M: Marketing–Chapter 19 (Personal Selling and Sales Management)

personal selling
the two-way flow of communication between a buyer and a seller that is designed to influence the buyer’s purchase decision
relationship selling
a sales philosophy and process that emphasizes a commitment to maintaining the relationship over the long term and investing in opportunities that are mutually beneficial to all parties
a list of potential customers
the process of assessing the potential of sales leads
trade shows
major events attended by buyers who choose to be exposed to products and services offered by potential suppliers in an industry
cold calls
a method of prospecting in which salespeople telephone or go to see potential customers without appointments
a method of prospecting in which salespeople telephone potential customers
in the personal selling process, occurs prior to meeting the customer for the first time and extends the qualification of leads procedure; in this step, the salesperson conducts additional research and develops plans for meeting with the customer
role playing
a good technique for practicing the sales presentation prior to meeting with a customer; the salespeople acts out a stimulated buying situation while a colleague or manager acts as the buyer
closing the sale
obtaining a commitment from the customer to make a purchase
sales management
involves the planning, direction, and control or personal selling activities, including recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, compensating, and evaluating, as they apply to the sales force
company sales force
comprised of people who are employees of the selling company and are engaged in the selling process
independent agents
salespeople who sell a manufacturer’s products on an extended contract basis but are not employees of the manufacturer; also known as manufacturer’s representatives or reps
order getter
a salesperson whose primary responsibilities are identifying potential customers and engaging those customers in discussions to attempt to make a sale
order taker
a salesperson whose primary responsibility is to process routine orders or reorders or rebuys for products
sales support personnel
employees who enhance and help with a firm’s overall selling effort, such as by responding to the customer’s technical questions or facilitating repairs
selling terms
combinations of sales specialists whose primary duties are order getting, order taking, or sales support but who work together to service important accounts
compensation in the form of a fixed sum of money paid at regular intervals
compensation or financial incentive for salespeople based on a fixed percentage of their sales
a payment made at management’s discretion when the salesperson attains certain goals; usually given only periodically, such as at the end of the year
sales contest
a short-term incentive designed to elicit a specific response from the sales force
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