History 1101 American Colonies

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1. What obstacles at the beginning did Jamestown face for its survival?
➢ What saved the settlement?
(British was poor)
-supply from Britain was expensive
– create first World’s Cooperation (Virginia Company)2)Found Death!
Three causes:
a.) Diseases (malaria & yellow fever)
-ate food given by Indians (corn)
– settlers were gentleman and craftsmen ( no farmers were among the immigrants)
-ate bark, snake, rats, leather, cannibalism
-supply ships came but takes a long time to arrive
c.) Indians (Palitan Indians in Chesapeake Bay)
– Area of most powerful military alliance of 30 Indian tribes
-outnumbered 14,000 indians vs 104 white men
– Indian surprise attack immigrants, 1/3 Virginia settlers killed

What Saved Jamestown:
Tobacco – high demand, taxed on, growing boom
-agricultural output
-first contact between Indian and European
-turned Virginia into money making colony

2. What lessons did the British learn from the Jamestown experiment?
➢ What reforms did they subsequently enact?
➢ What long-term impact did they have on American society?
A) Lessons Learned:
1)No instant wealth, no easy money2)Colonies could be profitable through agriculture, over longer stretch of time (ex:tobacco)

3)large permanent population needed to stay(need people to grow colony)

B) Reforms:
1) Free-land (biggest appeal) wealth is in the land 20% own land, 80% are property and landless- 102 acres given to anyone who can pay their way over (2nd chance in life)

2)First Legislature in New World (colonies chose their own gov.)
-1st government was Virginia House of Burgesses
-Landowners/property owners can vote and serve in these legislature

C) Long term impacts/consequences:
1) Equality(giving out free land- no one is born better than anyone- economic equality)

2)Democracy (all colonies can choose their own legislature – where people choose their own gov) – easier to govern

3)Ethnic & Religious Diversity (because of immigration)

3. Identify one distinctive feature of Maryland colony.
founded by English Catholics
4. What were four distinctive features of the Quaker religion?
➢ What were five distinctive features of the Quaker colony of Pennsylvania?
Quaker Religion:
-Do not believe in Original Sin (everyone was born bad)
– everyone at the core is good, have faith in human nature-people able to better themselves2)Freewill
– Do not believe in Pre-Destination (everything is already planned by God, already decided if you are going to heaven or hell before you were born)
-Everyone has a choice to go to heaven and do the right thing

3)Egalitarian (Equality)
-equality between people in eyes of God
-gave religious rights to women
– 1st religion to support anti-slavery

4) Pacifists
-Do not believe in war
– Friendlier relation with Indians (bought land from, instead of violently stealing)

5 features of Quaker colony:
1) Religious freedom(1 of 2 colonies founded on this principle)
– religious minority can workshop freely without fear of being persecuted, jailed, or killed

2)Pure Democracy
-only state where you don’t have to own property to vote or participate in politics

3) 1st Abolitionist (anti-slavery organization)

4)Farmland – most people made living by farmland

5)Most Ethnically & Religiously diverse of all colonies
– attract religious minority
-civil freedom
-open minded = good for business

5. What distinguished Georgia’s beginnings from the other American colonies?
➢ Ultimately, what type of colony did it become?
– start off as Social Improvement Experiment for England’s poor (2nd chance)
-belief in value of individual people (people are poor because they are unlucky, not because they’re lazy)
-2nd chance to the poor,gave tools and land to the poor, to show they can improve their livesExperiment failed!
-Colonial times depend on rice
-19th C. depend on cotton plantation
-Then depend on African slaves for labor force-plantation economy

a) A loyal colony to Britain, no self gov., Freemen were given right to vote and people elected an assembly(unless you were Roman Catholics). governor appointed by the king.

6. Identify four characteristics of Puritan religion.
➢ Identify four distinctive features of the Massachusetts Bay colony
4 characteristics of Puritan religion:
1) believe in Original Sin
2) believe in Pre-destination
3)Biblical Literalist – every word of the Bible is true
4) Believe in salvation by Convergian of Experience4 distinctive feature of Mass:

1)Stable Family structure
– greatest gender balance (1 women with 1 men)
-live longer (invented the \”grandfather\” generations, big families)

2) Stable Communities
-New England Township
-look out for each other
-majority can vote and serve in gov.
-most political experience in self gov.
-legally require to care for widows, orphans, mentally ill, and those who can’t take care of themselves (its law)

3)Class Structure
-greater economic equality than other colonies
-settled by middle class (limited acres of land are guaranteed to everyone)

-everyone need to read the Bible
– highest literacy rate in world
-1st public schools (tax supported elementary)
-1st colleges (Harvard)
-built 1st printing press in New World ( publishing the most books)
-Female literacy = Male literacy

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