Marketing Chapter 4 Immersion Core

Consumer behavior
the actions a person takes in purchasing and using products and services including mentl and social processes that come before and after purchase
Purchasing decision process
1. problem recognition, 2. Information Search, 3. Alternative Evaluation, 4. purchasing decision, 5. postpurchase behavior
9 people
How many people a dissatisfied customer will tell
3 people
how many people a satisfied customer will tell
High Involvement purchases
The item to be purchased is expensive, can have serious personal consequences, or can reflect on ones social image (Jeans and Butts)
consideration set
the brands a consumer considers buying out of the set of brands in a product class of which the consumer is aware
Marketing strategy of a Low involvement product
Maintaining product quality, avoiding stockouts, repetitive advertising methods
Marketing strategy of a high involvement product
Plying information to advertisements and utilizing comparative advertising
Situational Influences
1. purchase task, 2. social surroundings, 3. physical surroundings, 4. temporal effects (time of day or time available), 5. antecedent states (Customers mood or amount of cash on hand)
Cognitive dissonance
Post-purchase anxiety
The energizing force that stimulates behavior to satisfy a need
Psychological Influences on Consumer behavior
Concepts such as motivation and personality, perception, learning, values and beliefs and attitudes, and lifestyles are useful in interpreting buying process
a person’s consistent behaviors or responses to recurring situations
Subliminal Messaging
a person is being advertised to without knowing it.
The process of selecting, organizing and interpreting information to create a meaningful picture to the world
Selective perception
You are more likely to “see” an advertisement for McDonald’s when you are hungry
Selective comprehension
interpreting information so that it is consistent with your attitudes and beliefs. Toro and the Snow Pup
Perceived risk
representing the anxiety felt because the consumer can not anticipate the outcomes of a purchase but believes there may be negative consequences
Obtaining seals of approval, securing endorsements from influential people, providing free trials of the product, giving extensive user instructions, and providing warranties and guarantees…
are all examples of strategies to reduce perceived risk
Brand Loyalty
favorable attitude toward and consistent purchasing of a brand over time
analysis of consumer lifestyle
VALS Frame work
Innovators, Thinkers, Achievers, Experiencers, Believers, Strivers, Makers, Survivors
Attitude change approaches
changing beliefs about the extent to which a brand has certain attributes, changing the precieved importance of attributes, Adding new attributes to the product
Personal Influence
aspects include opinion leaders and word of mouth activity
Word of mouth activity
Most powerful and authentic form of information for consumers. BZZAgency employs people to do this job
Reference groups
people to whom an individual looks as a basis for self-appraisal or as a source or personal standards
Associative group
One to which a person actually belongs to. May be more inclined to buy a product based on what is said there
Brand Community
HOG owners are an example of this kind of group. Same with Corvette owners
Aspiration group
a group that a person wishes to be a member of or wishes to be identified with. Sports team or professional society
Dissociative group
is one that a person wish is to maintain distance from because of differences in values or behavior. Ambercrombie and Fitch paid Jersey Shore not to wear their clothes
Consumer socialization
the process by which people acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to function as consumers
Family Decision Making
five roles of this process include: info gatherer, influencer, decision maker, purchaser, user
Hispanic Buying Patterns
1. Quality and brand conscious, 2. prefer American made goods that cater to Hispanic needs, 3. preferences influenced by family and peers, 4. advertising is a credible source of info, 5. Convenience is not an important trait.
The main challenges is the diversity and language barrier
African American Buyers
Removing economic position, there are more similarities than differences in Caucasian and black buyers. Women spend more on make up,
Asian Americans Petterns
Fastest growing in the US. The most diverse culture in the lot of the US. Companies will have 8 or 9 different types of product to fit the need of different parts of asia. It is the most hard working, strong family ties, appreciation for education, and median family incomes exceed those of any group.

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