History 101 – Chapter 7

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in the late six century C.E., the economy of Arabia
became much more commercially sophisticated as a result of the wars between Byzantium and Persia changing trade routes
one result of the campaigns of the Belisarius in North Africa and Italy was
the weakening of Constantinople against the Sassanids
Pope Gregory I
significantly advanced Benedictine monasticism as the major monastic movement in the west
Byzantine monasteries were deeply involved in the iconoclastic controversy because:
they were the major producers of icons, so they supported the use of imagines in the faith
one difference between Islam and Christianity is that
Islam has no sacraments or priests
Underlying the Carolingian renaissance was the basic conviction about
classical learning was the foundation on which christian wisdom reseted
as a result of the iconoclastic controversy
political legitimacy was fundamentally linked to the defense of religious matters
prior to Muhammad beginning to teach his prophecy and his new faith the Arabs
has the concept of Allah as one of several gods
why did the romans of italy and north africa resent Justinian’s effort to \”liberate\” them?
they were heavy costs in taxes and lives
an important figure who founded several Merovingian monasteries was
the armies of Abu-Bakr were able to expand Islam northward out of Arabia largely because of?
the weakness of Byzantine and Persian armies because of their wars against each other
Charlemagne was able to contain the Umayyad power in Europe by
maintaining diplomatic and trade relations with its rival with Abbasid Caliphate
local lords and chieftains often granted monasteries special privileges
because monasteries often played a key role in economic development and prosperity
why were so many coverts (monastic houses for women) founded during the seventh century C.E.?
converts met a variety of social and spiritual needs for aristocratic families
many of the local populations in Byzantium and Persia
viewed the Arab armies as deliverers
the stability of Byzantine government was the product of
an efficient bureaucracy
why did Justinian try to reconquer the Western Roman Empire?
he sought to revive and construct wholly the old empire
it is difficult to date the beginning of the Byzantine history with precision because
the Byzantine empire was the uninterrupted successor of the Roman Empire
the Byzantine economy in the early middle ages was
highly regulate, including wage and price control
as a christian king responsible for ruling a Christian society, Charlemagne
took responsibility for reforming the religious life of his kingdom just as he reformed its government
a pandemic broke out in 541-42 which has come to known as
the Justinian plague
in 800, Charlemagne
accepted the crown and title of Holy Roman Empire
the people took advantage of the weakness of Italy due to Justinian’s policies reconquest were the
the Carolingian empire collapsed during the ninth century
because of the division of the empire among all the legitimate heirs of Louis and the Frankish aristocracy’s dissatisfaction with the fractured central authority
the early byzantine religion was known for its
intense interest in matters of doctrine and orthodoxy.

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