Great Depression

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The reason why the Women were upset after the war is because the y were only given some of the rights that the men had. Plus the women were working g so hard, taking men’s jobs so that the production keeps going, and they were still treat De like they weren’t people Veterans They thought that they would come back and have a job and all the gifts that the government would give them like the money that they were supposed get but didn’t. Lulus they came back hoping that they would still have their jobs that they left to go to the war but they didn’t and if you were and younger man you couldn’t find woo k because they still didn’t have their education yet. Workers the workers were upset because they were getting laid off, because t hey were working in the factories that would be making the supplies for the soldiers an d when the war ended they didn’t need the supplies any more so they didn’t need the woo reeks any more. )The two ways that the economy changed in Canada is that right after the WA everything was going good and a lot of were making money and could afford to buy the technology that was be invented (cars, radios, fridges, microwaves).

Once the tock markets crashed everyone that didn’t take their money out in time was in sere us debt and they most likely lost everything (house, car) and went on a downward spin AAA) A day of rioting and violence which ended the Winnipeg Generously as tardy B)Prohibition C)Ted Rogers E)Statute of Winchester F)Relief G)On to Ottawa trek H)Buying on credit I)Bluenose’s J)Mary pickoffs K)Bootlegging L)riding the rails M)Buying on margin N)flapper O)Stock/share P)Back Tuesday Q)Lionel Comanche R)Modem T S)foster Hewitt T)Group of seven U)Charleston V)Bennett Buggy ) The advances in technology really made the 1 ass’s really boom because everyone had the money to buy the new technology like cars, radios, etc, but when it hit the sass’s no one had the money to maintain the technology so the eye transformed them so they could use them like the Bennett buggy. 7) The aboriginals did not benefit from the 1 ass’s because The children were jus taken from their parents and stuck in the schools where they had to get rid of their aboriginal background or they would be punished, plus they would be assaulted, sexually, physically, and mentally.

The aboriginals would also not g t any of the same rights as everyone else and they would be shoved into small little reserves. 8) The “Persons Case” is when the famous five asked parliament if women were considered “persons” under the law. Women wanted to be appointed to the 9) The Prime Minister during the 1 ass’s was? Mackenzie King Jar. Who won the election of the 1 930? Richard Bennett. Who won the 1 935 election ? Mackenzie King Jar; 10) In the sass’s and the sass’s it showed that Canada was becoming more independent because in the sass’s it showed that Canada can thrive without t he help Of other countries. In the 1 jess it showed that can have its ups and DOD but it helped Canada because they could learn from our mistakes so that won ‘t happen again. 1 )The four causes that the great depression is that the stock market crashed and everyone lost all their money and houses, second the drought came and the farmers couldn’t grow anything and the dirt flew all over the already grown car ops and the locust came in and ate all of the crops and third the banking system crashed and no one had money and forth over production which resulted in the factories losing money which meant that a lot of people lost their jobs. 2)The prairies were worse off in the 1 ass’s because of the drought none oft farmers (so pretty much everyone) could grow any crops and when the dust came over the crops the locust came in and started to eat all of the old crops and a lot of the materials that was useful. Party Name Party Policies Party Leader Communists party They urged the Canadians fight back against the Tim Buck government, to try and take over businesses Social Credit Berthas plan was to take over the banks that way they could give everyone $25 a month.

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