Government Corruption and the Separation of Church Essay Example
Government Corruption and the Separation of Church Essay Example

Government Corruption and the Separation of Church Essay Example

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  • Published: January 14, 2022
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Separation of the church as well as the state has been part of the United States cultural and legal nomenclature since the early 1800s. Politicians, educators, judges, and even the religious leaders have embraced state and church separation as central to state-church connections as well as a cornerstone of United States democracy. Government and religion are certainly very different things that are instituted to meet different ends, the design of one being the promotion of an individual temporal happiness and the design of the other one being the procurement of Gods favor, thus the salvation of individual’s souls. Whereas these are kept apart and distinct, the welfare and peace of the community are preserved, and the ends of religion and government are answered. By mixing them together, animosities, feuds as well as persecutions have been raised, w


hich have disgraced human nature and deluged the world in blood.

Government Corruption and the separation of Church and State is a social problem which is plaguing our society and needs to be addressed by all countries around the world in their constitutions. The United States Constitution is the form of government for the Americans, but the power is the virtue of its citizens, and the attribute that is desired is shown in the Bible. The problem is troubling millions of individuals in America and they desperately need an honest as well as the responsive government that is capable of eliminating outside forces. Without individuals of the United States upholding good moral conduct, society shortly degenerates into a corrupt scheme where individuals abuse the authority of the government to attain whatever they need at the expense of other people. Mos

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of the government around the world has consistently been bought by corporations, lobby groups and as well as unions it enables them understand, shape as well as track the development of regulation and legislation.

Financial, as well as in-kind hand-outs to campaigns and parties given by these corporations instead should have been used to support a country’s development and a political process. When both sets of activities are undertaken with transparency and integrity by these groups, corporations, along with unions can be legitimate and active force, however, the extensive contributions at their disposal and the close relationship that exist between them and the lawmakers can lead to unfair influence in the countries politics and policies. Tight regulation of as well as enhanced transparency helps to balance the interests of corporations, lobby groups unions, political parties and politicians. Corruption historically was not seen as one of the major crisis all over the world, in the last twenty years, important studies have shown a full impact of corruption has on the society.

It devastates both the political system and the economy of a country. Combating corruption is lengthy though an achievable process. The church has for some quite of time tried to tackle misery and poverty while evangelizing. Frustration overwhelms the church when people around the world suffer. They lift their hands to heaven and cry out for justice those individuals suffering due to corruption in their governments. However, it is now time for serious reflection on the church position concerning corruption as well as its effects on global evangelism. The church must now make a focused stand upon corruption.

Individuals need an honest and responsive government that is capable

of eliminating outside influences that affect the decisions of our elected officials. Individuals have seen that most of the elected officials raise money from fundraisers, and huge corporations make most of the contributions, for instance, Chase and Well Fargo billionaires like the Kotch Brothers. Unjustly, tilting the scales of justice in their favor and practically saying they will fund politicians so that they can get elected if they help them out. This kind of behavior needs to be outlawed. By doing so, making it illegal to be connected with third parties and taking bribes directly or else indirectly is punishable by fines and incarceration to all parties that may be involved in corruption instances. Also, by placing term limits to elected officials in Congress, our citizens speak of the issues, yet individuals do not act or else do not call out their elected officials.

The response of the government is at times restricted or else limited due to the influences of the church, and when an individual’s of faith is elected, a majority of them feel that any progressive movement or anything that is not okay in the bible is not allowed, and therefore no individuals should have it. Religion and beliefs tend to dictate their thoughts and moves and at times use the biblical teachings to validate their positions. Individuals nowadays still think that LGBT people are not born that way, but blame their environment for their conversion to homosexuality. The influences cause a lot of clash among the conservatives and liberals and can have Congress in a standstill. The United States ought to be leading the way in progress but not falling behind Mexico,

Canada as well as our friends over the Atlantic in the European Union.

Religion influences not only individuals but reaches globally. Conservative countries like Yemen and Iraq punish homosexuality through the capital punishment. These countries suppress women rights, and females are usually seen as property. This stereotype and biases which ought to be done away with and know that women are capable and are also up to the challenge and ought not to be treated differently and sometimes unintentionally keep qualified and competent individuals who may help out the society in jobs or positions of power in one way or another. Stereotyping and biases ought to be stopped in all ways or else reduced because of the bad influence it has on teenagers and kids and is cruel and additionally easy to make a habit. The perceived biases and stereotypes that are brought to the forefront of the women in these countries can get them do worse at things that they can be better. Stereotyping and biases create various dissimilar problems on the society and without it individuals can learn a lot of truths around the globe instead of just believing on others people thoughts. The first type of heterosexual bias is found in the federal legislation like DOMA as well as policy initiatives like fatherhood programs and healthy marriage promotion that were promoted by former President George W Bush.

Progress for the LGBT society was held back significantly in the 90s when Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act which defines marriage among opposite sex and denies Federal Recognition of same-sex marriages and benefits. But in the year 2008, a measure called Prop 8 came

before voters to block same-sex marriages and the financier of the measure was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter –Day Saints. This took 7years to overturn prop8 and 20yeras to find that DOMA was unconstitutional. Most of the young generation have more progressive outlook and are coming for equality. Rather it is same sex marriage, women rights, health care. Over 50% of the millennial are considered liberal. The same generation is unaffiliated with religion; our social order depends on how well the community can control individual’s behavior.
Sexuality is controlled by the society values and norms. Society grants the legal familial obligations and kinship only through the heterosexual community. Additionally, society defines the norms of sexuality as well as families that do not fit the society’s ideal.

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