothing in their possession aboard ship?
When authorized by the CO

When if ever may civilians be tried under military jurisdiction?

Which source details investigative jurisdiction?
Manual for Court Martials

Title 18 of United States Code generally defines what type of crimes?
Major Felonies

What article of the Constitution makes the president the commander in chief of the armed forces?

What authory established the magistrate and disctrict courts?
Federal Statutes

The basic principle to be observed by any force in a country other than its own is found in what article of the NATO Staus of Forces Agreement?
Article II

An accused has no right of counsel at which time?
At an Article 15 hearing

What two words are the keys to understanding UCMJ Article 31?
Compulsion and self incriminating

The right of an accused in a criminal case to be informed of the nature of the accusation against him is covered under what admendment of the constitution?

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