Criminal investigations depend on the observation skills of all involved those involved including
Police investigators for forensic scientist and witnesses
The purpose of the innocence Project is
DNA evidence to provide conclusive proof of innocence
Forensics derived from the Latin word for Forrensis which means
Of the forum
Forsensic science is strictly concerned with uncovering evidence that
Stands as fact
A psychologist who has spent the last 50 years studying faces Paul Eckman is a leading expert on
Facial analysis and deception
Paul Eckman’s early research led to a major discovery that changed how scientist view human expression he found out that our expressions are
Biologically programmed
The verbal testimony of a forensic scientist alone may not be entered into evidence without
The proper documentation
Weather observing at a crime scene or examining collected evidence in the lab laboratory the forensic examiner must be able to
Identify the evidence record of the evidence return the significance of the evidence
A person who has seen someone or something and I can communicate these facts is
A eyewitness
When evaluating eyewitness testimony discriminate between fact and
To ensure all evidence is found a crime scene and is often laid out in a
Interesting aspect of our perception is that we
Believe what we see here even though our ability to be accurate is flawed
Eyewitness accounts a prime soon events very considerably from one person to another what you observed depends on your level of
Interest stress concentration in the amount of and kind of distraction that may be present
The goal of a crime scene investigation is to
Recognize evidence at the crime scene document evidence at the crime scene collect evidence at the scene of the crime
Direct evidence includes
First and observations such as eyewitness accounts
Circumstantial evidence is
Indirect evidence that can be used to imply a fact but does not directly prove it
Trace evidence is a type of circumstantial evidence examples of which include
Hair found on a brush fingerprints found on the glass blood drops on a shirt
Class evidence Narrows and identity two
A group of persons or things
The crime scene investigation team is made up of
Legal and scientific professionals who work together to solve a crime
Specialist at a crime scene include
Entomologist forensic scientist forensic psychologist
The first to arrive at a crime scene are usually
Police officers
A pollen grain is a reproductive structure that contains the
Male gametes of seed plants such as the oak tree
A spore a kind of reproductive structure that can develop into an idol is found in certain
Fungi plants protists
The use of both pollen and spores and forensic science studies is based on
low cards principle of exchange
A pollen fingerprint is
Number and type of pollen grains found in a geographical area at a particular time and year
Seed plants include two groups
Gymnosperms angiosperms
Angiosperms the most recent plant group to evolve are known as
Flowering plants and they produce seeds with in a enclosed fruit
Medical examiners are also called
Crime scene investigators include
Recorders to record the data sketch artist to sketch the crime scene photographer take photos of the crime scene
Securing the crime scene and the responsibility of the first responding
Police officer
All evidence needs to be properly packaged sealed and labeled liquids and arson remains are stored in
Airtight unbreakable containers
The forensic lab processes all of the evidence the crime scene investigation collected to determine the
Facts of the case
Crime scene reconstruction involves forming a hypothesis of the sequence of events for before the crime was committed
Through it’s commission
Whenever two people come in contact with each other if visible transfer occurs to a friends examiner these transfer materials constitute what is called
Trace evidence
The field of forensic palynology is the study of
Pollen in spore evidence to help solve criminal cases
The pistol is the female part of a flower that reproduces
The pistol is made up of the
Stigma style ovary
The mail part of the flower that is responsible and dispersal is the
The stamen consist of two parts the anther and the
The transfer of pollen from the male part of the plant to the female part of a seed plant is known as
The flowering plants are the most successful and widespread group of plants on earth today they are found in almost all habitats and there are about
300,000 species known
Some factors that personalize are footwear include
Bodyweight the shape of the foot in the where is activities the service on which the person usually walks
Numerous prince to gather can tell investigator about the person’s gate or
Walking habits
Information that can be obtained from shoe impressions includes
The number of people at the crime scene in the movement of the individuals at the crime scene the entrance and exit to the crime scene
There are several different methods to make a latent prints visible these include
Lumen oil to make bloody footprints visible dusting off the latent print which revealed an impression and makes invisible to be photographed in lifted electrostatic lifting and Joe lifting techniques which capture invisible impressions
A three dimensional impression such as a supra and Mod or snow is called
A cast
The casting material used for snow is called
Dental stone
I tires tread surface is divided into
Ridges And grooves
Track which is measured from center of each tire to the center of
The opposite tire
Turning diameter is a measure of how tight is Circle K me driven by a vehicle or the Memmen minimal space required for a car to make a day
When a vehicle turns a sharp corner even at a moderate speeds the track is created by additional stress put on the
Front outer tire
The unique design of a tire service is referred to as it’s
Tread pattern
Tire mart types include
Skidmarks yaw marks tires scrubs
The approximate age of a child can be estimated by viewing the child teeth presence of wisdom teeth usually indicates a age over