HCA 303 Midterm

which of the following is NOT a contemporary leadership model?
situational approach
In which leadership domain would the competencies motivating and negotiation be placed?
Self-development and self-understanding
Which is a new trend for health care governance?
Manage Change
Which is a guideline for healthcare leaders when being responsible to their organization as per the ACHE Code of Ethics?
Ensure a safe workplace environment
Which is NOT a type of leader/follower that is needed to produce an interdependent leadership system?
Which statement is NOT true about the “Great Man” theory?
Behavior is an important component in determining what makes a good leader
Maslow’s needs-based theory of motivation includes the following types of needs:
Safety and physiological
Esteem needs focus on:
none of these are correct
Locke’s motivation theory is based on which of the following needs?
None of these are correct
Which of the following is an example of a non-direct care setting?
Employment of medical and health services managers is expected to change by what percent between 2012 and 2022?
Plus 12 percent
The internal domain of health care management includes which of the following?
The external domain of health care management includes which of the following?
patient satisfaction
What is the relationship of organizational mission, values, and vision?
None of these are correct
This function refers to the setting of reporting and responsibility relationships within a manager’s unit:
This function refers to acquiring and retaining human resources:
Which of the following competencies is more leadership oriented than management oriented?
The two-factor theory was developed by:
The need for affilation is characteristic of which theory of motivation:
McClelland’s Acquired needs theory
The following are all examples of intrinsic theories of motivation EXCEPT:
Skinner’s reinforcement theory
Scientific management involves all of the following EXCEPT:
Assessing performance effectiveness
The purpose of studying organization behavior is to:
improve the management of people in the workplace
Organizational behavior draws upon the fields of
psychology, strategy, and communication
Work behaviors can be studied at these three levels in an organization:
group, organizational, and individual
Which of the following statements best describes how organizational behavior applies to health care organizations?
the nature of health care work makes certain organizational behavior issues more prominent in health care
which of the following is an important organizational behavior issue for health care managers?
Professional autonomy of pysicians
Which of the following is not a major challenge for health care managers today?
labor surpluses
Which of the following statements about cognition is NOT true?
emotional states have little influence on how we think
What is the role of the manager in the strategic planning process?
All of these are correct
Why is it important to develop multiple scenarios for the futurecast
to consider the most likely scenarios since a future cast deals with a variety of predictions
Why is the development of tactical plans important?
Tactical Plans answer to who, what, when, where, and how questions of strategy implemention
Which of the following is not a potential barrier to successful execution of a strategic plan?
All of these are potential barriers
Ideally, who should provide input in the development of the strategic plan?
All of these are correct
True or False? Organizational dashboard metrics should include a baseline, target, and timeframe
True or False? Information on an organizations core capabilities is relatively easy to obtain
Marketing can be defined as:
All of these are correct
Marketing in health care has lagged other industries because:
some physicians believe that it is inappropriate or even unethical; consumers have imperfect knowledge about costs of services, so this constrains consumer decision-making; and the characteristics of all buyers and sellers are not the same
The marketing strategy and plan for any health care organization is derived from:
All of these are correct
A hospital marketing manager can segment the market by:
all of these are correct
Which is an example of business to business marketing?
Marketing EKG equipment to physician practices
In wisely selecting a target market, positive attributes should include:
identifiable, divisible, accessible, with enough revenue potential
Direct to consumer advertising:
Is defined as marketing directly to the end user of health care products and services
The institute of medicine publication entitled “To Err is Human” reported that between ______ and _____ people die each year from medical errors.
44,000 ; 98,000
The definition of quality provided by the institute of medicine is the most widely accepted definition of health care quality. Which of the following are NOT parts of the definition?
They should provide value consistent with the cost structure of health care organization
Avedis Donabedian defined health care quality as having which of the following components?
The ethical principles that govern the conduct of affairs in general and the health care enterprise in particular
The term “effectiveness of clinical care” can be addressed with which of the following questions?
Are the right things done?
The “failure to provide a service whose benefit is greater than its risk” is the definition of which of the following terms?
A “health service that has risks that outweigh its benfits” is the definition of which of the following items?
“The right service is provided badly and an avoidable complication reduces the benefit the patient receives” is the definition of which of the following terms?
Software applications in health care have traditionally been used to manage:
Business operations
Two of the more costly resources that health care has developed software to manage include _______ and ________.
labor and supplies
Software unnecessary in the health care setting due to its business goals includes:
none of these are correct
The delivery of health care lends itself to automation because it
includes many repetitive workflows
Computer systems were not used initially by clinicians because early systems:
took more time to sue and were cumbersome to use
Reports by what organization brought to the american public that issues and or opportunities in safer care through the use of computers?
The institute of medicine (IOM)
By definition, which of the following is true about Electronic medical records (EMR)?
considered a legal record

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