HOSA VP Speech

First part
Hello, my name is Claudio, and I’m running for Vice President. For those who don’t know me I am an outspoken young man who can’t decide whether I’m running for Vice President to prove to Trump that Mexicans can do good or that I just want to help out in the field I feel so passionately about.
Second part
Jokes aside, I hope to one day go into the medical profession in order to help others, especially those who come from impoverished backgrounds or who are fleeing from their country in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families. I want to care for others, to make their day brighter and impact people for the better.
Third part
That’s what I love about HOSA, we all have the common goal to help and improve the world through medicine. This year I have become more actively involved in our HOSA chapter and the health science academy in general. This year I competed in the area competition for HOSA and it was such a rewarding experience, making me want to continue to grow and nourish the club and get all members actively involved. I am also a current CNA student, an experience that has taught me the selflessness and dedication that I will need for this position.
Fourth part
I want to be Vice President in order to further spread the message of the club: the message that exemplifies a highly prioritized organization that gives opportunities, highlights and grows the talent and leadership that each one of us has and ultimately translate it into the health science field and our community. I want to get more involved in the club and make sure that all its members reach their highest potential in order to be better equipped for the medical field. I am ready for the job, I am compassionate about healthcare through my personal experiences of seeing the immigrant population suffer due to lack of medical care. I am ready and willing to listen to all the needs of the club’s members.
Sixth part
I will make sure that we are able to increase participation in the leadership conferences with more resources in order to ensure more competitors making it to state and nationals. I will also increase our presence in the community, encouraging and setting up volunteering opportunities that could include visiting the nursing home or helping at camps for children with diabetes as well as helping the local immigrants and the homeless. I will improve this club for the better of all involved. Thank you for you time and don’t forget to vote Claudio Ordonez for HOSA Vice President.
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