Essay on Athens

Assess the achievements of the Peisistratid Tyranny

Only 34 years after Solon had formulated his code of law in Athens Peisistratus, in 561BC, set himself outside of the constitution and became tyrant. During the period of the Peisistratid tyranny the city of Athens flourished. Economically the city was prosperous, it also gained prestige from the newly built civic and religious buildings. Abroad […]

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Was Athens Really More Democratic Than Sparta

Athens and Sparta were undeniably the two greatest cities in Ancient Greece, yet the method by which they ruled and governed their people varied greatly. Both Athens and Sparta ruled using some elements of democracy and a superficial observer may assert that Athens was the more democratic of the two. However, upon further observation one […]

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Women and the Thesmophoria in Athens

The Thesmophoria was an exclusively female religious festival that was celebrated annually, all over Ancient Greece, in honor of Demeter and her gifts. It was celebrated in autumn, during the busiest agricultural time of the year1 and was related to both human and agricultural fertility. The Thesmophoria took women out of their matrimonial homes. During […]

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Plato Was Born In Athens Theology Religion

Peoples are like soil. They either nourish you and assist you turn as a individual or they can stunt your growing and do you wilt and decease. Famous, witty quotation marks such as these did little to endear their writer to the ordinary multitudes. Yet, such fulmination, the resulting choler it evokes and self-contemplation it […]

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The difference between Classical Athens and Han China

Han China and classical Athens were different in terms of politics mainly by their types of government. Classical Athens had a democracy, stated in document four. As Particles put it, “its administration is in the hands, not of a few, but of the whole peoples [Doc. 4]”. Any citizen of Athens was allowed into the […]

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Snooker is a sort of billiard athletics which is really popular in the UK. It is hard and disputing to play it. It has a history over two hundred old ages ( hypertext transfer protocol: //embassysnooker. cyberspace ) and it is good developed and popular today. The rise of snooker can be traced back to […]

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The Caryatids on the Erechtheion of the Acropolis

The Erechtheion, a temple dedicated to Athena Polias on the Athenian Acropolis, is a building that is mysterious in numerous ways. Even though the Erechtheion was one of the most significant of Athena’s shrines, relatively little is known about it. Especially when compared to the information available regarding the largest structure on the Acropolis, the […]

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Major Differences Between Classical Athens and Han China

Classical Athens and the Han Dynasty in China were two of the most famous and successful early civilizations. Even though they were in different geographical regions and existed in different centuries, they were both able to make there civilizations relevant in different ways. The differences in these civilizations include size/population and geographically where the civilization […]

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