Farewell To Manzanar Analysis

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Where is the family living when Papa is taken away
Ocean Park

Where did Momma moved the family after Papa was taken away
Terminal Island

Where did the family live when Jeanne was born

True or False, In Ocean Park there were many Japanese

Which block did the family first live in at Manzanar?
Block 16

Which block does the family move to, which has more room?
Block 28

Where was Papa taken?
Fort Lincoln, North Dakota

Who are the authors?
Wakatsuki, Houston

What historical event does the book depict?
Japanese internment in World War II

What year was the book first published

What type of book is this?

What does Manzanar mean?
Spanish for “apple orchard”

What does Issei mean?
“first generation” those that immigrated from Japan to the US

What does Nisei mean?
“second generation” These people were born in the US to Issei parents, before WWII

What does “Sansei” mean?
“third generation” Most born during or after WWII

Why are Nisei and Sansei considered American, but the Issei are not?
the Nesei and the Sansei are born in the US, and are therefore American citizens

What year month and date was Pearl Harbor attacked?
Dec. 7, 1941

Why does Jeanne feel “unsafe” on Terminal Island
She is surrounded by Asians

Who signed order 9066?
President Roosevelt

How old was Momma when she met Papa?
17 years old

Why did papa burn his papers and japanese flag?
He didn’t want anyone to think he was connected with Japan

How long was papa at Fort Lincoln?
1 year

What agency helps the faimly find a home in Boyle Heights and Cabrillo Homes?
The American Friends Service

When a dealer offers Momma much less than what her china is worth, what does she do?
breaks her china

What year was Papa born, what country?
1887, Japan

When Papa attends a university, what state is he in?

What career is Papa studying for at the university?

Who pays for Papa’s college education?
his patron, his employer

How many times does Mama run away with Papa?
two times

According to the author, what is wrong with all of Papa’s plans?
He never finishes anything he starts.

Where did Papa become and alcoholic?
Fort Lincoln

What did Papa distill in Manzanar?
Rice wine

How many children do Momma and Papa have?

What happens to the first two babies of the family born in Manzanar?
they die

Who’s baby boy survives being born in Manzanar
Eleanor’s son

Why didn’t Eleanor stay in Reno with her husband?
He (Shig) was drafted into the army.

What is the “love scene” that Jeanne sees Momma and Papa have?
talking and crying with happiness over Eleanor’s and her babies survival of childbirth

What sacrament does Papa forbid Jeanne to receive?

When Jeanne wins the carnival queen contest, what Japanese dance does Papa insist she take

What talent did Jeanne learn in Manzanar that she excels at in junior high school?
baton twirling

Who was “stuffing” the ballot box so Jeanne would not win carnival queen contest?
the teachers

True or false, the Cabrillo Homes is a mutli-cultural housing facility.

True or false, the Cabrillo Homes is in a ghetto neighborhood

Where does Momma work after moving to Carbrillo Homes?

True or false,Jeanne is accepted into the Girl Scouts only because her best freind’s mom is the leader.

While in junior high school, who defends Jeanne when people stare at her?

Which drum and bugle corps do Radine and Jeanne try out for?
Boy Scouts

Who does Woody see while stationed in Japan
Papa’s aunt Toyo

What did Aunt Toyo do for Papa?
She gave him the money to get to Hawaii

Papa was ashamed of his father’s job as a manager of a “teahouse.”

Why couldn’t the family bury the one person who died during the bombing of Hiroshima?
He was at the ground zero when the bomb dropped so he was incinerated

Why does Papa have a tombstone marking his “grave” in 1913?
the family had not heard from him in 9 years and thought he was dead.

What gift does Woody bring to his family in Japan?

True or false, when he meets his family in Japan, Woody is treated as a “foreigner”

True or false,all Papa’s stories about his family’s original wealth and social status were lies