Exam 2 Food Systems Chapter 14

Market share
is the percentage of industry sales of a product.
Which of the following is an accurate comparison of products and services?
Services cannot be stored for future sale; products can.
Companies who have developed frozen, individual meals to be sold in supermarkets are responding to
behavioristic variables.
SWOT analysis focuses on identifying
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.
Heterogeneity of service means that
there is a lack of uniformity in the performance of people.
A strategic business unit is
a component of an organization with a specific market focus.
Having an effective marketing concept usually places primary emphasis on
serving the customer.
Natural resources, population density, and subcultural values that influence customer’sproduct needs are referred to as _____________ variables.
Market segmentation means
dividing the total market into groups of people with similar product needs.
The four Ps of marketing are _____________, _____________, _____________, and_____________.
. product, price, promotion, place

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