Extemporaneous Writing

1. take a position
shows your position in the arguement

2. thesis statement
declaration + three reasons why

3. introduction
1) find a quote that fits your topic
2) find relevant statistics or facts
3) write 1-2 bold statements on topic
4) thesis statement

4. main body paragraph
1st reason why
•4 details
(details include facts, quotes, statistics, examples)

5. main body paragraph two
2nd reason why
•4 details
(details include facts, quotes, statistics, examples)

6. main body paragraph three
3rd reason why
•4 details
(details include facts, quotes, statistics, examples)

7. conclusion
1) declaration
2) reason why 1
3) reason why 2
4) reason why 3
5) something to think on
6) final thought
(drive point home)

be an expert on topic

relies on evidence

sufficient reasoning + evidence

reason you are writing

people who read your writing

attitude toward subject

word choice

“addition” transition words
indeed, further, as well (as this), either (neither), not only (this) but also (that) as well,
also, moreover, what is more, as a matter of fact, in all honesty,
and, furthermore, in addition (to this), besides (this), to tell the truth,
or, in fact, actually, to say nothing of,
too, let alone, much less additionally,
nor, alternatively, on the other hand, not to mention (this),

“introduction” transition words
such as, as, particularly, including, as an illustration,
for example, like, in particular, for one thing, to illustrate
for instance, especially, notably, by way of example,

“reference” transition words
speaking about (this), considering (this), regarding (this), with regards to (this),
as for (this), concerning (this), the fact that
on the subject of (this)

“similarity” transition words

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