Decision making, communicating and controlling are key functions of a
The three management skill areas are
conceptual, interpersonal, and technical
Looking at the past and using that information to predict the future is known as
Great leaders
are motivated and grow into their roles
_______ is the set of moral principle and values that people use to answer question about right and wrong
Leaders possess a mental and physical intensity that causes them to be assertive by showing
control, assuming responsibility
Efficiency and effectiveness are most important for
management to have good results
Managers with ________ skills have the ability to communicate with a wide range of employees.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an example of what specific type of leadership?
Which of the following is NOT a distinction of management?
create opportunities
Long range strategic goals are determined by
top management
One of the first questions a leader asks is usually
“what needs to be done?”
Setting standards and comparing actual performance to the standard is known as
Some of the important characteristics for good leadership are
ntegrity, judgment, and dependability
The three management skill areas are
conceptual, interpersonal, and technical
Which of the following is NOT an identifiable practice common to leaders?
creating a model
Some important leadership skills in the hospitality work area are
honor, integrity, and sense of humor
The difference between leadership and management is that
managers coordinate efforts
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