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Computer animation speech outline

Campus Computer animation basics Purpose Statement: what Is computer animation and how does It effect you. Introduction: When watching a Disney movie or playing your favorite video game have you ever wondered how they made it well today I will give you a brief summary of how they made It. Computer animation Is a wonderful […]

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Japanese Anime and Manga

The word Manga was coined by the famous woodblock print artist Hokusai. He combined two Chinese characters–the first meaning “in spite of oneself” or “lax” ( ) and the second meaning “picture” ( ) to describe the comical doodles he drew. Although the form can be traced back to ninth-century Buddhist scrolls, it was not […]

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The Motion Moving Motion Capture

The Introduction As the entertainment industry continues to grow, many interesting and exceptional developments are being made to further the desire to produce fluid, life like, realistic animations. As a result of the increases in computational technology the quest to develop these techniques has accelerated within the past 10 to 15 years. Perhaps the newest […]

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An analysis of the use of innovative animation techniques

Sherk 2 used the pioneering computer animation, which was a gigantic step forward from the old pen and pencil. Drawing with pen and pencil involved drawing a frame of an individual character from the beginning to end. This technique was painstaking and took a great deal of time, for each motion the character made, a […]

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An investigation into the codes and conventions of Disney animation

The Disney Corporation was set up in 1922 where it produced cartoons such as steamboat Willy. When Walt Disney first became an animator and a film director, he joined his brother Rory and set up the Disney brothers’ studio. In 1926 they changed the name from Disney brothers’ studio to Walt Disney studio, which it […]

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3D Animation

3DS Max is an animation program used in many companies that is of professional quality and is extremely versatile to use in anywhere from animating to simulation and rendering and even 3D modeling. 3DS Max helps the entertainment industry continue to grow at an excelling rate by providing artists who work on games, film, and […]

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Advantages and disadvantages of dota

To understand the history of DotA, one must begin from Starcraft. In the early days of Starcraft, there was a UMS (Use Map Settings) map called Aeon of Strife (AoS) made by a modder called Aeon64 that featured a cooperative game with four heroes facing off against endless waves of computer-controlled creeps in four lanes. […]

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