Essay on Heating

Riley Supply Case

Riley Supply* Jim Riley believed that the North Atlanta suburbs of Cherokee County and Forsyth County were about to take off in the mid-sass so he, along with his next door neighbor, started a plumbing and heating supply business to benefit from the expected growth. Fortunately, the targeted counties of Cherokee and Forsyth did experience […]

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Solar Water Heating System & JNNSM in India

Solar energy, being abundant and widespread in its availability, makes it one of the most attractive sources of energies. Tapping this energy will not only help in bridging the gap between demand and supply of electricity but also save money in the long run. A 100-litre capacity Solar Water Heating System (SWHS) can replace an […]

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Lab Report: Gas Laws

Lab: Gas Laws Purpose: Obtain a reference of temperatures effect on gas using Charles’ law when heating a capillary tube in water on a heated hot plate. Then, cooling the same capillary tube with ice while measuring the temperatures cooling effect on the gas bubble inside the capillary tube. Measurements of temperature change are taken […]

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Weather – College

Wind is caused by differences in atmospheric pressure created, in large part, by the unequal heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. Air moves from a region of higher pressure to one of lower pressure and this movement is wind. Any difference in pressure will cause wind, but the greater the difference the stronger […]

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