Frankenstein Study Guide Questions

North Pole
Where is the narrator going?

Visit a place seldom walked upon by other people
Why has he chosen to make this voyage?

Conducting a voyage just like the ones he read about
Of what does the narrator dream?

To make it to the North Pole
What is his goal?

joins whale fishers, voluntarily endures hunger, fatigue, cold, and studies mathematics, medicine, science
How has the narrator, Robert Walton, prepared for his adventure?

Reads book about these types of adventures
What gives him the idea for his new adventure?

Communicate feelings and endure pain along with him
Why does Walton want a friend?

Someone who is gentle, courageous, and shares similar passions of him
How does he define a friend?

Someone who enjoys love and adventure
Walton says he is a “romantic.” What is a romantic person like?

What time of the year is the start of his voyage?

dogsled driven by a shape like a person
Describe the strange thing seen by Walton and crew

Foreign accent but seemed to be European
Describe the man later brought on the ship

“Before I come aboard your vessel, will you have the kindness to inform me whither you are bound.”
What does the man ask before coming aboard the ship?

Find out if his destination is where the ship is headed. Perhaps has the boat drop him off
Why do you suppose he asks this; what does he want to do?

Man is generally melancholy and despairing
How does Walton feel about the man?

A dark gloom set over the man and he started to cry
How does the man react to Walton’s dream or goal?

His history
What story is the stranger going to tell Walton?

Feels that Walton and him are both madmen and feel the same way
Why is he going to share this with Walton?

The man brought on the ship
Who do you suppose will be the narrator of Chapter One?

Father is highly respected. Caroline is the daughter of a friend who died. They love each other and their child
What are Frankenstein’s parents like? How do they feel about the family

Daughter of a Milanese nobleman who’s mother died at birth. Long golden hair with blue eyes. Family adopts her
Who is Elizabeth? How does she some to join the family?

Everybody loves Elizabeth and Victor also loves her
How do the people react to Elizabeth?How does Victor feel about her?

Elizabeth is calmer with a concentrated disposition. Victor is more aggressive. Victor is a curious person
How are Victor and Elizabeth different? What kind of person is Victor?

Son of a merchant in Geneva. Loves enterprise, hardship, and even danger. More outgoing than Victor.
Who is Henry Clerval? What is he like? How is he different?

She has a happy and excites soul which enlightens Victor and Henry
How does Elizabeth affect Henry and Victor?

Penetrate the secrets of nature. Create a being
At his early age, what does Victor say is his passion and what is the eventual goal of his passion?

Wants to banish disease and render man invulnerable to anything but a violent death
What does Victor want to accomplish in life?

Wants to find out the secure foundation that science is based upon, Destiny he claims is what keeps him from continuing his studies
Why does Victor return to the study of mathematics? What prevents him from continuing his studies?

yellow skin, yellow eyes, black hair, white teeth
Describe the appearance of the creature

He feels breathless horror and disgust
How does Frankenstein feel about the creation?

He runs to his bedroom and tries to sleep
What does he do when creature comes to life?

He dodges the hand and runs away
What does Frankenstein do when the creature reaches out to him?

Needs someone to help him understand what is happening
What is the creature’s reason for reaching out to Frankenstein?

when Mr. Waldman praised him
What does Victor find very tormenting?

Natural science
What does Victor study now?

Henry is very happy and tries to amuse Victor in any way possible
Describe Henry’s mood at the end of this chapter.

William Frankenstein is murdered
What tragedy happens to the Frankenstein family?

Feels very upset
How does Victor feel as he nears home?

He sees the monster that he created
What does Victor feel in the midst of the thunderstorm?

People would think that he was insane and criticize him. no way to capture monster
Why does Victor remain silent about the creature?

Justine Mortiz has been accused of the crime because she had a picture that was in William’s pocket when murdered
Who has been accused of the murder and for what reason?

Extreme horror of story would be overlooked and thought of impossible
Why doesn’t Victor tell about his creation to clear Justine’s name?

Feels that the deaths of two people was his fault. Justine was sustained by innocence. GUILT
Why does Victor think the tortures of the accused Justine not equal his own tortures?

Her speech did not help Justine’s case
Why does Elizabeth’s speech in court hurt Justine?

Yes because he inadvertently caused the death of two people. Should be accused of manslaughter
Do you think Victor is as guilty as he feels? Of what do you think that he is guilty of?

Unable to sleep and slipped into a deep, dark, deathlike solitude
What happens to Victor after Justine is put to death?

Feels that it is unnecessary and that since they are survivors and are living now, they should not grief too intensely
What is his father’s opinion of Victor’s “immoderate grief?”

How the remaining family members wold not be able to carry on without him
What keeps Victor from killing himself?

She was sad and despondent and she was not as happy as she used to be
What effect have these events had on Elizabeth?

He needs a break from his current life and needs some fresh air
What makes Victor go to Charmounix?

His feelings and body has changed but the mountains and the scenery have not changes
Explain”I was a wreck, but naught had changes in those savage and enduring scenes.”

The desolation reminds him of his problems all over again
As Victor climbs the mountains, what effect do they have on him?

He believes that the rain is the least of his problems
Why does Victor climb Montanvent in spite of the rain

Rage and hatred
What are Victor’s feelings as his creation approaches him?

“Devil, do you dare approach me?”
What is the first thing that he says to the creature?

Describe the expression on the creature’s face.

He expected this reception and explains how bad his life is
How does the creature respond to Victor?

He threatens to kill his friends and family
How does the creature threaten Victor?

He says that it is horrible
What does the monster say about his present position?

He felt that he had spoken his part and his heart was full. He remotely pitied the creature
For what reason does Victor follow and listen to the creature’s story?

He describes them as getting used to life. His eyes and his brain had to adjust
How does the creature describe his first day of life?

The creature ran out of food. He is afraid of the unknown
Why does the creature decide to travel and why is this such a difficult decision for him?

The creature is beaten and pelted with rocks and stones until he runs away into a hovel
What happens to the creature when he enters a village? Where does he end up?

The cottagers entice and interest him?
How does the creature feel about the cottagers?

He had never experienced those emotions before so he turns and runs
At first, how does he react to the expression of emotions he observes them displaying?

He is afriad that they will pelt him with rocks and stones again
Although the creature wants to join these people, why does he chose not to?

H hops wood for them and clears a pathway from the snow
How does the creature show kindness and understanding to this family?

Learning words and names that are commonly used. Shows his eagerness to learn
What does the creature spend his winter doing and what does this reveal about him?

He likes to help people and learn about their cultures. Gives him kindness and consideration
What does the creature say that he discovers about himself? What feelings does this discovery engender?

Join them
In regard to the family, what does the creature plan to do?

happy and at peace
How is he feeling at that point

Impressed by the cottagers and admired their virtues
Overall, what is the creatures reaction to the cottagers?

Complete awe. Both are united by no link to any other being. Adam is in a different state of mood
What is the creatures reaction to Milton’s poem Paradise Lost? According to the creature, how is he like and different from Adam?

Learns every step that was took to create him. Explains a description of the creature
What does the creature learn from the papers that he finds in Victor’s pocket?

Hopes to join cottagers and to set up an interview
For what does the creature hope, and what plans does he make to achieve this hope?

The man was fine with him and only asked him to tell his tale
How does the old man react to the creature?

Agatha fainted, Safie fled, and Felix started to beat him with a stick
What happens when the other cottagers return?

horrible and dejected
How does the creature feel?

less severe and allow De Lacey to get used to him
What does he wish that he had done?

Return to the cottage and speak to De Lacey again
What is his next plan?

The cottagers move out of the house in fear of the monster. The creature burns down the cottage
What happens to the cottagers? What is the creature’s reaction to this?

Victor was born in Geneva. REVENGE
Why does the creature decide to go to Geneva?

Nice to Evil
How have these horrible circumstances affected the creature?

Season turned to winter
What happens that makes the creature feel even more bitter?

He was the son of his arch enemy. He was delighted and happy
Why does the creature kill William? How does the creature feel afterwards?

He puts it in Justine’s dress
How does the creature do with the portrait he takes from William

Make a female monster
What does the creature say that Frankenstein must do

Why does the creature say that he is malicious(mean)

Yes because all of society hates him and wishes him dead
Do you think that these feelings are justified and/or understandable?

Have someone to speak to at all times and shares his grief
Why does the creature think that he will be happy with a female creature like himself?

No because even though she might make him a little happier, their lives would still be miserable
Do you agree with him?

appalled and shocked
Describe Victor Frankenstein’s reaction to the monster’s request.

He reluctantly agrees
What does he decide?

Yes because if someone threatens my family, I would oblige as well
Do you agree with his decision?

What are Frankenstein’s feelings as he returns home?

He wants to be at peace with the monster first
Why doesn’t Victor want to marry Elizabeth right away?

To talk to other Philosophers. Victor enjoys the companionship
Why does Victor decide to go to England? How does he feel about Henry coming along?

Victor is guilty and unhappy while Henry is happy and excited
Contrast Henry and Victor

voyage consisted of Henry being excited and loving nature while Victor was unhappy and sulking
Describe Henry and Victor’s journey. What is Henry’s feelings about the Rhine

He sees the beauty in nature
How is Henry a romantic

He speaks highly of him and how Henry is always making Victor feel better
In what fashion does Victor talk about Henry at the end of the chapter?

He was mainly occupied with finding the info he needed and nothing else
Describe Victor’s feelings as he travels through England

to finish his work
Why does Victor decide to go to Scotland?

on an island in Scotland in a hut
Describe the place that he picks to work

horrible and irksome
How does he feel about his labors

She did not vow, might hate each other, she could cause more destruction, mini monsters?
Give four reasons why Victor changed his mind

Yes because two monsters can cause more destruction than one monster.The down side is that his family may be killed
Do you agree with his reasoning? Do you see anything wrong in his decision?

He hates it and thinks of all of the horrible outcomes
What opinion does Victor have of his creation?

Do you agree with this assessment of the creature?

Tears the newest creation in front of the creature
What does Victor do at this point and who observes him?

What is your reaction to the creature’s speech?

a little
Do you agree with him at all?

Do you think Victor has treated him fairly?

At his wedding night
When does the creature say that he will get revenge?

protect his family
Why does Victor leave Scotland?

packs up instruments
What does Victor do before he leaves?

Wishes he could forget past
Why does he feel this is an odious but necessary task?

Victor accused of murder
What happens next

Robert Walton
original narrator

Margaret Seville

Alphonse Frankenstein

Caroline(Beaufort) Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein
man who creates the monster

Elizabeth Frankenstein
Adopted cousin that soon becomes Victor’s wife

Ernest Frankenstein
one of Victor’s brothers

William Frankenstein
Victor’s second brother. Killed by the creature

M. Krempe
Teacher at Ingolstadt that criticizes Victor

M. Waldman
Teacher at Ingolstadt that promotes Victor

M. De Lacey, Felix De Lacey, Agatha De Lacey, Safie

Mr. Kirwin
The magistrate who accuses Victor of Henry’s murder.

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