Marketing 311. 1 practice exam today

Near the end of the model year, Move-Them-Out automobile dealership had an unusually high inventory level. The manager increased her advertising spending and gave extra incentives to its salespeople. Move-Them-Out operates as if it were in the __________ era.
marketing mix
Traditionally, marketing activities have been divided into product, price, place, and promotion. Select the term that best describes the four Ps.
communicating value
Which marketing activity is most directly served by the promotion element of the marketing mix?
customer benefits with costs, offerings.
Marketers involved in value-oriented marketing are constantly balancing
Value-driven firms constantly measure the __________ that customers perceive, compared to the prices of their offerings.
supply chain management
Marketing channel management is also known as
Marketing channel management is related to which of the four Ps
Jeff is going to sell sporting apparel, which he has already purchased from manufacturers, and has signed a deal agreeing to the volume he will sell monthly. He has researched his competition, talked to some customers, and decided on prices he will charge. Jeff has also developed a plan for promoting his business. Based on this description, which element of the marketing mix does Jeff still need to work on?
value-based marketing
During the __________ era, manufacturers and retailers recognized they needed to give their customers greater value than their competitors did.
Auction sites like eBay have increased opportunities for __________ marketing.
Which element of the marketing mix is most relevant to the activity “delivering value”?
__ is communication by a marketer that informs, persuades, or reminds potential customers about a product.
making product decisions
Brian is struggling with the choice of publishing his new book, How to Cook Polish Barbeque, as an e-book or a paperback. Brian is addressing which core marketing aspect?
providing benefits to customers and keeping costs down
in delivering value, marketing firms attempt to find the most desirable balance between

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