Limelight By Alcone Compensation Plan

20% Beauty Guide – In – Training or Base Commission
You will earn a Beauty Guide -In – Training commission of 20% on your first $1000 of personal retail value (PRV). There after you will receive a 20% base commission on all your PRV, in addition to whatever rate of Commission you earn.
Fast Start Incentives
LimeLight by Alcone wants to help you get a strong start by offering you special incentives for early achievement. You can earn one-time Fast Start rewards worth hundreds of dollars in the form of free products, marketing materials and even cash by meeting certain performance benchmarks in your first 100 days. And, to make sure you have your Enroller’s full support, we’ll also give her or him a 100% match on the cash and marketing materials portions of your Fast Start bonuses!
Up to 15% Enhanced Commission
As an Activated Beauty Guide, you can earn up to 15% additional commission, based on your total volume of personal sales for the month.
5% BV Direct Enroller Bonus
when you, as an Active Beauty Guide, personally enroll another Beauty Guide, you will receive a 5% BV Enroller Bonus on that Beauty Guide’s personal sales, for as long as you remain Active. This personally enrolled Beauty Guide is called your Enrollee 1 or “E1.”
2% BV Certified Mentor Bonus
With optional certification training, you can qualify to earn an additional 2% BV Certified Mentor Bonus on all the members of your personal group who are “coded” to you as their original Certified Mentor.
Four Levels of 3% BV Leadership Bonus
When you sponsor someone, they are on your “Level 1” (even if someone above you enrolled them and “placed” them under you) and you will receive a 3% “L1” Bonus on their personal sales. When they sponsor someone, that person becomes your Level 2 and, as you advance in rank, you will be eligible to earn 3% BV Bonuses on your 2nd, 3rd & 4th Levels.
2% BV Leader Generation Bonus
As a Lead Director (LD), you will qualify to receive the 2% BV “Leader Generation Bonus” on your personal sales volume and that of your entire Personal Group or downline.
Three Generations of 3%
BV Executive Bonuses: As a Lead Director (LD), when someone in your downline becomes a LD, they begin their own Leader Generation and your 2% bonus is replaced by a 3% BV 1st Generation LD Bonus on the sales of that person’s entire downline. When someone in their downline becomes an LD, that person and their entire group becomes your 2nd Generation. You can earn 3% BV on sales made by all the Beauty Guides in up to three Generations.
Car/Lifestyle Bonus
When you become a Lead Director, you will begin receiving a monthly “Car/Lifestyle Bonus” that you can use for any visible enhancement to your quality of life, such as a luxury car, a bigger home, etc. This “Car/Lifestyle Bonus” can be as much as $1,000 per month on top of all the other commissions and bonuses set forth in this plan
Earn While You Learn
As soon as your application has been accepted by the Company, you will be designated as a Beauty Guide-in Training, immediately eligible to earn a 20% retail commission on your first $1,000 PRV (your “Activation Sales”). Upon accumulating your first $1,000 in customer PRV, you will be promoted to an “Activated” Beauty Guide and be eligible for Enhanced Commissions, making it possible for you to earn up to 35% on your own retail sales.The easiest and fastest way to meet the requirements for becoming an official Beauty Guide is to hold your “Grand Opening Beauty Show.” This will get you started booking other Beauty Show events and sponsoring others into your business so you can receive bonuses on their sales. Your “Grand Opening Beauty Show” can be compared to the grand opening of any new business. It is a special event where you may host your friends, relatives and others who will want to support your new business. While this event is similar to a standard Beauty Show, it is your own grand opening with full support from your Sponsor and the Company. You will also be able to accumulate Host rewards when you host your own “Grand Opening Beauty Show.
Get a Fast Start
LimeLight by Alcone knows that the chances for your success will be greatly improved if you start strong in your business. To demonstrate our commitment to you and to provide a special incentive for your early achievement, we will provide you with substantial Fast Start rewards in the form of product credits and cash when you reach specific, very achievable performance goals in your first 100 days. Details of the Company’s current Fast Start Rewards program can be found in The Green Room section of your personal LimeLight by Alcone website. To encourage your Enroller’s full support, we’ll give her or him a 100% match on your Fast Start marketing materials and cash bonuses. Of course, when you enroll others on your Team, you will also have the opportunity to earn the same match on their Fast Start bonuses!
Enhanced commission example
During your first month as a Beauty Guide-in-Training, you conduct Beauty Shows that generate $1,500 in retail sales. You would earn a Base Commission of 20% ($200) on your first $1,000 and an Enhanced Commission of 25% ($125) on the additional $500 in sales (see Table 1), earning you a total of $325. When you create more sales that same month you will continue to increase your commissions on sales made beyond your one-time $1,000 Activation requirement.
The Shine on Program
LimeLight by Alcone knows there is an essential beauty inside every woman just waiting to be expressed. We are committed to making professional grade cosmetics, natural skin care and makeup expertise available to everyone so your customers can experience the ultimate expression of their personal beauty right from their own home, or wherever they are!The LimeLight by Alcone Shine On Program (SO) was designed for your retail customers who want to enhance their beauty through the ongoing use of LimeLight by Alcone cosmetics and skin care. This plan provides for an uninterrupted monthly selection of the unique LimeLight by Alcone products of their choice to be automatically shipped to your SO customer and billed against a credit or debit card. There are no hassles with placing monthly orders. Note: There is no contract required for this convenience. If they wish to change their order or discontinue their product shipment they may do so at any time, simply by contacting the company at least 10 days prior to scheduled autoship date.
How Do You Benefit as the Enrolling Beauty Guide?
When you enroll SO Program members, you will continue to receive your full 20% SRP retail commission on regularly priced products, just as if they had purchased their product at a Beauty Show. Plus, like any other sale, you can earn up to an additional 15% Enhanced Commission on their actual purchases, based on your monthly volume. NOTE: Adjusted commissions or bonuses may apply for discounted prices and no commissions or bonuses will be paid on free products.At LimeLight by Alcone, we want you to enjoy the business stability and profitability that can only come from the magic of Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). We want you to know that when you introduce new people to the wonderful world of LimeLight by Alcone’s professional grade cosmetic and skin care products, we are committed to supporting and developing those customers for your long-term benefit. We will always do our best to make you and your business look good by professionally servicing their orders, courteously answering any questions they may have, and consistently offering them new opportunities to enjoy LimeLight by Alcone’s expansive range of products.
Helping Your Enrollees Get Started
When you enroll a new Beauty Guide, you have a responsibility to support that person in launching her new business. It’s important to help your new enrollees become “Activated” Beauty Guides by achieving their first $1,000 PRV in customer sales quickly. Generally, the best way to do this is help them schedule, plan, and conduct their “Grand Opening Beauty Show” within two weeks. Attend whenever possible to support them in creating retail customers and Shine On Program members, booking other Beauty Show events, and sponsoring others into their business to start building their team and become eligible for team bonuses. While they are accumulating their first $1,000 in retail sales volume, Beauty Guides-In-Training are eligible to earn the Base 20% Commission on those sales.While your enrollee is a “Beauty Guide In Training” you as their trainer, may count their Activation sales volume for the month (up to their first $1000 PRV) toward your PRV for the month to determine your Enhanced Commission value (EPRV). This EPRV can qualify you for Enhanced Commissions on the PRV of your own orders, plus give you the opportunity to earn the 5%, 10% or 15% Enhanced Commission on the first $1000 PRV of your Beauty Guide in Training
Earning off your team
You do have to be Active ($300 PRV) to earn Enhanced Commissions and have a Paid as Rank of at least Beauty Guide. Also, EPRV does not count towards any rank advancement, any other commission, TGRV or your monthly activation volume.
Enhanced Commission benchmarks for PRV and EPRV
$500 to $1999 PRV or EPRV – 5%$2000 to $3999 PRV or EPRV – 10%$4000 or more PRV or EPRV – 15%
Enhanced Commission benchmarks can also be met through GRV (Group Retail Value) but EPRV does not count towards these volumes (see Table 1).Note: The examples above describes ONLY the “Enhanced Commissions” portion of this Compensation Plan and does not consider any additional benefits you may receive through matching Fast Start Bonuses or as a result of increased group volume.
The Role of a Certified Mentor
A Certified Mentor is a Beauty Guide who has reached the rank of Star Beauty Guide and completed the optional Mentor Certification Program. A Certified Mentor (CM) is responsible for providing training, coaching, and encouragement to the Beauty Guides coded to her. Your CM may be your personal Enroller or someone in your upline genealogy.When you reach the rank of Star Beauty Guide, you will have the opportunity to become a Certified Mentor for your team. Once you are certified, you will receive a special 2% BV CM Bonus on the sales of everyone who joins your team from then on, until someone else in your team becomes a CM. And, even when that happens, everyone in their team who joined prior to their certification will remain “coded” to you, meaning you were their original CM. Only the original CM for any Beauty Guide may receive the 2% CM Bonus.As a CM, you will share the responsibility for the support of each Beauty Guide on your team with that Beauty Guide’s enroller and sponsor. The larger you build your team, the more significant your CM Bonus can be. To continue earning the CM Bonus, you must be a Paid As Star Beauty Guide or higher rank. If you drop below the rank status of Paid As Star Beauty Guide in any month, you will be ineligible to receive the CM Bonus until you regain that rank.
To be considered “Active” in a particular month, a Beauty Guide must achieve personal sales volume (including Beauty Show sales, Shine On member sales and any products purchased for that Beauty Guide’s personal use) of at least $300 PRV in that calendar month.
Bonus Value (BV)
A Bonus Value is assigned to each product sold by each Beauty Guide for the purpose of calculating the appropriate revenue share based on the rules of the Compensation Plan. Each LimeLight by Alcone product carries an assigned “Bonus Value” (BV) that is usually 70% of SRP. However, occasionally a low margin product may be assigned a BV that is less than wholesale price so it can be supported by the Career and Compensation Plan. Unless otherwise specifically noted, BV is 70% of suggested retail price
“Paid As” and Rank Maintenance
Each Beauty Guide must meet personal sales requirements to be considered “Active” each month. In addition, a Beauty Guide who has been promoted to a specific “rank” in the Career and Compensation Plan may also need to meet certain rank-specific maintenance requirements every month in order to be “Paid As” their earned rank for that month. If a Beauty Guide fails to meet the maintenance requirements for his or her rank in a particular month, they will be Paid As the rank for which they have qualified during that month.
Vacation Program
LimeLight by Alcone recognizes that a Beauty Guide who is working hard to build her business will sometimes need a vacation to re-energize. This is healthy and beneficial, and LimeLight by Alcone encourages its Beauty Guides to plan for some time off periodically to enjoy the fruits of their labors. LimeLight by Alcone has provided for this by creating a “Vacation Month,” in which these qualifications may be waived, if certain conditions are met.As long as you have been Active for at least four consecutive months and qualified to be “Paid As” your highest earned rank for the two months prior to your vacation request, you will qualify for a one time (per year) benefit of a Vacation Month. This means that you will be “Paid As” your highest rank based on the previous two months for all Enroller Bonuses and downline level and generation bonuses as well as for your rank appropriate Car/Lifestyle Bonus.
Total Group Retail Value (TGRV)
This is the total retail sales volume created by you and all your downline Beauty Guides through unlimited depth combined to determine your Total Group Retail Value. This TGRV is used to calculate various forms of qualification for earning new rank promotions and rank maintenance in the Career and Compensation Plan. It is sometimes subject to the 40% Rule. (See Glossary for definitions).
Wholesale Price
All LimeLight by Alcone products have a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) and may be purchased by Beauty Guides at a “Wholesale” price that is 20% less than the SRP. This difference between the SRP and the Wholesale price may either be taken as a discount or received as a rebate, depending on how the funds are received by the company, and is called a commission.
Enroller Bonus
When you enroll a new Beauty Guide, as the qualified Enroller, you will receive a special 5% BV Enroller Bonus on any direct Enrollee’s Personal BV as long as you are personally “Active.” Note:The Enroller Bonus is for direct Enrollees only and is not subject to Compression (see definition of “Compression” in the Glossary).
The Enroller and Sponsor Relationships
As an additional means for you to help others in your downline sales organization succeed and thereby help yourself, LimeLight by Alcone tracks two different types of relationships among its Beauty Guides known as: the “Enroller relationship” and the “Sponsor relationship.”
An Enroller
is an existing Beauty Guide of any rank that first explains the LimeLight by Alconebusiness opportunity to a potential new Beauty Guide, and subsequently helps them to enroll as a Beauty Guide. LimeLight by Alcone recognizes an “Enroller relationship” between these two Beauty Guides and maintains it accordingly
A Sponsor
is a Beauty Guide of any rank who is immediately upline in an organization from a new or existing Beauty Guide, and is generally responsible for the day-to-day coaching, encouragement, and assistance of the Beauty Guides immediately below them. The Enroller and the Sponsor of a new Beauty Guide is usually the same person, though they do not have to be
Placement Option (Star Beauty Guides or Higher Rank Only)
Upon meeting the qualifications for the rank of Star Beauty Guide, a Beauty Guide has the option of placing a new personal Enrollee under another Beauty Guide when this is appropriate for accelerated team building. We then recognize a “Placement Sponsor relationship” based on the sponsor position between these two Beauty Guides. This gives you the ability, as a Star Beauty Guide or above, to strategically build your business to achieve the maximum benefit from the talents, experience and capabilities of every member of your team. When you qualify as a Star Beauty Guide, we will train you how to use this important feature.
Star Beauty Guide Training
After qualifying for the rank of Lead Beauty Guide, you may immediately begin qualifications for the rank of Star Beauty Guide. The Company has developed a special Star Beauty Guide Training Program, which provides the knowledge and tools to grow your business through enhanced team building. You must complete this training before being recognized as a Star Beauty Guide. This will now provide you with the option of placing a personally enrolled Beauty Guide under another member of your organization who you feel may be a good trainer and Sponsor.
Level Bonuses are earned by and paid to Beauty Guides that are Active and bonus qualified at various ranks in the Compensation Plan. When a Beauty Guide fails to meet the minimum Active requirement for earning bonuses at his or her titled position, we will search down each line of your team until we find a Beauty Guide who is Active, no matter how far downline we have to look. That Active Beauty Guide’s Personal Bonus Value for the Level plan will then be “Compressed” to include all the volume that may have been generated by all non-Active Beauty Guides in between to create the next level until the payout requirements of this Compensation Plan have been satisfied with Active Beauty Guide levels. The term “Compression” is used to describe the temporary condition that occurs when a Beauty Guide fails to meet their Active maintenance requirement for a particular pay period. Compression does not apply to the Enroller Bonus.
Beauty Guide in Training
The beginning position in the LimeLight by Alcone Compensation Plan is Beauty Guide-in-Training. You become a Beauty Guide-in-Training when you:Qualifications1. Agree to LimeLight by Alcone Terms and Conditions on the website and receive notification from the company that your application has been accepted;2. Purchase the Beauty Guide Basic Starter Kit
Beauty Guide
You will automatically advance to the rank of Activated Beauty Guide when you:Qualifications and Monthly Maintenance1. Generate $1,000 in PRV over any period of time; and2. Maintain a minimum personal sales volume (including your Beauty Show sales, your PC Club member sales and any products you purchase for your personal use) of $300 PRV each month to be considered Active for that month
Lead Guide
You will achieve the title of Lead Beauty Guide when you:Qualifications and Monthly Maintenance1. Are personally active;2. Maintain at least two Active Beauty Guide Lines; and3. Maintain $2,500 in TGRV.
Star Beauty Guide
You achieve the title of Star Beauty Guide when you:Qualifications and Monthly Maintenance1. Are personally active;2. Maintain at three Active Beauty Guide Lines, including one Lead Beauty Guide Line (or above);3. Complete Star Beauty Guide Training; and4. Maintain $5,000 in TGRV.
Director: You achieve the title of Director when you
Qualifications and Monthly Maintenance1. Are personally active;2. Maintain four Active Beauty Guide Lines, including one Lead Beauty Guide Line (or above) and one Star Beauty Guide Line (or above); and3. Maintain $10,000 in TGRV.
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