Essay on Android

TTS Systems for Android

ABSTRACT There are different kinds of TTS (Text to Speech) systems are already available for Personal computers and web applications. In the Platform of Smart Phone, few of TTS systems are available for Bangla Language. Nowadays android is a popular platform considering Smartphone. There are few Bangla TTS Systems are Available with different kind of […]

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HR monitor Android

Portable Heart Rate Detector Based on Ophthalmologist’s with Android Programmable Devices for Ubiquitous Health Monitoring System Chi Kin Ala, U Kin Chew, Wee Chem., Sis Hang Pun, Penn Un Make. Fen Wan, and Mans I Abstract-?Len this paper, a miniature portable heart rate detector system is implemented by modern hardware CICS and simple sensor circuit […]

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Usability Prototype Redesign

USABILITY TEST REPORT BASTE PASTA WEBSITE ANN. CHIDERS GEORGE (5747340) MENACE: USABILITY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A business report was prepared on December 2014 to address some usability issues experienced the website of Baste Pasta restaurant, http://Piscataway. Com/ , for improved customers’ experience. For this report, 3 of the 10 Heuristic principles proposed by Jacob Nielsen were […]

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Song Profile: Paranoid Android by Radiohead

Song Profile: Paranoid Android by Radiohead Radiohead is a five piece alternative rock band formed in 1985 in Oxfordshire, England. The group is comprised of lead vocalist, guitarist and band figurehead Thom Yorke, guitarist and keyboard player Jonny Greenwood, guitarist and vocalist Ed O’Brien, bass player Colin Greenwood, and drummer/percussionist Phil Selway. Radiohead rose to […]

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