Frankenstein: Prologue & Chapters 1-3

Who is telling the story in the letters (prologue)?
Robert Walton

To whom is Robert Walton writing, and why?
To his sister, Margaret, to share his thoughts and plans

How has Robert Walton prepared for his expedition?
Robert Walton has become an able-bodied seaman by traveling for six years on expeditions in the northern seas, and he has used his resources to acquire a ship, crew, and a lieutenant

What is the one thing that Robert says he wants, several times?
He’s lonely, and wants a friend with whom to share his thoughts and successes

Walton describes himself as a “Romantic”–what does he mean by that?
As a Romantic, he listens to his heart instead of him mind, and is concerned with the individual–he tends to be irrational, imaginative, and emotional, and finds peace in nature and admires its beauty

What time of year is it when Walton begins his voyage, and why?
Walton begins sailing in the earliest spring so that he can get to the pole and back before the ice hits

What is the strange thing seen by Walton and his crew?
Walton’s crew sees a dog sledge pulling a gigantic being in the shape of a man

Who is the man who is brought on board the ship?
He is Victor Frankenstein, a European man totally exhausted and emaciated

What is the odd question the stranger asks before he will allow himself to be taken on board Walton’s ship?
“Before I come on board your vessel,” Victor asks, “will you have the kindness to inform me whither you are bound?”

Walton’s goal on his expedition was to?
Find a passage from the Atlantic and Pacific “near the pole”

How does Victor react to Walton’s goal?
Frankenstein is horrified when he hears Walton’s goal because he fears Walton will make the same mistakes that he, Victor Frankenstein, has made

Who is the actual narrator of the story?
Victor Frankenstein

What is the dying wish of Caroline (Victor’s mother)?
That one day Victor and Elizabeth shall marry

Who is Beaufort?
Caroline’s father

Victor’s parents get married after what happens?
After Beaufort’s death

Who is Henry Clerval?
Victor’s best childhood friend

Who gets sick and dies by Scarlet Fever?
Caroline and Elizabeth both contract Scarlet Fever, and Caroline dies.

During Victor’s schooling, what becomes his main obsession?
Knowledge, as he becomes somewhat obsessed with the works of Agrippa at the age of 13

Where does Elizabeth come from?
She lives with a poor family in Italy, though she was born to a well-to-do German family

What does Victor’s mother do when they meet Elizabeth?
She adopts the orphan girl, partially because she remembers her own past poverty

While at the University in Ingolstadt, Victor becomes interested in?
Chemistry and the elixir of life

Why did Victor go off to the University in Ingolstadt?
He left to go study and to leave the sadness of losing his mother

How did Professor Krempe treat Victor?
He was very rude and told him that studying Medieval alchemy was a waste of time

How did Professor Waldman treat Victor?
He respected him and told him he should study all branches of natural philosophy

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