Essay on Jurisdiction

Moot research

The Tribunal has Jurisdiction over Respondent 1 under settled principles of arbitration law and In any event, the corporate veil between Respondent 1 and Respondent 2 must be lifted. 1 A. The Tribunal has the authority to determine Its own jurisdiction. 1 B. Respondent 1 is bound to the arbitrate proceedings. 2 1. The corporate […]

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Charitable trusts, what gives them charitable status

For this assignment I will focus on charitable trusts, what gives them charitable status? It will be noted that the jurisdiction dates back to Tudor England and still provides the definition for charity. I will address both the tax and trusts law which fall within this spectrum and certain Acts by law that need to […]

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Jurisdiction of Selected Tribunals in Nigeria

This work will be divided into assorted parts. We shall research the assorted significances of the word legal power. Broad types of courts shall be briefly mentioned. We shall so choose five Courts whose legal power we shall subsequently look into in inside informations. We shall try analyzing the grounds behind the creative activity of […]

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Fusion Fallacy

1. Introduction Two jurisdictions of law exist in Australia: equity and common law. ‘Equity is ‘the body of law developed by the Court of Chancery in England before 1873. Its justification was that it corrected, supplemented and amended the common law. It softened and modified many of the injustices at common law, and provided remedies […]

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Law of Writs

Law of Writs In common law, a writ is a formal written order issued by a body with administrative or judicial jurisdiction. In modern usage, this body is generally a court. Writs are extraordinary legal remedies offered to individuals who do not obtain adequate protection under ordinary law. The main types of writs are warrants […]

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